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2013 Insights and Predictions by June Ahern

My insights and visions for 2013 follow includes overview, politics US and world, weather, fashion, medicine and astrological signs (I am not an astrologer but my meditations revealed this about those born under the elements of earth, fire, air and water) Which are you?

As a professional psychic reader with forty years of experience I'm aware how changes are more often than not, subtle influences hence most miss what is already in progress. Keep aware of change. Perhaps my insights and suggestions can forward you in balancing your goals in a forever changing world.

2013 Forecast by June Ahern
When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
2013 is a a balancing act. 2012 was about quick and unexpected changes whereas 2013 is about progression in rather methodical thoughtful ways. In numerology the year 2013 adds up to the number six which symbolizes duality, diversity, acceptance, love and balance. In the tarot Major Arcana cards The Lovers is the sixth one and symbolizes true love, not only between two people but love for all and the world (earth). The six energy includes the need to shift and find balance amidst chaos with practical solutions in a seesaw world by taking step-by-step processes, and taking slow, even plodding moves forward.

Create harmony within relationships be that in marriage, family, all close relationships, communities and humanity by being responsible, understanding and keeping hope.  Participate in public service and activities of servitude. 

In the first eight months of 2013 will continue with the 2012 energy worldwide both politically and personally. The difference will be a great pull to resolve that energy. One can expect improvement and growth in relationships because of mutual agreements, commitments and contracts. In a six-year  we are encouraged to be tolerant of differences and use progressive communication to settle differences.

 Use the power of visions to expand your life. Be aware of how you think. Does you the pain of the world engulf your thoughts and fear the worse? Or, are you aware of the pain but have hope and envision a solution, a better life and a more peaceful state of being? Do you accept  your thoughts are supporting the world’s state?  Or you think you helpless to bring around change? Use your creative visualization and positive thinking to improve your life and that of the world. 

Make wise choices: Use caution when making decisions by not jumping into the unknown unless your choices are based on a combination of personal experience, knowledge and education. Combine that with your practical wisdom and intuition to make progressive steps to fulfill professional and personal goals.



Overview: Endeavor to be practical and calm as government and new laws appear to threaten greater divisions. Expect more government lies and betrayals to surface. Many a lawsuits tie up courts.  Up until March one might feel uncertain with threats of world war that continue to take front-page news. Countries will become emerged in nature disasters and too focused on those catastrophes to think “war”. There will be a lot of posturing until early spring when agreements to settle difference are on the table. After that time, there is a settling of fiscal indecision and hold-ups.

US Both political parties finally come agreements in early spring after nationwide protests. Fist-tight budget restraints continue to strap educational programs and aid to families and seniors. Lending sources loosen up a bit and dealings with them become easier. Therefore people realize a bit of steadiness economically.  A Supreme Court embroiled in a scandal and another with a health issue opens up two seats. President Obama is on television more frequently with nation updates– could possibly become a regular “The President Speaks” with guests. More factory jobs across the US are created. Slow but steady improvement.

World:  In the first ten months worldwide threats of world war continues to take front-page news with spurts and violent actions throughout. In a collective effort to curtail war a collective effort is put forth with countries previously in opposition, collaborating. The United Arab Emirates have a greater involvement and influence in settling unrest in the Middle East. The good news is the weather helps to cease fighting. Natural disasters – frequent and large scaled earthquakes and tidal waves with land loss so great citizens relocation – plague countries and the focus becomes survival rather than war.  An international committee establishes stronger laws for human, animal and environment. Those who fail to uphold the laws are considered criminals of humanity. The word is out. The world will know who they are. The enemies of maintaining a healthy earth and destroying much can run, but they can’t hide. Public broadcasting of these criminals is seen in court dramas starring heads of corporations and countries. Throw in some state lawmakers for public floggings.


Medicine: The focus remains on the function of the brain. Coma and catatonic patients are brought back to consciousness with a drug and electronic stimuli with opposition from some religions as unnatural. Zombies take on a new meaning. Drug companies will have three major mishaps with commonly prescribed drugs. 


Fashion: Bugle Boy From Company B – we see straightforward, no-nonsense fashion. The (1940) forties are in, army and dark-forest greens, browns, amber, copper and gold; straight line as in stovepipe leg pants; slick and neat with fantastic asymmetrical lines in cut and material. Hair is slick with straight lines. Make-up is dramatically intense. Don’t be surprised to see “Vulcan” like faces.


