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 Your thoughts, please. Do you enjoy artwork in books?

This is about my first book published in 1989. I wrote the book based on the numerous questions asked me by people interested in how readers work and what to expect from a reading.

My career as a psychic reader and medium who never advertised (word of mouth) kept me busy for over 45 years. and I can say, this book truly is a complete consumer's guide to all aspects of a psychic reading.

I'm debating if I should and/or can put the original artwork in my new titled The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Psychic Reading, which is a complete consumer's guide to getting the most benefits from a psychic reading and much more (i.e. ESP Quiz).

The book leads a person through the process of how to find a reader best suited for them, how to prepare and ask questions to get the most, what to do with the information after and so much more - i.e. avoid scammers posing as readers; how to recognize them; 800 call-in readings, how to know which is real, so much! 

Published in 1989 as A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling it contained the artwork at the end of some chapters. 

The original books are no longer available (all sold out years ago).

Right now the book is ebook only but in the process of becoming a paperback and audio book in 2021.

What do you think? Artwork? Paperback? Audio? 

Some artwork included in first edition:

Choose Questions Most Important

How to Structure Questions

                                       How to best use the readers' insights and predictions. 

More about June at june ahern dot com, her books, paranormal investigation seen on YouTube and Amazon Prime, Update on movie in process about one of her murder cases read in How to Talk With Spirits and more. Next Zoom Talk Angels & Spiritual Helpers.

Learn how you also can communicate with spirits by yourself.

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 Dear Friends, 

Perfect wintery time for listening. 

How strong psychic powers came to me to change my life with a new mission.

How I recognized my new psychic abilities

How those abilities to know things about people are different from hallucinogenic trips (how would I know?)

How to avoid cons, and much more.

An interview with MadDogTV - see links below.

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A movie about my life and a murder case I worked on (in How to Talk With Spirits) scheduled for filming summer of 2021. Leading lady playing me is Veronica Cartwright a seasoned talented actor.

My monthly Zoom presentations on metaphysics, paranormal, and parapsychology subjects begin January 22 2021. More info on my website.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020


 Life rolls out some memorable experiences

For me it's an honor to have my book, How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts, made into a movie. I'm like wow! That's a trip.

I know so many readers (or listeners to the audio version) have told me how much the book has helped them, but no idea it would go that far and wide.

The filming for How to Talk With Spirits based on my non-fiction of the same title goes into production on June, 2021 and the cast is filling out.

Seasoned and award winning Veronica Cartwright (Alien, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Witches of Easstwik is the leading role in producer Quentin Lee's supernatural thriller.

Recently these talented and well-known actors are also on board: Julia Nickson (Noble House, Rambo); Michale Copon (Scorpion King 2) and Jennifer Field (Artificial, 9-1-1).

All this good news during the pandemic. Cool. 

What about you? What good has emerged in your life from this most challenging and frightening changing time?

“I’m very excited to be playing June Ahern.  Having spoken to June, who is alive and well, she told me it's not just that she saw the incident, but she felt the emotion of the the person that was murdered and embodied those emotions. I’m looking forward to the challenge. I am also looking forward to working with Quentin Lee as he has a real insight into this living person.” said Veronica Cartwright.

“I’m really thrilled to be crafting this untold story with Veronica Cartwright, a heartthrob of my favorite movies such as Alien and Invasion of the Body Snatchers that I grew up with,” said Quentin Lee who will be directing and producing the feature based on his own original screenplay. “How to Talk with Spirits is a rare movie where a senior female protagonist takes center stage and I believe the film will give Veronica her long due respect in Hollywood.”

“ Quentin Lee’s film will show how a person with developed psychic abilities can be a helpful, healing force in the case of murder. The film reveals how justice is served through communication with a victim's spirit. This powerful message is sure to be conveyed by Ms. Veronica Cartwright's performance.” said June Ahern, a retired San Francisco psychic and author of three books including How to Talk with Spirits.

