Thursday, May 29, 2014


This is such a great tour, psychic history lesson, and even a bit of time traveling into the past.......well worth watching over and over.  Just seeing it once, you'll miss things.  See what you catch the second time around! - Sheeaune (under comments)

Great melding of history and psychic vision. Author June Ahern - whether writing, teaching or discussing life on this plane or others - always delivers. _ Jim Toland, Author 

Historical events are often recorded, many are not. In these videos - Walk with a Medium - you learn about some San Francisco's history during days of mayhem, lawlessness, and a growing famous city.

Walk with a Medium Part One Are the streets of San Francisco haunted? We take medium June Ahern on a walk through the former Barbary Coast district to see if she can pick up on any of the sordid history and spirits that may still remain there.

Walk with a Medium Part Two - On the dangerous streets of the infamous Barbary Coast we find Tiny Keg, a spirit that has seen it all, and then the sadness of annialting the indigenous people of the coastal areas in the Bay Area.

June also appears on Youtube The Haunted Bay, Interview with a Psychic & The Paranormal Side of The Condor Club

Please read about June's novels,  The Skye in June and City of Redemption and her consumer's guide, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to A Successful Psychic Reading at june ahern dot com

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


No one calls Baltimore Baghdad by the Bay. - Herb Caen, San Francisco Columnist

San Francisco is a beautiful city with steep hills, incredible views at the top and valleys where the fog rolls right over you toward the next hilltop, bustling crowds, arts and a big ocean to gaze upon. 

Have you been there?

In 1956 along with my family, I emigrated to San Francisco, California. My father sought a better life for us. Work for a Catholic in Glasgow, Scotland weren't good. We brought to our new country much of our old country and soon settled into neighborhood of the city named Eureka Valley and now known to most as "The Castro."

San Francisco is divided into quite a few areas - neighborhoods - with their own brand of culture. People of same races and foods leave in a small area for San Francisco for being so world renowned is a small city (approx 46 sq miles) full of characters, good and great food, art and plenty to see (North Beach, Chinatown, the Embarcadero, Fisherman's wharf, the ballpark, Dolores Park, Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Park + more.)

It's truly a city to walk through! Get your walking shoes on when my beautiful city - plan to take some cable car rides and be at the top of the world! 

From Paris, France on came this review on my novel The Skye in June.
"If you enjoyed Armistead Maupin and his "Tales of the City", you will love sitting down with "The Skye in June." 

 I enjoy her look at what the story had to offer and comparison to one of my all time favorite columnist, Herb Caen, who wrote about the city's daily going-ons, gossip, happenings, society, political figures and fights with a true, bug in the ear kinda feel.

The author, J. Ahern, has an enchanting way of taking you up and down the hills of San Francisco. You could hear the clacking rosary beads of the religious penguins, feel your lace mantilla tickling your shoulders and recall the nausea from the heavy incense of the Stations of the Cross. If you weren't lucky enough to experience the live San Francisco Sound, flower power of the pungent smell of patchouli oil and marijuana on the streets of "Baghdad by the Bay" or the "City that knows how",  - Herb would call his city.  

June will take you there. She will also give you the strength to stand up for your beliefs, get in touch with your intuitive powers, appreciate the love and force of family, but most importantly, accept and embrace that which makes one a unique individual. I wait with impatience for a sequel." - Madeleine P., Paris, France

Photo by Jerry Breisach

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Take a Ghost Walk of San Francisco's infamous Barbary Coast with June Ahern.

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You bet! Spells, prayers and affirmations are similar in that they are all forms of communication and telepathic communication at that and more!

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