Weather: 2013 is a year that the earth shakes and shifts as much as will society and politics. The air sweeps dirt and boils the water to roll in a frenzy with water spreading onto to lands, claiming portions of it while in other areas, the rainfall refused to give a respite to already thirsty areas. What earth experiences is as land dries, quakes and cracks is lost ground as well as new formations.  Do earthquakes thrill or frighten or a bit of both? Large and more often earthquakes continue worldwide to move beneath us.


Personal Finances:  Since this is a year about balance if you want to create, not only stability in your life but opportunities to grow financially before investing make a solid financial budget as you can. Yes, taxes and prices go up while salaries do not keep up. Still, it’s do-able! Let go of the unimportant buys and activities. Until about late June financial security is shaky for most households. After that, the US is on a better footing and in 2014 many more citizens will have more cash flow. So, keep your feet on the ground. When combining finances on projects make sure you have a clear commitment. Don’t make iffy investments or leave too many plans undone. It’s a commitment, decision-making time. A good year for signing contracts and only if you have taken your time to read all of the conditions. If you have, commitments will be long lasting successful ones. A time to stay steady, create stability in your budget and contribute to make the earth a healthy and solid home
Relationships are a key part of the six-year message. You can experience feeling “out of touch” with the fast-paced changes in the world and within personal relationships. How opened minded can you be?  How willing are you to find a compromise or common ground with those you differ with?  Expect old issues to come to the forefront. Are you ready to address and discuss family and friend subjects left “hanging” or shoved in the closet? What or who contributes to your unrest, unhappiness and/or progress in life? In what way? What do you need from her or him? Speak up. Six is a reminder about communication skills; your ability to speak-up; speak your truth and listen with open ears by not jumping on the topic without hearing what is being said can bring around a whole new and healthier relationship.  2013 is about being upfront with thought and wisdom (don’t go shaking up relationships without a plan to mend or improve), giving a straight-story, not wasting time and creating a life of simplicity. This can be a truly great time to find a sense of deeper love and compassion as you move forward to heal what is hurting.


EARTH SIGNS (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) 2013 a perfect time for reaching important goals; ones that you have steadily moved on in the past two years but have yet to fulfill or realized the success you have wished for. How can this come around? Health: be careful of stressing about the many demands you put upon yourself and from others. Is it time to end a relationship where the other person will not participate in improving the relationship? He or she will not talk about problems and stay to commitments to strengthen the relationship? Cut away the “dead beats” and venture into the unknown – even alone for a short time - with the understanding you innately know what is right for you. Now how do you communicate to receive support, knowledge and guidance from others? This year is NOT about doing it alone though. It is about connecting in a balanced way. How do you bring others into your dreams and goals? Advance your education. Take a class you don’t know its purpose in your present life situation. By the end of the year, you’ll understand. Dance, walk and enjoy nature. You are in-tuned to it! Consider yourself a pioneer or explorer in 2013.


FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) Pedal to the metal - but please don’t burn up the ground with your hot feet! You know how to work within restrictions because you usually make your own rules. And win! Is this creating a consistently loyal and supportive ally? I don’t mean your usual fans. People who can lead you (not an easy task) and show you even greater gardens to grow your dreams.  Don’t hotfoot it out of relationships by abruptly ending them. And for heaven sake! Don’t burn bridges by speaking your truth in a forceful way. Learn diplomacy. As the year progresses you’ll need some of those relationships to advance your goals and keep your fires warm – especially in love relationships. Fire signs are the great promotes of ideas and can easily fire-up others to move beyond boundaries and fears. Try that first and be nicely clear with what you need from another, give them a time (more than a day, okay?) If need be, agree to disagree in the moment. You will be tested, not only by others, but by timing.  In time you’ll be clear where you are not making the most of your abilities, education to advance your goals or professional position. Your weaknesses and lack of focus are being revealed as part of your growth process and as a challenge. See it as that, and you will find fulfillment by the end of the year with a gold star attached to it. Water sports and being near and around water will calm your fire energy and encourage clear visions, pointing the path to success and fulfillment.