Read more in the article.  and about the book, me and my other three books at june ahern com

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020




Throughout time people have been interested in the paranormal activity and want to experience the thrill of seeing and hopefully meeting a ghost.

After my 50 years of "seeing" and "talking" to spirits of the dead of all kinds entities it's a myriad of  emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually experiences. I like it.

It can be thrilling and spooky, scary and a real treat to talk to ghosts. I've experienced being hit, starched, and pushed. But more than not, just connecting with spirits feels right for me. 

Ready to explore ghostly happenings safely and successfully?

Below are some suggestions/guidelines from my book, "How to Talk With Spirits." In June 2021 a movie production is scheduled based on a murder case I worked on with the police.

In the book I go into detail but below hints will get you started. 

Chapter 11


There is something haunting in the light of the moon.

– Joseph Conrad –


Begin where there has been reported ghost sighting. Cities and towns often have ghost tours of historical buildings tours and/or information when you can visit. 

Spirits, ghosts and other entities can show up anywhere at anytime these places can be exciting to visit: Schools and former sites of schools: Most poltergeist activity is found when younger people live or spend much of their time, like schools. 

Murder sites.

Graveyards/Cemeteries especially eerie to visit when dark. 

Battlefields––day or night are a great place to find ghosts because of the many, violent deaths, agony and fear that surrounds the area. There will be considerable psychic energy.  

Antique stores hold a wealth of psychic information! The objects for sale have a history. 


Show no fear. If you have fearful thoughts, don’t go on a ghost hunt.  It can attract mean-spirited entities. If you feel fear, stop, breathe, get a grip. If you’re really frightened, leave the area and come back when you have conquered your fear.

Keep an open mind, seek to validate by fact checking afterward. 

Keep a cheerful attitude and a positive frame of mind. 

Clear your mind, keep your ears open, and trust your intuition. 

There’s no need to find ghosts or call on them to come out. They are aware of you and watch you observing. 

Have a healthy skepticism. It’s a better attitude for finding evidence. 

Ignore any low life, earthbound spirits you come across. Don’t engage. Avoid it. If it bothers you, say loudly and with conviction, “QUIT IT!” or “BE GONE!”   

• Best Time for hunting

Although, any time is good for ghostly encounters, but if possible go on a ghost hunt when it’s dark; it’s quieter although I've interacted with spirits and ghosts during the daytime.

• Logistics.

Take a buddy. He or she can hold your hand if a ghost startles you or some mean person confronts you. Or help with camera and recording equipment, or to take notes and be a witness. 

Groups: Have everyone meet near the location to go over the plan for the ghost hunt and who'll handle the recording equipment or take notes.

• Practical things to take on your ghost hunt:

Flashlights for nighttime with spare batteries. Spirit activity can drain batteries very fast as well as turn off electrical lights, such as streetlights as evident onThe Haunted Bay investigations.

Good walking shoes. Graveyards and old buildings lend themselves to uneven walks.

A face mask if you’re going into an old building with debris, mold or dirt. On one of my ghost hunts (The Defenestration Building) we were assaulted by flocks of pigeons.

A first aid kit because you may trip in the dark or a nail could be sticking out in an old building.

Identification in case you are questioned by the police or caretaker of the property. In fact when going onto private property, you get permission first. 

Since you will be in a dark, spooky place take something to defend yourself, if need be, against muggers, or other living beings who might want to hurt you. Carry mace, pepper spray or a heavy-duty flashlight. Charge your cell phone in case you need to call for help.

• Cameras and Recording Devices

Take a digital recorder to record your reactions to certain areas, and or communication with the spirit or ghost. If you’re extremely lucky, you might catch an audio response of a ghost.

I learned the older mini recorders are the best for capturing ghostly sounds. Wishing I kept mine.

Bring a video and photo camera and/or recording devices if you hope to catch a ghost on camera.  

Check batteries and take extras. 

Take pictures anywhere and everywhere and examine the results later.

