Monday, June 26, 2017


Throughout life there are times we take on new and different roles. Sometimes they come with a title identifying who and what we are professionally and personally.

A time of reflect in the way of a spell for those different path and new roles can give greater insights to ourselves and the journey. Below is an initiation spell to give a clarity spiritually while preparing us for the actual physical events yet to unfold.

Recently in my AMORC - Rosicrucian Order I was asked to step up to a title position  Now, I'm not crazy about titles, especially ones with high praises, but I accepted the position although it means more time and work. I accepted because my life - spiritual and with wordly matters has changed for the better from the teaching of this fellowship (it's not a religion).

Am I up for this titled role? Can I truly be of value? In my questioning I realized clearing myself of doubt and concerns will allow for greater acceptance that yes, it is time for me to raise my consciousness to higher plane and serve humanity in some positive way.

I am preparing to to sit at my altar with this initiation spell.


Simple Spells for Success 

by Barrie Dolnick 

For spells, clear you scared space, make sure you are in a place not to be disturb by 
phones, people or even your pets.

Ms. Dolnick suggests do this spell on a new moon after sunset.

Place on your altar a white and yellow candle, vase of carnations, and a bay leaf.

Sit quietly, release the day, take some deep breaths,  relax

Say Aloud:

I call in the guardians and the powers of the elements 
to join with me in creating the energy to 
move into the flow of creation.
I allows my vision and my heart's desire 
to show me the path, and I affirm I step onto it 
with purpose, integrity and ease.
I realize this with gratitude and love. 
So Mote it Be.
Blessed Be.

Sit and gaze upon the candle. You might have a thought or vision of what is to come from your new start, your new enterprise. When ready, snuff the candles out before you leave your alter space. When the flowers are ready to be disposed of bury them, place in a compost, or in a moving body of water.

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