AIR SIGNS (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra) If you said you would, do! Walk your talk; Honor your agreements and shorten your goal list in 2013.  It’s better you slice off a bunch of goals and choose two or three do-able ones if you want to reach them successfully in this year. Make commitments – I know, I know, you’re calendar is so full and what if you change your mind? Something better comes up? Stop. Focus. On your calendar write your target date. Now scroll back to – now – as you read this – what is the first step to completing or advancing the goal in 2013?  If you aren’t already meditating or have a daily silent – quiet- time, also schedule that in. It will slow your chatty mind and release physical tension.  Oh! What a hassle, you might think as you rush off to another activity. If you follow these instructions by the end of 2013 you will realize a much needed sense of balance in your life. Help needy people and/or animals and in return through loving appreciation your energy will be renewed. Relationships where you share progressive ideas are perfect for you in 2013. Your challenge is to stop co-ing and enabling those to be dependent you're your great wisdom (great or not you love sharing it) and witty outlook. Time for practically. Again, take up pen and write four guidelines to how personal and professional relationships can be improved. Do not quickly – bang, bam boom – end relationships but rather, seek to grow them. If relationships end, think of how much your have learned in communication skills? This is an important year to educate yourself or advance or complete your educational goals. In 2013 slow is better. The results will bring around long- term fulfillment.  Make a point to walk in the woods, hug a tree, garden and keep your feet on the ground with long walks in nature.


WATER SIGNS: (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) Rub-a-dub-dub. So in touch with the stormy year that you become tense, stressed and moody easily. Pleasing others is lovely, to a point. How do you please and honor yourself? Clean out your mailing list and erase phone numbers of those who are continual disappointments. It’s time for healthier relationships but you’ll need to make room for them. If you are unsure or afraid of letting go of troubled relationships, give the person a chance. Ask to settle differences or see a therapist together. Certainly make boundaries. If you are uncertain how to do this, learn. Go to therapy, read a book or ask a fire sign.  But do something besides hope for the best. If you do, you’ll a good blend of the right people, situations and projects manifest. Open up and trust the process of the unexpected for this can very well be the time to be in the right place at the right time, if you stay open and not fearful of change. Accept advice and help with a welcoming smile. Your insights for others will also strengthen your insights for your own goals and dreams. Like the waters that take over lands and create different spaces, you too are forming new goals. Pay close attention to your dreams and daytime inspirations. 2013 is a very good year for an art (drawing or painting), creative writing and/or music class.  Redo those rooms in your house that have needed sprucing. Paint bedrooms with soft dreamy pastels and nighttime stars and moons. Create joy and optimism in shared living spaces with bright cheerful colors. The more you enjoy creating and maintaining healthy relationships the more you win in 2013. Take note of your diet. Clean it up if need be. Strength training, fast walking and jogging will keep you focused and strong enough to make the decisions necessary for a more fulfilled life. 


June Ahern is a Life Coach and an author to three books - a complete consumers guide to receiving the most from a psychic reading and two novels. Read more at june ahern dot com. 

