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 Seeing is believing. According to scientific studies we dream and think in images, pictures (still or moving), colors, symbols and sounds. Then translate them into words to make sense of them and more often than not, share them in hopes others get it.

When coaching clients tell me what they want I ask "How does that look to you?", "How will your life be different once you have attained it?" In other words, can they clearly see themselves living a life they hope for?

I don't want your inspiring dreams to fade away and you lose trust in your unique thoughts so I offer this method for bringing your dreams, wishes and goals to life - a vision board (see how to create one see further below.)

Vision boards are inspiring and gives a physical view of your wishes and dreams. It is a picture of you and the journey to discover more in life. 

Over the years, time has proved how effective my visions boards have been to  successful manifestations of what, at one time,  had only been a hope, a dream. They've helped keep me focused with faith as well as gauge progress.

1998- 1999 - My first in greater detail told of how I wanted my writings to give promise, open new professional doors for me. My first book, a non-fiction started that process of publishing. In '06 my first novel proved to be successfully  received. I also wanted to travel more so and have. Upper right knew it was time to return to Scotland to visit family and did. My latest one '16 is below.


Also, to assist you in connecting a vision to a tangible goal enjoy a guided imagery meditation -  Meditation Room,

Fun to create: Prepare to give life to your wishes and dreams. Enjoy gathering  some or all of these items: 
• Begin with a blank canvas (poster board or large piece of paper)
• Magazines, photos of yourself and maybe others (you can copy originals)
• Crayons, colored pencils, paints, pen or pencil
• Journal or notebook
• Glue, paste, Scotch tape or a stapler (keep those images on that canvas)
• Scissors
• Stickers and whatever else you want to paste, draw, paint and/or staple onto your vision board.

Once you've gathered the materials begin your journey by writing about your wishes and dreams as clearly and simply (bottom line it!) as you can so you can see in words your intentions. Doing so connects your thoughts to the physical world. Keeping those only in the mind doesn't give them true form.

Now: begin to cut, color, draw and add whatever you gathered to the blank canvas and watch your story unfold. This is your expression, your creation, a living image of you, your plans, your hopes, and goals. 

A Simpler Method: My first vision board was an easy - draw and color a source where you believe your visions are supported from at the top of the paper. Draw different colors, like strings, from the source to what you want to manifest, make sure to write what that is. 
When your vision board is completed (it might takes days or more) place your creation in an area where you can view it often. Meditate upon it - seeing all the images, colors and symbols inspire you to manifest a life you desire. 

Please let me know how this works for you. Wishing you fulfillment and success!
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  In this vision board, '16 I was professionally slowing down. Most of you I've had a very successful career as a psychic medium, but needed some changes.  I was ready for new adventures professionally and personally - more time with my horse, maybe ride again, travel, and discover "firsts". All continues to manifest.