Friday, February 5, 2016


  Excerpt from 

"The Timeless Counselor: 

The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading" 


June Ahern


Everyone is concerned with the validity and accuracy of a reading with regards to making good decisions, setting or fulfilling goals and/or seeking spiritual enlightenment, but for many people there is also a great interest in the method and tools readers use.

Readers choose a method and tool in conjunction with her personal interests. The tool merely assists and centers the reader. A successful reading is based on the reader’s psychic ability and the willingness and participation of the querent, not necessarily the specific method or tool. It is superstitious to believe psychic tools hold the psychic power. 

 A client changed her beliefs after she received a reading from me. When I spoke of impressions and outcomes of her situation while not using my tarot cards (one of my tools), she said, “Ask the cards.” She was under the impression that my cards held the answer.

Your choice of method or tool reveals something about yourself. Would you enjoy a personal interaction with a reader? Palmistry and tarot cards are two examples of “hands on” type of reading. Astrology and numerology are examples where personal interaction to receive psychic information is not essential.  As I am receiving impressions and information, I sometimes use all of my tools or focus on one alone, even one card or a Rune stone (more on Rune stones below). On the other hand, there have been occasions when I do not use any physical tools and still deliver an accurate reading.

A tool often helps a reader to separate the many psychic impressions being received and to concentrate on one issue at a time. Enjoy learning about the psychic methods and tools available, and then choose what suits you.

ASTROLOGY: Does the full moon have an effect on you? Or does the Sun at its fullest draw you out into it? People involved with astrology believe that the forces of the planets and stars and the energy of the universe have a strong effect on all living things. (CONT'D in The Timeless Counselor where you learn more about psychic reading tools and methods.)

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