Friday, February 24, 2017


Dreams can and do connect you to your loved ones that have passed. Here is my recent experience:

I dreamt about a 10-11 year old girl who had died. I looked at her young, serene face and felt grieved. Then my father appeared in my dream. He died 30 years ago and haven't dreamt of him in a long time. 

In the dream I said, "There's a little girl coming over. Will you greet her and help her feel loved?" 

He replied, "Yes, I know. She's with me and I love her."

When I woke-up I reflected on that dream. Simple, clear while having a strong message. 

My mother died five months ago at the age of 96. My father wasn't an easy husband. About a few years back she had said,  "I don't want to die because I don't want to see your father." She was still angry with him.

They had a long marriage and knew each other since she was 12, and he, 16 - he was best friend's with her brother. My father was strong-willed and aggressive, my mother a gentle, sunny soul.

Before my mother died (I write about this glorious vision in my book, “How to Talk With Spirits: Séances,Mediums, Ghost Hunts”), I had a vision of her 10-11 years of age, an image later supported by an old photographed. She crossed over as that young girl image. I would learn that a niece also had a very similar vision.

My dream comforted me they are together, bathed in loving support. She has found peace.

Dear readers, after a loved one has passed and you wish for communication pay attention to your dreams. He or she will no doubt make a connection with you. And why? It's easier than when you are in an awakened state. If you think that spirits do not communicate but you dream of a dead person, I hope at least it's a comforting source.

I cover more about this and how to communicate with spirits in my book. In my novel, "The Skye in June", a young character has spirit visions.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Haven't been blogging for a while. Busy little beaver I am putting together my How to Talk With Spirits for a print edition. The eBook doing really well, time for those who desire print versions. I've also applied to speak in 2018 at San Miguel Writers' Conference as well at Lily Dale, New York. Exciting!!! Wish me LUCK!

Besides writing about ghosts and spirits, I've enjoyed fictional writing with two books for your pleasure. The Skye in June the first very well read book, good reviews. And below, the second novel.

In my beloved city San Francisco, come with me and I'll show you some sights during the late 1960's. 

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Flower Power turns to Fire Power. A true history lesson in the underbelly of Summer of Love, betrayal, plots, love, drugs, sex and murders. What more could one want? Liz MacKay our main character, but there are other memorable ones, is a liar. She'll say whatever she needs to get her way. Then her young son is kidnapped and her lies lead to grave consequences.

It's groovy, mind blowing and farout....characters are believable. 

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