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Radio Interviews through 10/30about my book How to Talk With Spirits: Mediums, Seances, Ghost Hunts. Beginning today! Monday, October 1st, 2018 Night Dream Talk Radio Show
Topics spirit communication, ghost hauntings, my paranormal youtube investigations and Halloween rituals to attract spirits + plus whatever comes up in the paranormal realm. 

Are you in?

Oct 1st 8 - 9 p.m.
other shows on 10/23 & 10/30 different radio programs will update

Be posting the links as the shows come up.

My books are available through me, Amazon, Smashwords (1), Book stores. To learn more


WISHING FOR MY FAIRY GOD MOTHERto cast her wand over my feet and chant the magic words:
Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Put 'em together and what have you got bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Ain't going far. This is not a thank you ma'am kinda wham bam. It's a thanks a lot, damn it! 

The GodMother appeared after the wham bam because I didn't listen to my guiding angel who kept reminding me for months to slow down from doing too much. Been a great exciting busy year with lectures, radio shows, teaching, event planning and then - POP the bible - Angel said, Can you hear me now?

Accident Sept. 9th: Foot to knee cast - double ankle fracture requiring surgery hardware implanted, the other ankle badly sprained. The feat of the day is getting to the toilet on time.

Enters The Fairy God Mother Working Her Magic - reminding me how many loving caring people I have surrounding me: hubby, son, grandkids and great friends sending prayers, Reiki and healing vibes daily and a gif…


Do you have that special place; the space you go to stop the world!  Quiet your mind and body to reflect, release tension and worries  and just "be." - do you?
Some think it's bed and that certainly can be. I love my bed and book time before sleep but when there's things on my mind, like having difficult day I take to bed the unresolved issues, which plague my peace of mind and sleep doesn't come easy.

Also, during sleep it is thought by some metaphysical students, we astral travel thus are busy at night tripping around the universe, let alone those overly busy dreams.

For some it can be a special nature place. But there's another space and it is in your home; a place to be, reflect, pray and meditate. In that space you can have an altar.

Altars are common in most places where people gather to practice and share their spiritual beliefs.

It's the focal center where the leader of the group performs services (rituals).

You might want one in your home to gat…