Monday, April 26, 2010


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Day One for the Rest of My Life has already started with the quietness of time.

How do I want it to be? Smooth and easy....take care of some biz (responsibilities) to keep the flow moving and also, include reflection time. To sit for a moment looking at something enjoyable - whatever that might be - for time to breathe deeply. What do you see? What do you feel? Come within self, touch your soul, even for a moment, a second. All is well in your world.

What a wonderful world if you allow yourself to stop and see the wonder of it. Blessed be.

Music encourages and supports my creative muses to come play. What about you? Does music also inspire your life? In what way?

The Skye in June - with a help from 1960's tunes - a story was created about a young girl, ostracized from her family's religious beliefs, finds solace in the goddess.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I like to have fun with my psychic abilities - not all work you know. So here's some fun predictions for May.

Stirring up the waters of life in my cauldron these MAY visions were revealed to me: (read the sign you're born under & your rising one, if you know it.)

CAPRICORN: Don’t mix and match goals, rather stay steady with one or two until a result is realized. Take a Pisces to lunch for new ideas.

AQUARIUS: Patience is your 2010 word, but for now move forward with gusto to get commitments from others. If none is given by the end of May, well there you have it ~ move to those who will support your goals.

PISCES: Get away, get over it, get on – distance yourself from other’s “issues”, giving them time to be reasonable. Play with those who enjoy your charming intuitive reflections and praise your kindness. Let the others eat ....alone!

ARIES: What you see and hear IS IT. You can’t get others to change to your likings at this time, even your fiery charms will not turn them on. Spend time blowing off steam with fast physical activities.

TAURUS: You can’t fix Humpty Dumpty to perfection. Life isn't perfect right now. Can you let it be okay with cracks and missing pieces at this time? The answer(s) comes later in May of how, why and when.

GEMINI: People are not listening, so take a break with a furry friend and a walk in nature to talk to the birds and bees. A spark of life not found this year begins to be ignited.

CANCER: Spruce up the place; prepare good food, and you will charm those who support your goals and dreams. They're just waiting for someone like you.

LEO: Sorry, it’s true, your fame is not glowing because you’re only hoping rather than strategizing. Settle down to one goal, no matter how small and don't try to tackle all at one time. By the end of May you will be into a new groove.

VIRGO: You said WHAT? Check your communication with loved ones because feelings have been hurt. You might have been right, but what is important, right or a good team to support your cause? Yes, someone has to leave, but have her or him leave without burning bridges.

LIBRA: The scales are tipped in your favor as far as another needing to please you rather than visa versa. TAke a gamble, ask for more than ever from relatives and good friends. Don't take "we'll see" - it's yes or no.

SCORPIO: The road to financial gain continues to put pebbles in your shoes, but know that you’re gaining ground. Make sure you pat the earth around you securely by not adding another debt or going for the gold. Steady. See Aquarius.

SAGITTARIUS: Love is not to be conquered, rather it is to be romanced, purr like a Leo, stroke like a Gemini and love blossoms. Have a "Maypole" party, dance, laugh and be the usual life of the party.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There are other terms used for creating magic; creative visualization and manifestation is one as is, where there is a will there's a way.

But even with the will there must be clarity of purpose.

As a life coach one of the first things I ask a new client (and also present ones creating new goals) is tell me about it. All about it. What you see, hear, feel, sense - how your goal looks, how you feel moving toward it and also, perhaps achieving it. If my client is not clear or, I cannot see it (and I am an open person with a good visual sense) then that goal is not clear.

This clarity is also true when creating magic and that is why the process of preparing for the creation whether that be a spell or a vision board (a goal map) or even journaling about it, is so important.

If you are creating through a spell there are "tools" and other useful items to collect. You want your space to have a relaxing, mysterious and magical energy. Therefore a few candles and incense will add to the ambiance. And according to your particular spell you might gather other objects like a photo of what you are doing, a piece of jewelry that represents your own energy, a plant to grow things, like money or flowers representing the blooming of your enterprise.

