Thursday, December 23, 2010


I like ghosts. They're quite easy to see and hear, if one puts their fears aside. Really. Come take a ghostly walk with me through San Francisco's infamous Barbary Coast.

Even the scary ones are quite harmless, mostly.

They are most curious about us too. That's why they hang around. I know that they should go into the Light, but until they do, let's have a hi-ho time with them.

It's so much fun when a ghost or two show up in the most
unexpected places, like the other day when I was shopping for my Christmas cookies in the baking section at the supermarket. I was between the flour and sugar with a woman. She was talking aloud as she looked for the right size vanilla - too much or too little. At first I thought she was like me, an age where one talks to self aloud but oh no! Then I saw who she was talking to. An answer came from her left, I was on her right. It was her father. Or, so he said. He said, 'Now honey, you know that the bigger size is a better investment." I said to her, "Oh, look the bigger one is on sale! My father always loved a good bargain."

She looked at me, smiling non too sweetly, and grabbed the smaller bottle. Was I off? Did I not channel the correct information? The spirit evaporated before I could ask what the problem was.

I sensed that he and daughter had "issues." Merrily I departed that aisle to see what canned fruits would produce.

Take out the old photo albums and remember all the laughs you shared with a loved one who passed and no doubt, he or she will be visiting you soon. Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.

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