Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Are our pets psychic? 

What is your pet saying to you?

My thoughts and experiences confirm that yes animals have strong intuition and will communicate with humans as they do with other animals.

Here's a good idea for easier communication:  learn the animal's communication ways rather than you wanting them to know your's. 

Like human new borns and young children animals rely upon the basic needs to be safe and nourished.  . This is the id (more on that below.) Our DNA supports the physical body (brain: hormones, etc) for survival.

 In time both human and animals of all kinds learn how to respond to survival as our hearing, seeing, taste and feelings become more acute and we begin to understand how our world operates and how to navigate it through instinct, which is our intuition. 

 The id in psychoanalysis described by Sigmund Frued's structional model defines it as: 
the part of the psyche, residing in the unconscious, that is the source of instinctive impulses that seek satisfaction in accordance with the pleasure principle and are modified by the ego and the superego before they are given overt expression.

I have successfully interacted with many of my own pets but also of client's to help with any problems, health and/or behavior. In my book, "The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Psychic Reading" I tell about an experience with a horse and how his owner could communicate more effectively to have a better relationship. Read about it in my ESP Quiz at the end of my two non-fiction books. The quiz will reveal  how to recognize and use your intuitive mind.

How do we know we've tapped into our intuitive psychic mind? This what I have taught and continue to teach so we learn to live authentically and if we relationships with animals, communicate with them also.

About June: Since 1975 June Ahern has taught many people to manifest their visions into fulfillment through her professional practices as a psychic/medium, life coach and metaphysical teacher. Although, June retired in 2014 from private psychic sessions she continues to take part in ghost hunts with The Haunted Bay: Paranormal SF and Beyond as seen on Youtube and Amazon.Prime. She is an author of 4 books.. Learn more  june ahern dot com

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Sunday, May 21, 2023


You received a psychic reading, then what? 
How do you use the information? 

Having had a near fifty years career as psychic reader, I can tell you that the majority of clients listened only to 
the end result - will I get it? - rather than the path to how to achieve whatever they asked about. 

In my book, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading, I write about the importance of reviewing the readers' insight to help in achieving goals by changing whatever is necessary to advance them successfully. 

To gain the most from a reading you really need to take time to review what was said about the past, present and future. 

After the Reading. Art by Beth Burgoyne

 For instance, what did the reader say about how  your PAST is effecting your future? 

 We often wonder why what we want falls short of fulfilling  - a love interest - a financial gain - the right job. 

Here's how it works, you ask about a job advancement, one you believe you've earned through doing what the company wanted. Someone else gets it. You're bummed - angry - depressed. 

The reader brings up an instance when at the age of eleven your classmates made fun of your appearance through the entire 6th grade: glasses too large, hair cut too short, etc - since then you've been worried about what others think of you. The reader suggested a way to heal that thought.

Do you take the readers' advice? Do you even remember what she said? 

What happens? Majority of my clients returned again and again, wailing and accusing me - it didn't happen!!! Waaaaaaa.

I say, did you do as advised to move it along? No. Well, there you go. After a reading it is SO important to sit down and review what was said.

The Timeless Counselor eBook is in process of becoming an audio book. Stay tuned!! Learn more about this book and me, the author of four books at

Read more about this book at  eBook on or

The artwork is one of several seen in the original paperback created Beth Burgoyne. The one displayed is from the chapter After the Reading. 

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Saturday, February 18, 2023


June Ahern, Author, Metaphysical Coach and Teacher

Retired from private practice as a psychic reader I'm keep with metaphysical, spiritual coaching, teaching and making my first audio book.

My coaching is to raise client's awareness to understand and how to use their intuitive abilities for making better life decisions and goals according to their life purpose. Rather than life coaching which teaches steps and skills to achieve goals, my coaching begin as with the mind over matter approach.

Having been a professional and personal life coach since 1997 I do continue to use the formula of achieving through particular steps. It works.

I'm in the process of  creating my first book, a non-fiction titled The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading, into an audio book. 

A lot of work! A 5 1/2 hour audio book when finished is much more than those hours. Days to read, re-read, fix errors, record - darn! re-record. I do have an editor who'll make it sound like it was easy (I hope).

My second non-fiction How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums,Ghost Hunts is already an audio book narrated by another.

Invitation to be interviewed continue to come in - happily I enjoy them!  I was approached to write a short article for an online magazine featuring entrepreneurs. Here it is

The movie about a murder case I worked on is still in the process. That's my update. Life is an adventure, isn't it?

