Monday, August 28, 2017


What can the living gain from messages from the dead? 

Since the release in May, 2015 of the paperback edition of my book, How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts, invitations to speak at groups continue with inspiring, lovely messages from the spirits of the dead.

Messages  that can mend relationships after death, encourage an idea to heal, and confirm one is on the right path in life.

Would you be willing to heal a broken relationship with a person who hurt you but is no longer alive? 

"High heels", said I to a woman directly across from me. "Your mother is here" S

The woman responded, "I didn't get along with my mother. I don't want to hear from her." 

I listened to the spirit, "She wants to thank you for helping her with shoes." The woman, who was between maybe a believer, maybe not, gasped. "My feet were bigger than hers so I'd break her shoes." I told her, her mother was thankful - something the woman felt her mother never was for all she had done. The woman needed time to process the message.

Would you take advice from the beyond? 

Georgie Boy. A man, older - like maybe a grandfather." A guest said, my grandfather was named George although she never heard him to referred to as Georgie Boy. I gave her the message anyway. It had to do with wind chimes that could help heal her (she had a few years of serious health issues.) The woman was uncertain if the spirit was her grandfather because of the "boy" in the name. A few days later she contacted me; her research with older relatives confirmed her grandfather was called Georgie Boy by his older sisters. She said also, "I was just been in a store when someone moved wind chimes and the sound caught my attention. It is very soothing to me. Could that type of sound have a healing quality to it?"

According to her grandfather, it does.  

Can a spirit confirm you're on the right track?

This spirit had been with me for days before the book event.

I turned to my far right to a woman to describe the spirit who'd appear to me the past few days: a lovely round faced woman with beautiful skin, dark hair sort of crimped, wavy at the side - older style hair do. The spirit wanted the woman to know she is happy the woman was keeping up her education and how well she was doing in her job. The woman was living the kind of life the spirit when alive would have loved. She offered the woman a "sweetie. A lollipop (the spirit's words)."

The woman said, "I could really relate to the message as I recently had gone back to school, graduated and got a job promotion." It new it was a grandmother who passed away 12 years ago that she had been close with. Education had been very important to her grandmother and she had always wanted her children and grandchildren to do well with it. 

Although the woman could relate to "sweetie" as her grandmother called a treat, she couldn't relate to lollipop  - not a word her grandmother used.

Later email: "After leaving you I stopped for tea and a particular dessert. They were out of it. I settled on a "cake pop", which I never had before. Later I realized it was made to look kind of like a lollipop."

Sometimes we need time to see how the messages from the spirit world fits into our lives. 

More about spirit communication in upcoming blogs. Are you in?

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