Sunday, January 24, 2010

Are You a Witch?

Fri 13th - At my first book reading of my novel, The Skye in June about a young Catholic girl turning to the mystical life of being a witch

My Catholic niece told me that her six-year old daughter declared herself a witch. Luckily my niece is not judgmental about her witch aunts of which I am happily one. She asked if I could teach her daughter the craft because she trusts that I would do so wisely with harm to none.

You might wonder, how do you know if you're a witch? Sometimes you just know it, maybe from a past life connection or are drawn to witchcraft because of a love the beautiful force of nature. And then again, you might enjoy the magical qualities of witchcraft; the candles, incense, spells and hat. For me as a sensitive (a psychic) it’s spirituality where I can openly express my abilities without fearing misunderstanding, ridicule or condemnation.

Would you be a person who'd do well as a witch? Witches are extraordinary and ordinary people from many walks of life, different background and religions, a variety of professions and levels of education. There is even witches are in the armed forces.

Witches are interested in such things as natural healing, psychic phenomenon, self-power, magic, rituals, and they share a one common focus, – the supportive love of nature, Mother Earth– environmentalists. 
Shekinah Mountainwater, Ariadne’s Thread, quotes an early ‘60’s organization W.I.T.C.H. Witches have always been women who dared to be: groovy, courageous, aggressive, intelligent, nonconformist, explorative, curious, independent, sexually liberated and revolutionary.” In essence they are wild strong creative smarty ass opinionated women. Men can also be witches (not warlocks.) You might even live next door to witch or work alongside a one.

Maybe you’ll find that you are a witch just waiting to blast out of your muggle self.