Sometimes you'll see an orb, mist or sparkles in your flash or other’s flashes. Take more pictures right there, you may be near a spirit.

• Common Ghost Sense: Tell the spirits not to follow you home and to remain where they are. Yes, this can and will happen. You don’t need clingy spirits in your home.

You can watch my paranormal investigations in a documentary series with The Haunted Bay on YouTube, Amazon Prime and When searching add with June Ahern to the Haunted Bay on YouTube. Please give it a thumbs up and a comment.

Read more about my four books, upcoming Zoom presentations, latest interview and more at june ahern dot com

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


                     Traveling with Ghosts

Is it possible for a ghost, poltergeist or entity to travel with you rather than be contained to one location?


Although not often will an entity (ghost, poltergeist) attach itself to you or an object to travel with you to another location.

A few years ago I was invited to talk about my book, "How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts" at an antique store located in a Northern California town founded in 1850s.

After my talk the audience joined me for a walk about of the store where I'd stop when feeling a psychic pull to a piece of furniture, clothing or jewelry, or a photo and quite often a toy. Then I'd "read" who, what, and where was attached to it. In other words, giving a history psychic reading like I do on my paranormal investigation (on Amazon Prime and YouTube, The Haunted Bay).

Sellers were able to confirm how accurate the information was (I did really well) but unfortunately some of the history wasn't known to the antique dealer. 

Does this mean the spirit/ghost/entity is still attached? 

Not necessary. My psychic abilities include precognition - knowing the past. When I do psychically feel or know that an entity is attached, right away I distance myself to observe what or who it is. 

This observation is a way of not inviting or allowing that entity or ghost to enter into my physical space and/or body.

Why and how do attachment happen?

If it's through an object it is because there's an intense identification from spirit to it and even death will not separate that feeling. If it's an entity something with that object happened that was not pleasant  - good - and has attracted negativity. 

Read more about attachments in my blog

Majority of spirits do not want to attache themselves to life - people or objects - when they pull away from the physical body and world, but those who do follow objects and then, follow certain people away from the location are usually not pleasant ones to deal with.

The worst attachments will even want to harbor within the new location and even a person's body and that is not good at all. But, it happens.

What to do?  You can cleanse your area and body by doing such things as smudging, Feng Shui and if need be, call in a medium educated and experienced to work with that kind of haunting.

For more about this subject and what to do review my book, "How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts." This book is an email, paperback and audio. For an autograph copy order directly from the author, June Ahern.  

The Timeless Counselor - BEFORE you go for a psychic reading this book is a must to get the most from it. You'll be glad you read it. 

June's an author of four books, learn more about them, her monthly metaphysical, psychic Zoom events at june ahern dot com.

Saturday, November 7, 2020


 Today for me, and many other US citizens, I am  more optimistic  than many of us have been for the past four years.

In my meditations I prayed and envisioned intelligent leaders willing to move this world to making future decisions with intelligent for Earth and Earthlings. I do use images of the Cosmic when seeking a spiritual understanding and guidance. What do you image in your visualizations for a clearer and/or better place for you and others?

in my constant meditations, prayers and visualizations I saw myself in the Cosmic Energy as part of Jupiter's moons, I being one,  circling Jupiter ready to expand our Earth to a new World. 

Astrologically speaking, the message assigned to Jupiter: associated with principles of growth, expansion, healing prosperity, good fortune and miracles. Includes long distance and foreign ravel, higher education, religion and the law.

Breaking that done to: make decisions that better the life of workers to have a chance to make a decent living. For workers of color to be judge on their worth and not their color. 

Let me say. today I'm full of hope for the United States to continue to advance in people's rights (which is fails too often.)

Learn more about me and my books, latest podcast interview and my medium investigations on The Haunted Bay at june ahern dot com.


 Your thoughts, please. Do you enjoy artwork in books? This is about my first book published in 1989. I wrote the book based on the numerous...