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Bronx, New York '11
 I have lectured, taught classes and been on many radio and a few television programs talking about my psychic and mediumship experiences and my books.

Luckily, all my four books receive overwhelmingly positive reviews (seeAmazon US, UK, France, Japan, Smashwords, B&N, my website june ahern dot com just to name a few.)

One of my greatest pleasure is knowing my books bring joy to readers.

I enjoy sharing my books especially at book parties.

Bookstore read/events is in a limited time frame usually about one hour. Introduce the book, read an except, answer some questions, sell and autograph books.

San Francisco, CA '10

Whereas book parties are held in homes -  comfortable seating,  guests eager to hear excerpts of the book and meet the author to ask questions - why did you write it? What do you know about (whatever book in discussion) What's it like being psychic?
And so forth.

Conversation flow easily (much more than if in a bookstore), laughter and often I share with guests some demonstrations of my psychic impressions and then! Like at any party the delicious foods and libations. A good time is had as I autographing books.

I'm ready. Are you? In person or Skype. We'll have an interestingly fun time!

Belmont, Ca '16: spirited energy spiraled.

Contact me through my website and learn more about my books at

Two novels. Two Non-fictions/ metaphysical/paranormal/parapsychology subjects.

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"Of course I feel too much, I am a universe of exploding stars."
~ S. Ajna

When did you stop trusting your intuition? 

How often have you said, "I knew that, but..." or, "I should've paid attention to my feelings/gut about..."

Happens to most of us at times. We just know, but logic tells us, nah can't be.

Being empathic can be both a blessings and a curse. 

Blessing, you can be a loving healing source. Curse, you take in too much from others.

Often, we empaths screwed up our lives over the pain we feel from others. We take them into ourselves creating another's pain not only mentally but emotionally and psychically and they become us wondering, "Who am I?" 

Losing touch with our true face - true self. The pain sadly often leads to substance abuse just to deal with this world. 

What messages do empaths get as children? 

Have you been told you're too sensitive? A crybaby? Do you need more time alone than most? 

These have been said to me throughout my life.  I used to hid away in closets just to stop the noise of siblings; traffic etc. My family made fun of me.

I wondered what was wrong with me? Am I crazy? As a child I'd see the explosion of Daddy's anger before it happened and trembled, looking for help.

Time had proved to me that yes, I do know things about people without previous info. Yes, dead people talk to me.  I've studying, been mentored, join in with other like minded and thus found healing of self-doubt while realizing my potentials. 

Animals & empathic children more often than not go hand in hand. Why? They depend upon in-tune to feelings to stay safe or be on alert.

Two of my earlier blogs are about kids that are psychic (the rainbow or Indigo kids) available on this blog. Do you recognize yourself and/or your child? (links below might work.)

As adults we put aside "feelings" for logic, reason & practicality and that's not unimportant, it's how we balance the two - intuitive, gut feelings w/reasonable understanding and directions. 

Professionally, I've been a psychic medium and teacher of all involved with that for 45 + years and still I'm learning about how the whole kit and caboodle works - like in the last few years realizing dimensions around us.

Thus, taking an on-line course about Empaths to join with others who are recognizing and growing their intuition.

Maybe I'll "see" you there, eh?

My novel, The Skye in June, the main character is a young girl who is an empaths and beyond that. My books How to Talk With Spirits and The Timeless Counselor include my ESP Quiz. Review at june ahern dot com.

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Definition of shenanigan A devious trick used especially for an underhand purpose tricky or questionable practices or conduct —usually used in plurul;  high-spirited or mischievous activity —usually used in plural

Some certainly can be. In every profession there will be those whose purpose is to bilk customers and clients out of every last penny they have, right?

I've met but very few devious readers in this profession, although have had a few clients tell me of their bad experiences. One of my purposes to help the public understand the benefits and the times to choose another advisory professional.

This is why in my eBook, "The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading" I layout how to spot a phony baloney reader ready to take whatever they can from you by encouraging fear and dependency. 

That said, it's not just in the psychic profession. I've met much more honest, sincere people with strong psychic abilities than those false ones. Unfortunately, even the false ones often have strong intuitive skills and are very good at reading people's body language. do you cross the palm with coins and feel assured you are with an ethical psychic?

When I was researching various reading styles and readers back in 1989 before I published my book (original title: Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling, which one the most sold book by an unknown first time author at New York Whole life Expo, '91) I tested a suspicion with a certain group of people who do readings.

It began well with the reader giving some reasonable information and then the bomb went off. I asked her if I could take notes. OH NO! That would disturb her energy; visions. Hmmm Ok.

Suspicion # 1 - why not?

 I just about insist a client record what is said in some way, notes, handheld recorder and the majority of readers I've went to do the same. In fact I record sessions. 

She asked for a question and I told her about the book being written - would it be helpful to those seeking a psychic? Take some of the mystery out of it, said I. She just about repelled from me, dropping my hand, eyes popping in disbelief: "NO! That's not a good idea. We shouldn't give our secrets, our power of how we read away."

Suspicion # 2 - why not?

It's been a mission of mine to encourage through teaching how we all have some kind of intuitive impressions. Often not as someone like myself with high in tune psychic abilities. But then again, we all have unique abilities like say, sewing. I've always been in awe of those who whip up wonderful creations from just a big piece of material.  can only sew buttons on and not necessarily very well. 

In my book I give more examples of how to spot a phony. For example you don't have to pay anyone to light a candle for you; buy one and light it yourself with the intention of positive seeing your future better. Spells - oh! don't get me started on how some so called psychics bilk people out of money and belongings to remove spells.

For more about how to chose a psychic reader best suited for your interest; ask questions to get the most and take my ESP Quiz at the end see my book is at


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