Monday, February 28, 2011


When I was in Italy I fell in love with the artwork, which is everywhere - churches, fountains, town centers, buildings.

It's awesomely beautiful. The most popular person painted and carved is the Madonna who was, not only in churches, but out and about throughout cities and towns.

The Madonna aka Mary, Queen of the Angels, Blessed Virgin, Our Lady, God's mother, Jesus' mother, was the central image to behold in much of the artworks. 

It had me wondering why men felt a great need to create a female deity over and over again. Can this be that even back when these men were creating there was more than a deep appreciation for the mother and the woman? Could it be an innate and inner understanding and faith in the female principle as the source of all life?

For my mother and her daughters, we were very inspired by the power of the Madonna, the love for her, the faith and that led to a different spiritual path for me.

As a former Catholic from a European country, we were taught to pray to and put faith in  Our Lady, the Blessed Mother, Mary, Jesus' mother to guide us.

When we emigrated to the United States, the focus appeared to be more on God and Jesus for guidance and help. Still, in our household images - pictures and small statues of Mary outdid the cross or Jesus; this doesn't mean we did not respect and honor Jesus or God as we did. 

The devotion to Mary, the Madonna eventually through, at times, difficult decisions, translated to my spiritual pathway today as a Wiccan and no doubt this deep connection and relationship to a female deity.  In fact, my spiritual enjoyment was my inspiration for writing  my first novel, The Skye in June

In the story there's a strong connection between two main characters, Cathy, the mother and June, her youngest daughter to Our Lady. The connection leads to June discovery of a spiritual path outside their family's Catholic religion. Although this is a fictional story it is also a thinly veiled autobiography.

A PERFECT! story for those from San Francisco and might have grown up in San Francisco during the 1950's and early days of the 60's and those who have wanted to visit San Francisco  It's a great look at one of the city's most famous neighborhoods, known as "The Castro." 

Do you know that before it was The Castro and this neighborhood was known as Eureka Valley and sits just about in the heart of the city?

Another hot topic at book events is from those who went to parochial school when the nuns wore the habit and religion ruled the home - you will understand. And also, people who were "outside the box" in the family.

What, if anything, was dissatisfying with the family religion had you seeking spirituality elsewhere?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When people learn I'm a witch they curiously and at times, humorously ask if I cast spells - bad spells they are mostly interested in. Not bad spells although at times I've had to do a turn around or banishing or binding spell. Very seldom though because I do believe and have a negative backlash when the one time, in anger, I cast an angry red hot spell. Once burned....and I was warned not to do it! Periodically I do cast spells to advance a project, like for my books. Magic continues to swirl around The Skye in June as well as my first book self-published, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading. . In 1990 a tarot reading revealed that The Timeless Counselor would lead to more writing success. If you don't know it is very challenging and difficult to make any money as an author, and especially a self-published author. My first book led to the writing of my second. I knew the difficulties but believed that I could sell it. Both my books have continued to sell. The Skye in June has sold every month since it's release -well I did do a glamour spell on that one! And surprise! I found it at this site on the top 500 Indie books selling. That's right! My amazon and smashword reviews of both books are overwhelmingly five stars. So, tonight I will sit at my altar and give my thanks to the Moneta the goddess for my good fortune and cast a spell to continue to attract book lovers to my book. Blessed be.

What do you want to cast a spell for?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


 Paul Borda at moonlight mysteries. com

The Word for today is Mote. State your '15 goals then end them with So Mote it Be.

I'm often asked what "so mote it be" means. It's the same as saying, "amen' or "it's my word, and that's is as good as gold." What you declare to be true, is and you are bound by your word.

The actual meaning of mote is based upon old Anglo-Saxon language - thank you. Also, similar to ending a prayer with, amen
It can also be used to as "The truth has been spoken or That's the truth" hence said when an agreement has been made and like a handshake, seals the deal. Perhaps saying this precluded written contracts.

In essence one is confident and committed to what she has just declared as good and truthful.

In certain spiritual groups the phrase So Mote it Be is said at the end of a statement or ritual. Wiccans or witches or those who cast spells say it with the thought of “So might it be” or “So be it” or “Let it be" meaning, let the magic begin, the manifestation is in motion.

Saying it shows confidence that what you are creating will manifest. 

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Saturday, February 5, 2011



There here I was, sitting across from my friend who had become bible-practicing Christian in the past few years. We were having a difference about religious beliefs and it wasn't going well. A knife could slice the tension.

We've known each other for about twenty-something odd years are we've good supportive friends agreeing on most things. We both come from immigrant families, her first generation, me fob, and both grew up in the same city (San Francisco) and went to parochial schools; married and divorced young. And now both are authors. Suzette (her name) is also a well-respected columnist. Her books on Amazon do very well.

Suzette has always been a wonderful encouragement to my creativity and advising me about my writings. In fact helped and guided me when I was writing my novel about a religious family and their daughter who was heading to witchcraft. And did so without judgment.

But now we both made the spiritual choices that were as different as oil and water.
She has a good place in my life. My heart. But the differences were quite obvious. To me, her questions, more like an interrogation - well she had worked in the legal profession. But her questioning began to chap my hide. Had we become that different?
I became quiet in voice, body language and then I breathed. Not a response from me to her questions and opinions. A thought was needed, but which?

She said, "Junie, when I bring up my religious viewpoints, you become defensive."

I thought, "Yes, I do. I don't want you to push your stuff on me" as I studied her. She's feisty, a Leo, fiery and outspoken. Not unlike myself. And a good woman - a good friend. She braved her own community and friends to support my book. She had a large book party with some guests her church to...a scary thing since it is not of her religious beliefs and dogmas.

I said, "Yes, you are right, I do feel defensive."

That truth broke whatever barrier had been created. Like wise crones we are, we began to discuss our religious and spiritual thoughts and practices. We opened our minds to understand each other. We braved our differences and we are friends as before. It is as it, we surmised. Friends can do this if they are willing to open to face differences and with courage are willing to embrace and move beyond them. We are sisters on a journey to self-realization.
Viva la difference, Sister! Blessed be. Amen!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion.

A while back I had read an article on the front page of a daily newspaper about a study on how happiness is infectious and that emotions and even health issues such as acne and headaches are spread among friends and family and even amongst groups with no connection to why.
I liked this thought and for many years I find myself singing "Happiness runs in a circular motion, you can be happy if you just try." (Donovan song) and especially sing it when the blues hit me to bring myself back up.
And to the researchers about how others share happiness I suggest to the researchers that it' is telepathic communication. Telepathy consists of mental images, symbols and words shared between two or more people in present time.
This includes across distance as the "happiness study" revealed. When my son was away at college I awoke one night with a dreaded feeling that he was in trouble. My husband assured me it was just part of the "empty nest" feelings. Next day my sister called asking if my son had come home because she thought she saw him walking past her home but when checking outside, then he disappeared. That day my son called to say he had an accident with minor injuries and, although he was okay, it frightened him. Of course, not all telepathic messages are negative as the study of happiness proves.
Telepathic communication has two aspects -- sending and receiving information. Receiving is a basic survival skill. In order to be secure and safe, one must be aware of the surrounding subtle and not so subtle messages.
Those stronger at sending telepathic messages are action type people who move forward with confidence. They can accomplish goals easily by sending messages of what and who is needed to accomplish their goals.
When balanced between the two telepathic abilities we can carefully choose which messages to send and which to receive.
Which are you? And how to affect or are effected by those around you? Test yourself.
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