Next Class end of April is Karmic Relationships: How to complete and Re-Do. You say I'll never come back with that one. That's a guarantee you will. To join email june @ sf coaching dot com 

Saturday, January 7, 2023


 2023 World's Number Vibration is 7  
The Chariot Tarot Card
ready to get on down the road?

"Complete receptivity is the secret of the most powerful manifestations of will. 
Control your thoughts and language. All magic is in the will.” – Eliphas Levi

The Chariot is the 7th card in the Tarot: 2023 adds up to 7.

The symbolism in the card tells you to continue on your path for achieving enlightenment to supports your life purpose, be that your goals, wish, - whatever you are building.

The Chariot symbolizes Astral Light; The Universal Will; Mentalism. It is about your ability to know your mind, to mentally create images, sounds, scenarios supporting your life purpose.

How strong is your mental control?

The message in the Chariot counsels you to change with a steady as-you-go attitude and actions - don't jump ahead or get stuck in a rut. 

Think before acting; make time for quietude and actively, stay in the middle of the road as you, by will, move to fulfill your desire, goals etc. To do that you'll need a clear mind.
How you interact with the world's 7 year is dependent upon your personal number for 2023. Not your birth number.

To learn your year vibration ADD your birth month + day + 2023. 

No doubt it'l add up to a double numbers; reduces that to one SINGLE number. I.E. born 1-2-2023 adds up to 10 = 1. 

If it adds up to 11, 22, 33 you can reduce, but those numbers are spiritual evolutionary ones. Research them to get a greater sense of that energy.

If your birthday is later in 2023 - say May, June and beyond - consider using your month + date+ 2022 up to that time.

If you have a tarot deck use the major arcana cards and place the Chariot next to your year tarot card to meditate upon. For example if your year vibration is The Empress - #3 place it next the #7 card and what do you get from both?

The World’s 7 Vibration

UNIVERSAL MESSAGE: “Do not lose hope” comes to mind for this year. What mental messages are you sending to the universe? The Universal Will is the vehicle to move forward therefore be aware of how, what, when and why your thoughts turn to fear or anger – 

    Are you being led by the news? Or others who are angry and fearful (anger is an expression of fear)?

If you support changes that involve positive and nurturing attitudes the Chariot is an excellent symbol to mediate upon to receive creative visuals to assist your process. The world energy is for making changes that nurture the earth and residents of it, which is already in progress in some areas if you’re paying attention to the groups promoting education and action in that arena. 

    Are you focusing on what you can do to save our planet? Any small action like helping another. 

    What else can you do? 

A good year to change, which can involve locations, travel, career and how you approach relationships that are outworn and no longer serve a positive purpose in your life.
Challenge: Being conscious of your thoughts and how they attract and develop experiences. Some things are not of our control, but our attitude toward them are in our control.

Details at - see Events page

June Ahern is an author of four books, and a metaphysical teacher for over 40 + years.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022


I see ghosts, do you? 

The question is, how dead are the "dead" if we can see and talk to them? 

 Nowadays, there's an increase awareness of the importance and use of the intuitive mind as well as spirit communication. 

While skeptics deny spirit communication can happen, the public is eager to know more about the subject. 

Since my NDE, over 50 yrs ago, I've been visited by spirits of all kinds and in many places.  
and do enjoy a good ghost meet and greet. 

Working on paranormal investigation with the The Haunted Bay Paranormal Investigations (YouTube, & Amazon Prime) has been a great opportunity to meet plenty of ghosts - some good, funny and some not so nice at all.  

One of my favorite investigations -  Sharpsteen Museum,Calistoga, CA. seen on YouTube - with some historical spirits or copy and paste this link 

Enjoy the short clip - please give it a thumbs up and comment.

People ask me, are you afraid of them?  Do they haunt you, follow you around? How do they talk to you? 

The answers to those are covered and more in my book, How to Talk With Spirits: Seance•Mediums•Ghost Hunts available through me and almost all major book selling sites ebook, print & audio. Amazon 

You'll learn how to safely and successfully communicate with your dead loved ones with proof they are talking to you after leaving the physical body.

What about you? Do you talk to the "unseen"? How are your experiences? 

I'm thinking a how to communicate with spirits & mediumship class again 2023. If interested, contact me in comments or email june at sf coaching dot com

Learn more about my other books and online classes at

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Sunday, July 3, 2022


 Recently, I was invited to give a talk at the historical landmark, 

The Winchester Mystery House (WMH), in San Jose, California 

about a possible connection between 

Sarah Pardee Winchester and the Spiritualism Movement (SM).

June Ahern at the Winchester Mystery House

Now I read that the WMH is offering a new tour (see below) including some of  information about Sarah and SM.

One of the things I found of most interest was that Sarah and the SM came to existence in the US in the same decade - 1840s. An energy, a vibration of change toward the belief that spirits continue to exist after death and that they can and communicate with us. 