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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Through love we conquer fears and free self to experience a more fulfilling and balanced life.
Often times people believe if only they met the right person, a person to love and hold them as a jewel in life, they'd find happiness. It could happen.
As a tarot reader when people see the cared The Lovers, they think that is it! He or she, their lover is going to fix it all. That's really not what the card's symbolic message is about. It's about the love of self and  love of one's uniqueness.
The opposite of love is self-loathing caused by a false belief we are unlovable -in the tarot The Devil (number 15) represents that and our fears - whereas The Lovers (number 6. 15 = 6) is how to love fully, self and othes.
Looking at the two cards side-by-side: Both form a triangle with a powerful being on top (devil or Pan) and in The Lovers, archangel Rafael. In each corner stands a man to the right and a woman to the left; the man gestures with his hand to the woman (his need to connect to the female energy) and the woman (the emotion/psychic self) has two reactions: in the Lovers she’s open handed – accepted what the man offers or inviting his offerings and opened for guidance from the angel. In the Devil both hands are not open. Between them is a pull, in the devil the pull is cardinal. The man is enflamed by the force of the devil; perhaps thriving off chaos; the female  by the fruits of desire, but she doesn’t look to the devil, rather stares out to ? nowhere? Whereas in the Lovers she looks to the angel for guidance and connects the spirit with the conscious mind.
While the Devil represents the lower form of humans – the downfall of cardinal desires –the Lovers represents living with a higher or spiritual form of purpose. In the Lovers behind the man is the Tree of Knowledge; the woman, The Tree of Wisdom. She looks to the higher self to connect  the knowledge attained on the earth with inner wisdom to a greater purpose, thus the triangle of self and/or the balance of purpose or life.
When have you used and/or are using your knowledge (education) wisely to satisfy your needs materially and spiritually? Doing so is to live your authentic self through the positive use of your unique talents and abilities.
To live wholly or fully  is a balancing act of accepting the shadow-light energy or the  yin-yang .
Free yourself from the chains of your fears: prejudices, phobias, judgments and lack of self-love. LOVE YOUR SELF as in the Lovers.
Looking at the two cards makes a lot of sense for they represent us – the good, the bad and the ugly. You can transform your fears into a higher purpose.
I recently did. I have had a cherished goal but believed it would take too much time and money to accomplish. I meditated on The Devil  and realized my fear: I wasn’t valuing my talents. I wasn’t investing in myself as I invested in caring for others.
Meditating on the Lovers, I realized a balance place. Release certain responsibilities and people to focus on what brings me joy. I’m following a Higher Voice of Conscious and learning to write a potentially successful screenplay.
What is chaining you to the darkness of chaos, unhappiness and/or stagnation? How can you love yourself and life more so? Tell me what you did today to move beyond your fears into the love light.
My novels; City of Redemption - about hope and release of fear - The Skye in June - acceptance and love of those different from us - read more. Ebook and paperback. My website june ahern dot com and Amazon. Read the reviews - also on Goodreads.

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               Devil got your tongue?
Chained to the Devil?
Stuck in time? Stuck to responsibilities? 
Can't move along to a happier place in life?

What a little devil you are.
  The devil made me do it.
 I"m going beat the devil out of you.
What else has devil done to you?

 In the tarot's twenty-two major arcana cards (the pathway to enlightenment.) The Devil (Ryder/Waite deck) symbolizes Pan, the Greek god who generates chaos.

The Devil's message is a reminder of how our thinking can create a feeling of being stuck to a person, place or thing thus we create a behavior and beliefs that keeps us from living peacefully.

When our thoughts become chaotic, our fears and doubts become bigger than a solution, when our mind is muddled and we lose clarity we feel powerless and there are no choices. We become immobilized by our fears and doubts and become apathetic, angry, crazy! And in our state the victim of circumstances. 

If you notice the chains around the man and woman are not tight. They can take them off. The man (the mind) is fueled by the fire of greed, lust, gluttony or any of the seven deadly sins.

 and thus becomes chained to the material world (the cube.) The woman (passion) feeds  off his desires, creating deceptive fruits (addictions). They are stuck to earthly needs. Their spiritual self is dismissed for cardinal rewards.

There's a bit of the devil in each of us; could be a big piece, and at certain times, with specific people and/or situations, a strong part of us. It could be a small thing - like a moment of wanting beyond reason which brings  disappointment, confusion and panic––a once in a while experience when we need to leap with faith and break free from the chain keeping us back.

The Devil is a reminder to us to examine what is holding us back from being fulfilled, keeping hope, and feeling positive. 

What hold you back from a dream come true?  What are you stuck to, chained to or afraid of that keeps you from realizing a more fulfilling and positive life?

As a life coach my clients and I examine what chains are holding them back from achievement.

There is an answer, another path, and a move forward when you are willing to remove the chains and find balance. The opposite card of The Devil is The Lovers. 

Please checkout my new noir novel, City of Redemption, where a young woman is very stuck to the sorrows of the past - can she move beyond it?  Paperback and Amazon Kindle.  www dot june ahern dot com and my coaching services at sf dot coaching dot com

Ghostly haunts on youtube The Haunted Bay: Walk with a Medium part one and two - this link is part two


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


A dream is a vision is a for real is a goal is work - need patience and faith. When have you had a dream of what you wanted in life? Then from that began to day dream about it until a clear vision began to be a thought of how am I going to get that? I have them all the time. Some dreams fade away with time, some tuck away and show up later. My latest dream - vision - goal recently manifested. A new novel. I did it. I wrote it, labored over it, had to be patient and believe and try again, and again and again.

