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In this short radio interview I talk about the best way to connect with loved ones who have passed away, along with other things like my paranormal investigations with The Haunted Bay Paranormal Investigation a YouTube documentary series.

This book is for all interested in learning about the phenomenon of contacting the spirits of the dead -  can spirits be really be communicated with? Do they send the living a message? Do our pets stay around us after their death and much, much more. 

Link to the radio interview https://wnbnetworkwest.com/WnbAuthorsShow5.html

Books available paperback and ebook.

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Saturday, March 16, 2019



'Tis the greening time of the year. Renew, new, growth, coming into the sunlight once again after the long winter time. 
March is an excellent time to cast a money spell. Just look around you- nature renewal, growth  - green. 
Your money tree is ready for the plucking.

A money spell is much more than just the paper bill. It is about prosperity - abundance of a good life. 

Before you do any spell THINK. 

What do you need the money for? Why? How will you benefit? How will your life be different? How will others benefit from your abundance? 
Money is an extension of our hopes, dreams, and emotional needs and fears - I just never seem to have enough one might think. What old messages about money can be keeping you from having it?
How much do you need? Be realistic. Make a list of what you need money for. Come up with a reasonable amount. Not "just enough" but a bit more just in case.
Think about prosperity. What does it mean to you? Prospers in money, love, health, and/or your career. 
Prepare yourself to receive by being clear, realistic, and knowing what you are willing to do to manifestation of your goal. Don't just sit back after the spell and wait, and wait. Take action to clear your path, forward your money goal. 
Doing this will help to bring success to your spell. 
March Madness Money Spell by Me
Set you magic space. Place a white cloth on your altar. Place a white candle (purity of mind and intention); a green candle (can use 4 for Earth's 4 corners and elements: air, fire, water, earth). 
Write  3x the amount on the white candle and 3x your name on the green candle(s). 
Incense. Sage is always good, rose is enticing, orange blossom cleans the energy.
A living plant with budding flowers or red and white or pink roses.
Place your riches; a piece of jewelry, something gold.
If you want create a power bundle with a green cloth, placing your jewerly, gold, magical objects inside, wrap it and tie with gold sparkling ribbon. Add gold dust - glitter to it if you wish. Place on your altar.
When: a waxing moon (growing toward a full moon) or a new moon (new adventures) when the sun has set do your spell.
Lite your candles and incense. Sit for a moment, quiet time, visions your money goal as clearly as you can.

Say Aloud:
Green, green all around
abundance abound.
Green grass glistens
Universe energy listens
My money tree grows
Clear mind knows
money for my need
sprouts many a seed.
Money that is mine
Manifest at this time
Bless me with wealth
and good health
Willingly shared with others
For the greater good of all.
So Mote it Be.
Snuff - don't blow - out your candle. Leave your altar in the full glory for at least a week. 
If need be after a couple of weeks, do again. Remember when doing spells often time that which stands in your way for success raises its head. You will have to work on that.
I suggest also doing a 21 day affirmation - don't miss a day. Write it daily as least 3x and say aloud 3x. 
I am open to all forms of prosperity to come to me easily. 
Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me (Louise Hay affirmation)
Read more about me and my books (How to Talk With Spirits is one) at june ahern dot come Coaching at sfcoaching  
Let's see what April brings. Let me know how your spell is working.
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Sunday, March 10, 2019





When a loved one dies, human or animal, too often those grieving think, "I could've done more" or "...something different" experiencing guilt from the inability to have saved the  loved one and kept them with us longer. 

I'm no different even though I've received plenty of messages for others from forgiving spirits. The decision to put down my horse plagued my mind and heart.  

I worried the decision was premature. Her kind vet supported her being free of a life of continual and worsening pain. She wasn't having a happy horse life. 

Still, I was heartbroken. Two days after she died a symbolic gift from her appeared.  On way to bed a bright, shiny penny - looked brand new! laid on the dining room table. 

It hadn't been there earlier. Asked the husband, "Did you put this penny here?" No. Even asked the cats; they denied knowing about it. 