Heavens knows how many, many over 45+ years I have been contacted by and contacted with spirits. Learn more about my journeys in my book, How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts and see The Haunted Bay an historical series on Amazon Prime and YouTube where I investigate hauntings. 

Was Sarah Winchester interested in, and took part of the SM beliefs?

Why I concluded she would have.

Sarah was educated and a member of the Freemasons and Rosicrucians throughout her life time and therefore already part of metaphysical and spiritual teachings, therefore would she have had an interest in SM beliefs and practices? 

After study of her life, her devotion to the Masons and Rosicrucians, I concur she would have taken interest in such a way, she did communicate with the spirits of loved ones certainly her daughter who died very young and her husband, years later. 

It is very natural after a loved one dies, transitions, leaves this planet, to want to keep in contact with their true self, their spirit. In that Sarah, a mystic herself and a grieving mother and wife would be like many others, desire to keep contact with her dead ones. 

How would she have done it?

Spirit communication can be a solo experience or one shared with two or more in what is thought of as a seance. Most likely Sarah would have a private, well chosen few  join her in a sacred time, a seance, to communicate with the dead and most likely that would have been through a medium. 

What do you think? 

Learn more about me, my one-day talks, books at 

Join me on 7/17/22 for a most informative talk: YOUR INTUITIVE MIND - 

see Social Medium page on my site.

Winchester New Tour July 7th, 2022

This summer experience the Winchester Mystery House’s all new daily tour – Walk with Spirits – and explore the paranormal as explained through the Spiritualism movement. You will have the opportunity to not just learn, but to experience for yourself, what happens when the veil between this life and the next is lifted.     

During the Walk With Spirits Tour, guests will attend the wake for a departed soul in the parlor of the home, ascend to the third floor to experience a Victorian era seance and end in the dark and foreboding basement, home to the famous “Wheelbarrow Ghost”.  Tours are offered daily starting on July 7th, 2022.

Learn about SM

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022



I am fortunate enough to be invited to give a presentation at the Winchester Mystery  House in San Jose, California. 

This beautifully structured house is one of Northern California’s premiere attractions, a national and state historic landmark and one of America’s most extraordinary homes. 

The house was once the resident of Sarah Winter, the widow of Willam Winchester, the inventor of the Winchester Reading Arms. The lore is when the widow Sarah Winchester during a psychic reading she was told to build a house to appease the many suffering souls of those who became victims of her husband's gun.

Hence the rumors of hauntings of Sarah that drove her mad causing her to have doors that didn't open, stairs that went no where and many other "unfinished" rooms were constructed. In fact construction went on daily for years. 

These strange additions in the house supposedly were for Mrs. W to flee the hauntings of these spirits.

It's also rumored Mrs. Winchester held seance in the home to connect to the spirits. That could have been but I doubt the spirit communications were to the victim spirits.

June Ahern & Annalisa/Winchester House 2022

In 2022 I was invited along with Annalisa, another psychic medium, to investigate spirit activity, which I have done often in other locations (see The Haunted Bay, Amazon Prime and YouTube). I found the house to yes, have spirit activity, and no, not malignant spirits roaming around at the Winchester House. 

The spirits I encountered are of a different era - seen in a space and time not of the 3 dimensional space of the physical human experience. Let me give you an example:

You're looking through a window at a party going on right outside your house. People are laughing, smoking barbecues are grilling your favorite meal, you can just about smell it!, music is playing and there you are inside the house. You can experience what you see, hear, smell, even a reaction of tasting and an emotional feeling, but you're not OUT in the happenings.

That's a fourth dimensional sensation. A space that exists in your mind beyond the three dimension. 

As a psychic medium I can experience that space and time but I don't physically live it - well, in most cases. That's another topic. 

Mystery vs Mystical

The Winchester House - really a mansion with incredibly awesome furniture, - surrounded by gorgeous gardens and more buildings - is not a mystery to me nor would it be to those who have studied metaphysics, and beyond. 

A mystery: Who dun it? Why was it done? What is it all about?  These questions can lead to a mystical experience if one moves beyond the lore and rumors of the house.

Did you know that that Sarah Pardee Winchester was a FreeMason, Rosicrucian and most likely followed the 19th awakening teachings in the Spiritualism Movement? Within these facts answers the unknown of why Sarah Winchester created "secrets" within the structure.

One way of another when you visit enjoy it all, the sensation, the history and the mystical experience  - if you're ready.

Amazon - All Books

Audio Book, How to Talk With Spirits

YouTube: The Haunted Bay with June Ahern NDE

YouTube: Books by June Ahern and Inspirations




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Are our pets psychic?  What is your pet saying to you? My thoughts and experiences confirm that yes animals have strong intuition and will ...