All in all be as clear as you can about what it is you want, name it - I create more money, say - see how your life will be with that money - write your statement several times to concrete your commitment and with a smile, create.

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Friday, April 16, 2010


Which Witch am I?


People often ask that when learning that I’m a witch.

Does that mean that we witches practice either white or black magic? Some do, some don't.

Each witch must answer for her or him self.

If one is a gossiper, liar, and/or controlling then she/he is just that, whether she is a witch or muggle (ordinary person). For instance, a person in a group gossips, judges and says negative things about another member, is it reflective of the group or the person’s pettiness and mean-spirited attitude?

Unfortunately, an ugly rumor was started that all witches are evil or live on the dark side––not to be confused with the wild side, where many witches enjoy being.

Alas, I must confess, it’s not always easy to be a goodie, goodie witch all the time, especially when knowing you can wield a certain power of bending and shaping your world around you: A witch should only strife to create with integrity.

Most witches run along the gray line when casting a spell.

True, there are witches practicing on the darker shade of white magic. Black magic can be very powerful and carries strong ju-ju (medicine, power or magic.) It is controlling without the care of negative effects upon another, others or environment (a familiar ring with our political/spiritual world conditions?).

An example of white or black magic could be a love interest. A person desires to retain the love of another, who may not be reciprocating (perhaps is involved with another). A black magic spell would control or bend, with no thought of whom it might hurt, the heart of love interest.

A grey area can be, you do set in motion an intention to win the affection of that lover, maybe even wish, and cast a love spell. It doesn't take shape, or not as you wish for, let it go through magic and investigate if the love interest is available or even interest in you. Logic, practical magic pays off.

Whereas with white magic: forgo securing that lover if she or he isn’t a willing participant, but do create a loving partner into your life. And, with the witches decree, with harm to none, is better applied.

Witchcraft includes a three fold times belief; whatever you do/cast a spell for, comes back to you three times and therefore, like any thing we want whether we attain through setting goals, praying or casting a spell, it begins and will end with a person’s integrity and values.

An educated and honorable witch understands this and doesn’t rush to cast a spell without consideration and preparation and having done everything humanly possible.

So, which is your choice?

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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Wicca is now my spiritual path, but if not for my early Catholic religious training I might not have connected to it as I have. I grew up in a devotedly Catholic household and attended parochial school until the eight grade. Both prepared me for a strong spiritual life.

My seventh grade nun piqued my interest in theology by introducing religious practices different from Catholicism. Curious, I wanted more than learning about other religions--I wanted to participate in them, something not encouraged or acceptable at school nor home.

At that time I didn't realize that what I was seeking was a spiritual practice that would empower me as a female.

In the United States many Catholics place God in the highest position as the supreme being. Jesus second followed by Mary, His mother. My own mother, who was completely devoted to Mary, taught her children to pray first to God's mother in times of need. Her devotion to the Mother stems from her Catholic European influence where Mary is a pivotal holy power. Mother's loyalty to Mary had a great affect upon my trust in, and bond to, female deities and made for an easy transition to a goddess religion.

Catholics also pray to other female deities known as patron saints. Many countries and cultures have their own goddesses and female saints who serve as protectors and guardians. To me they are sisters to the goddesses: Saint Joan of Arc from France is sister to the Greek goddess, Diana, warrior and hunter: pray to them for strength and courage during life's battles. Saint Rita of Cascia and the Hindu goddess, Kali help deliver abused women from maltreatment while Mary's mother, Saint Ann and the Greek goddess, Hera, are patroness to married and childless women.

The Catholic holy women, though held in great esteem, are not afforded the powerful positions as the goddesses who are equal to the gods.

With this unequal share of gender power as well as with great faith in Mary, and with appreciation of my Catholic foundation, I chose a strong female spiritual path to put my faith in. I am now free to dance with wild abandonment under the moon skyclad, if I wish. I can conjure up magic and be a powerful woman instrumental in the progress of humanity. I am whole.

In my novel, The Skye in June, my main character is a Catholic who also has a pull to the goddess.