Monday, January 14, 2013

Here a POD, there a POD

I traveled to the Isle of Skye while writing my novel to get the true "feel" for my story. It is as mysteriously beautiful as I hoped for. The  magic of the isle flowed to my debut novel, "The Skye in June" and continues today with on-going positive reviews of the book. 

Indie aka POD authors - this can be helpful in selling books. My books are selling all the time!

Bookstores don't often cater to POD authors - not all bookstores though. I've been quite lucky in the Bay Area to have indie bookstores embrace me, though not too tightly. Bookstores aren't the only place people shop.

Just like music CDs are selling at a big coffee shop chain as a POD and unknown author, you can also spread out your venues. This information is useful for POD authors that have bought their own books and are storing. Here's what I've done and it's working so nicely, thank you very much. My books are at these shops and businesses: gift, beauty salons, specialty antique, coffee and spa.

Because my novels are often of interest to females (of all ages I've learned) the businesses where females spend at, are eating the books up. My mother (yes mothers can be helpful) sells it to her signing group at a reduced price for their money-making events. Soon I'll be giving a book signing at my local Postal Annex where I copied and mailed much of my manuscript. People who own these businesses have been along with me during the process. Where do you shop and have personal relationships with owners/managers/workers that might carry your book?

Thank goodness for e-books! I still personally like a paperback but from my sales - ebook is the way. Offer "free" ebooks on kindle for a specific time. That source has helped me expand my readership worldwide to over 50,000 readers in 2012 (for all three books) followed by big sales! 

As you are writing share your experience with the staff and/or owner. Offer the same discount price that is given to bookstores, which is a 60-40 split with you being the 60 % part. My books sell weekly - maybe it's a book at a time, but they are selling. I'm telling you, it's worth a try. Whew! Selling books is an adventure. Get on board.

See what readers are saying about my newly released novel, "City of Redemption" and my first novel, "The Skye in June" at june ahern dot comJune Ahern dot com as well as at U.S., U.K & France and - the books are receiving an over all five & four star reviews.,-There-a-POD&id=1433766