It feels good. I did it. I'm getting better and better at this manifestation thing especially if I take it step-by-step and be willing to believe it's all happening.

When did you 'Do It!'?

City of Redemption is a Kindle book and paperback. Check my website to learn more about me, my books and upcoming events.

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Spooky Old Haunted Castle Fun

Haunted House: the words always catch my interest. Let's go and "feel" it out.  Hubby took me on a date to a haunted castle.  Check it out
 I've done a lot of ghost busting and many seances over the years - sometimes fun but alas usually more sad for those seeking news from the departed. I've worked with the police on missing people (and a child) and that communication is no longer for me.  I can and do decide the spirit and entity coming through. I've been where I won't return too as the energy is too dark. 
     The castle tour though was a fun treat!  It is Pacifia's historical McCloseky also known as Sam's Castle. In one room I felt a presence. But with the many visitors and staff, it wasn't easy to be with the spirits. The spirit I picked up most clearly, I later learned, had been sighted there. 
    There many docents waiting to impart glory and tittering details of the castle's extensive history.  At the gate visitors are greeted by a kiltie (man in a fine kilt) with a most beautiful Irish wolfhound. Before entering a small bit of what to expect is given.
     Built in 1908 by Irish immigrant, Henry Harrison McCloseky, for his Scottish born wife after the San Francisco earthquake destroyed their city home. The wife wanted to return to her childhood castle home in Scotland hence the castle in Pacifica to keep her happy.Then Pacifica was way out in the boonies from the City! After a period of time and a tragedy, the castle began its long history of owners with a very lively roaring 1920's history! Speakeasy, brothel, and it is said, an abortion clinic. Well, I think that's goes along with the booze and night life. 
      Besides the history and more so importantly, the art within the castle! Art deco statues, old late 1800's and early 1900's furniture. Every room was filled with most beautiful piecees. This statue is one of my favorites.
     The home's restoration is a unique period time, wallpapering, chandeliers and Indian carpets. In every room is a docent or two more than willing to share the history, some as though they are the "ghosts" of the former residence now in spirit.  The view of the ocean is incredibly beautiful for the majority of rooms.  Downstairs in the dinning area delicious homemade desserts, coffee and juice and an small table to purchase something like a good book with greater details and stories. 
   I offered to conduct a seance there with all donations going to the castle. They were thrilled with the idea. What have I got myself into now? Truly a fun place for ghosts to be - A HAUNTED CASTLE!
  Do you like to visit haunted places? Can you "feel" the spirits? What are your thoughts about ghosts and spirits?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yee Gads!

Busy making up a story:

Thunder and lightening galore.  Hubby says it's God taking photos. It's a real photo shoot! Snap, snap, snap.  Now that reminds me of the opening of my new novel... here it its.... & read more about my next soon-to-be novel...   

Chowchilla State Women’s Facility
Chowchilla, California
Snap, snap, snap. The rapid sharp sounds of the inmate’s bubblegum ricocheted around the waiting room.
“Brenda Rose!” growled Officer Sue DeLosa between clenched teeth, followed by a threatening glare. Brenda Rose Browne, or BR as she was known at Chowchilla’s Women’s Correctional Facility, scowled defiantly at the stout officer and continued rotating her jaw like a cow chewing cud. DeLosa widened her stance and casually placed a hand next to her billy club. The prisoner rolled her watery blue eyes at her fellow inmate, Liz Mackay, sitting opposite on a matching plastic chair.
Liz ignored both women and fixed her eyes straight ahead on the blank wall. The gum chomping and snapping didn’t irritate her as it did the guard. She’d learned to live with many irritants and restrictions over the years she’d been incarcerated.
What did annoy Liz was the escalating stale odor emanating from the women’s bodies in the cramped windowless room. The space was more of a wide corridor with three doors. At one end a door led to the cellblocks and eight feet away opposite it, another led to offices and the outside. Behind the third door in the middle, the board conducted hearings to determine prisoners’ lives. The three women had been waiting for almost an hour while the parole board settled in and reviewed their cases.