Friday, November 28, 2014

"It's all about love," Eydie's dying words to her daughter, Sally.

My friend Eydie passed away recently. She was 96, one and a half months shy of 97. Sally shared with me her mother's last words about how living is all about love.

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is about karmic love. The Power of Love. How it evolves us as spiritual beings. How it heals past wounds. How it raises our consciousness to be a healing part for the world. RADIO STREAMS live via internet. I will give a karmic psychic reading to a mother and two daughters on the show.

Karmic love is for healing and growing spiritually, the spirit of who we are, and sharing that with another or others.

Below Excerpt from Love and Thanksgiving by H. Spencer Lewis, Rosicrucian Order.
Love is creative. It grows through expression. It cannot expend nor consume itself. Love begets love; it seeks its own power everywhere and enhances itself in its devotion.

Love is reactive. A love of the spiritual values--in human and universal contacts--brings the values of the spiritual to our understanding.

Love is the limitless power by which we can rule the destiny of our life, and it is the same power by which the Creator rules the destiny of the universe.

As we increase in love we increase the attunement with God, for love is the essence of God.

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