Tuesday, August 13, 2013


You know that question interviewers ask - 'Who would play you in a movie'? I've thought about it and my picks - Elizabeth Taylor for one -  have passed on to the big stage in the sky or are ancient!

But I do know the actors I want for my novel's screenplay, "City of Redemption."  Read about the story that takes place during the Summer of Love 1967.

 I've searched wide and far for that right one! for each role.

 There are two main females roles and a smaller role.

LIZ MACKAY: Scottish actress Mhairi Calvey is a purrrfect match for my sassy, sorrowful and when she's needed, brave Liz. Writing the screenplay it was Mhairi in my vision.  Liz's 8 yr old son, Patrick dies under mysterious circumstances and Liz seeks solace in San Francisco, seeking to loss herself amongst the groovy people. 

She's not just a pretty face. Mhairi has that edgy energy - that Glaswegian cheek.

Toni Bourdeaux, my tough sensible Black Panther member, was a quite more difficult to cast.  Lauren London is a beauty, but can she be tough when needed?
Toni is also vulnerable when...have you read the novel yet?  I do love Annie Ilonzeh too. Both women are true beauties, which will wear the largest Angela Davis Afro?

Cat is a great character! Ditzy and sweet. What will becomes of her being that cad drug dealer's girlfriend?

Katie Garland, a young actress I met when in LA four years ago for my other novel. Katie, like Cat, is funny and sweet but Katie is a sharp talented actress.  I hope she doesn't steal the show!

Come on back so we can talk MEN! There are five male actors: The male The handsome often silent watchful Sam, Ricky a dangerously handsome Latino, a great gay guy named Mason Decauter Perry,  the intense Black Panther boyfriend of Toni Bobby and Chaz a big meanie undercover cop. Will upload them in a later blog.

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