Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Radio Interviews through 10/30

about my book How to Talk With Spirits: Mediums, Seances, Ghost Hunts.

Beginning today! Monday, October 1st, 2018 Night Dream Talk Radio Show

Topics spirit communication, ghost hauntings, my paranormal youtube investigations and Halloween rituals to attract spirits + plus whatever comes up in the paranormal realm. 

Are you in? 

Oct 1st 8 - 9 p.m. https://nightdreamstalkradio.com/listen-now
other shows on 10/23 & 10/30 different radio programs will update

Be posting the links as the shows come up.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018



to cast her wand over my feet and chant the magic words:

Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put 'em together and what have you got
Ain't going far.

This is not a thank you ma'am kinda wham bam. It's a thanks a lot, damn it! 

The GodMother appeared after the wham bam because I didn't listen to my guiding angel who kept reminding me for months to slow down from doing too much. Been a great exciting busy year with lectures, radio shows, teaching, event planning and then - POP the bible - Angel said, Can you hear me now?

Accident Sept. 9th: Foot to knee cast - double ankle fracture requiring surgery hardware implanted, the other ankle badly sprained. The feat of the day is getting to the toilet on time.

Enters The Fairy God Mother Working Her Magic - reminding me how many loving caring people I have surrounding me: hubby, son, grandkids and great friends sending prayers, Reiki and healing vibes daily and a gift of books and chocolate. What more does a girl want?

My 7 yr. old grandson reminded me how feeling happy takes away pains: way: He gave me a big hug and bright smile then said, "When you're happy you feel better, Omi (my grandmother name). Isn't he right?

On the dat of the accident I felt my mother's presence. She transitioned (died) 27th of September 2016. I don't ask her to visit because at 97 yrs with her many years of rocking' wild 8 kids she skipped into the sunshine of Our Lady's grace. Peace and rest was her's.

Morning of the surgery I felt her strongly from start to finish. This morning. next day, I had several psychic friends tell me they saw my mother with me and a few had lit candles to Our Lady, Jesus' mother, Mary. One said the candle flickered brightly at the exact time of my surgery. None previously knew my mother's spirit had come to me nor the time of the surgery.

That Fairy Godmother waves her wand and chants - bring in the muses!

More good news! I wrote the first two chapters for The Skye in June sequel as been asked for over ten years. What to title it, I wonder? Any suggestions?

Learn more about my books and me at june ahern.com and sfcoaching.com

Thank you for your thoughts and send a prayer whenever you have time.

Sunday, September 2, 2018


Do you have that special place; the space you go to stop the world! 

Quiet your mind and body to reflect, release tension and worries 

and just "be." - do you?

Some think it's bed and that certainly can be. I love my bed and book time before sleep but when there's things on my mind, like having difficult day I take to bed the unresolved issues, which plague my peace of mind and sleep doesn't come easy.

Also, during sleep it is thought by some metaphysical students, we astral travel thus are busy at night tripping around the universe, let alone those overly busy dreams.

For some it can be a special nature place. But there's another space and it is in your home; a place to be, reflect, pray and meditate. In that space you can have an altar.

Altars are common in most places where people gather to practice and share their spiritual beliefs.

It's the focal center where the leader of the group performs services (rituals).

You might want one in your home to gather in your whole self, to be still, pray and meditate.What is the benefit? A chance to stop the world and gain a healthier body and mind; to release, to find answers, to enjoy the beauty of your sacred space.

It can be in nature. Certainly, I love being outdoors in nature almost every day. But I also have had for many years, a sacred space indoors. Do I need it? No, I can meditate without it, although being in front of my altar allows for a concentrated focus on my spiritual studies and supports my meditation practice. I journal there, read positive sayings or study my spiritual teachings.

Are you ready to create your altar?

It can be a small table, even an upside box. I've seen some make space in a shelf
and Buddhist friends use a box with flaps, stand it up, cover the out and inside with a decorative cloth, place an image or statue of the Buddha inside and use the flaps as doors to close after meditation, making their altar private.

As best you can have your sacred space in a non-busy area. I've seen people set one up in a closet.  Remember, your altar is not a place to drop keys or other objects onto nor is a place for others to add or take from.

In your sacred space before your altar have a comfortable seat; a cushion, blanket or chair. I usually sit crossed legged on a rug and might add a pillow once in while depending upon my aches and pains. And, at times a straight back chair.

I say sit because if you lay down chances are you'll fall into sleep - even into a light one - and this is different from meditation. You want to be in peaceful, relaxed, and aware. Think of the state just before falling or awakening from sleep how you are aware of what surround you, but how relaxed you are - that's the state you want to be in.

An altar can be simple. like having a lit candle on it. As you gaze into the flame your mind will quiet your with a one-point focus.

Or, you might add an image representing a deity (God, Jesus, Our Lady, a goddess; Buddha etc) or a photo or picture of a special place in nature you enjoy.

Your altar might be elaborate: candle(s); flowers (bring nature to you); incense burner (scents help us relax, refresh and heal -research aromatherapy benefits); crystals, pictures of loved ones; and/or any representation that helps you feel peaceful and loving. You might include some non-lyrical music or a waterfall.

In the beginning of developing a meditation practice some quiet their many thoughts by focusing on a sound. In time, you can quiet yourself without outside sounds.

Also, I recommend you place your altar in a space where others in the household do not interfere with it, and this includes pets. When you sit at your altar it's best not to have your pets walking around you. That is, of course, your choice although in a meditation, quiet time our devotion is to turn inward and not be stimulated by outside happenings.

Once you've created your altar, sit there. Light the candle, gaze upon your beautiful objects, breath in and out, follow your breath and breath deeper - relaxation will sweep across your mind and body as you in a peaceful state. Just be in that space.

This will strengthen your meditation practice. You'll find the time and desire to be there to meditate, pray and vision more often.

Keep your alter spruced up. This is where your magic is created.

UPDATE: I've chosen a title (from my last blog) with the help of others: My new service offered is Metaphysical Mentor. Read more about me and my work at sf coaching dot com and my books and paranormal investigation videos at june ahern dot com