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In my latest radio interview the host and I talked about the 

challenges a psychic child faces in family life and society. 

Interview on Paranormal Soup Radio Show YouTube 

Do you have a psychic child? Then what I talk about in the radio interview will be of interest to you.

The host had been a child with strong psychic impressions and thankfully he had a mother who listened and supported her son. Now as a parent of two children he wanted to give them the opportunity to feel comfortable with their psychic abilities.

My son was also a highly developed psychic child who actually received pertinent information about a murder case I was working on. He was only 3 1/2 years old when he first received visions about this case and it went on to he was about 5 years of age.  He willing talked about what happened to the woman murdered. I did not feed him any information or encourage him to talk about it. I listened.

I offered the information to the police, but protected my son by saying it was my information although I did record my son giving his impressions. Working with the police can be quite jarring for a psychic as they want "just the facts, ma'am" and often psychic take time developing the "facts".

What he received helped officers find an elderly witness whose testimony was videoed because of his age and illness and later presented in court.

I also gave detailed information known only to the police and continued to work with law enforcement to secure an arrest. The perpetrator is, to date, in prison.

How parents can support their psychic child: Parents might not believe in the paranormal, maybe never having any experiences themselves, but how does a parent handle a child that talks about visions about things that happened before their birth or things to happen that do occur?

Listen, do not say, "Don't talk about that" or "You're only imagining it." Instead, if you know about the history give credence to the child visions and talk together talk about the people, the place, the time.  If it's the future, say,"We'll see in time, won't we?"

Do not encourage frightening dreams or perhaps an entity your child is fearful of. Rather, give the child comfort and offer to create a safe space by having the child imagine sitting in a white bubble, safe from all that can harm her/him.

One time a very nasty entity came to my house and I dispelled it, only it went into my young son's room and caused havoc. But, that's another story in the interview.

Or, ones who communicate with spirits?

An example of a kid talking to spirits was a grandson, not by blood but a 'bonus' grandchild that through marriage.  He was only four when my eldest sister died suddenly. Her death wasn't discussed in front of him so when he "saw" her in his psychic eye then related a message we were surprised.

One night after a visit from my son, his wife and my bonus grandson  I was bidding good night when he appeared to be falling asleep while standing; his eyes fluttered and his head fell forward. He then raised his head and said clearly, "Your sister is standing next to you. She's smiling and said not to cry for her."

I was grieving heavily and not at that time, but most days were spent in tears. I quietly thanked him for sharing the information. In that way I validated his connection to my deceased sister.

His mother had no idea he was a psychic kid. Maybe because he was with me, someone who would understand, his ability was revealed. At that time all I say was "Thank you." Since then we've shared many a psychic experiences and I support his ability through teaching him how to contain, understand and call upon it while I listen with an open mind.

I share much, much more about these kinds of paranormal experiences in my book, "How To Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts" available through me, Amazon, Smashwords, your bookstore. Review at june ahern dot com

During the show you'll also enjoy the call-ins to me asking questions and me, giving a few mini readings. We talk orbs, NDE, what I saw on the "other side" of living; "vampire" entities I've encountered and other paranormal occurrences.

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