Putting on my specks I examined the penny's date - 2007 - the year I adopted Luna, my mare. 

Could be a coincidence?  Did one of us forget we put it there? Or, was it a sign from the heavens? 

A message only two days after her physical death (her spirit lives on) meant to comfort that her transition to the other side of life had been made. 

Letting me know she was in a place of comfort -  free to run, buck and roll in the warm dirt, lay in the green pastures, stand under the shade of a tree with no pain.

Luna loved kids and a grandson also got a message five days after her death: in his cereal bowl the last cereal piece in the shape of a horse shoe floated in the milk. Maybe a "hello"?
Luna loved kids

In my book, How to Talk With Spirits: Mediums, Seances, Ghost Hunts I write about the various coin denominations spirits leave as a way of communicating. And, not only coins, but other gifts.

Has your beloved pet sent you a message they made it over the rainbow to enjoy a good time? What was the message?

Kids Loved Luna

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Saturday, March 2, 2019


Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is heartbreaking, isn't it?

Yesterday I said good bye to my 29 year old Thoroughbred mare named Luna. 

Horses are amazing animals. Powerful, beautiful, sensitive and aware. If you're calm, they are also. If you're patient, they will listen and trust you. 

Establishing more of a partnership than "commanding" them will make for a good relationship as you handle this big animal with firmness and fairness. 

Of course, there are some experiencing  fear or maybe previously abused that don't respond favorably right away.  

Although I'd ridden others' horses for years and since a child loved them, Luna was my first owned horse. Because of health problems Luna couldn't be ridden by me and that brought about learning much more about horses than when I was riding

I met Luna on a rainy February day 12 years ago. She was a rescue; battered and frightened, all bones with scars from physical abuse. She wouldn't come to me, kept running away so I said to my husband, "I'm not sure this is the horse for me." At that moment while I was looking away she came up from behind and put her big head right over my shoulder. Shifting my eyes to look at her, she was looking right into my eye. That sealed the deal. Adopted.

Examination revealed she was tattooed on her upper lip indicating she was a registered Thoroughbred. The vet thought most most likely had been used as a broodmare. X-rays revealed serious feet problems.

I really couldn't handle Luna well. Previous horse experience was with well trained and mannered ones. Walking her was like dealing with a wild rodeo beast. Away from the two horses she came in with Luna would became frantic; rearing and pulling me all over the ranch. Other horse people had plenty of advice - as they are prone to give freely - get rid of that horse! Some laughed at my inability to control her as she dragged me through the ranch.

 Didn't stop me from hanging in there with her and onto her.

After much care, expense and headaches with this crazy horse we came to agreements and her true nature emerged: a sweet girl, although stoic in her affections, she endured my kisses. As we aged Luna would put her head to mine for kisses. 

She loved kids and although I couldn't ride her due to her feet problems, they did.

Finally, the time came when I had to decide what was best. Those who have had beloved pets know the agony of that decision. For weeks I tossed and turned mentally and emotionally, not sleeping well - searching for the right answer for Luna's well being.

The Birds liked Luna
I hoped she'd recover but the truth of her health problems  couldn't be ignored: more frequent and painful; not eating much, her eyes: long and tight - in pain instead of round and soft - well and happy. 

Walking near impossible  - each  step almost falling over. On the day she was to gallop and buck over the rainbow, she walked fine without barely a hitch in her step. I voiced my concern to the vet, maybe this wasn't the right time. 

The vet didn't say which was the best decision but he did share some stories of animals, big and small, when caregivers - owners - held on beyond reasonable care for their pets. I've done that with my dogs and cats. Still, I grieve and feel guilty - was I too hasty?

I'll miss running my hands through Luna's thick winter coat. I'll miss her eagerness to get out with me for a cruise around the ranch, stopping to munch grass and visit her horse friends. 

My last words to Luna were, "I'll see you in heaven, don't run off until I get there." I kissed her for the last time and the vet came to her side.

Luna stole my heart. I loved her greatly.

I'll miss her. 

Run free over the rainbow my sweet girl.

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