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 Take Your Dead to These Old Corpse Roads

The dead “were carried along strictly defined corpse roads for the belief that coffins sterilized the                  land because the dead were forced to walk that way until their souls were purged, ~                                                      New Scientist Magazine 1977                                                                      

Recently, I did a paranormal investigation at Pacifica California's Historical Sam Mazza Castle;                 a beautiful place filled with antiques and hosts music salons, and also a highly active paranormal                      space.

In one room I came across a "pathway" like the older pathways known as Corpse Road or                              Coffin Path or Road and also other terms depending on the country term.

In Britain can be known as a bier road, burial road, coffin line, coffin road, corpse way, funeral                             road,  lycnh way or proceeon way.  

Such "church-ways" have developed a great deal of associated folklore regarding ghosts, spirits,                wraiths    (a ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death.) 

As scary or strange that might sound in this day in age, it was considered a practical means                                for transporting corpses, often from remote communities to cemeteries to the parish churches                           in coffins or for those unable to afford a that, wrapped in a sheet, to their final place of internment.

Of course folklore and mythology became part of this tradition with belief it's  a very active                      paranormal space where spirits and ghosts of all kinds can be seen moving in the same direction. 

You can image how eerie ghosts stories and sightings of phantom lights in the dark traveling on                       these corpse roads were shared around fireplaces.

To this day in England and although rare, if you walk the roads you might come upon coffin stones,      some with crosses carved in the stones where coffins or at times only the sheet-wrapped corpses                           were placed when their carriers needed a rest. 

The pathways I've encountered are quite busy, full of activity with many spirit images and travelers                      human and animal ghosts. I can also see the terrain before buildings cut the pathway off and hasn't                   seem to stop the flow to a person, like myself who sees beyond the physical boundaries.

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This is the link to take you there or you can find it under March Madness on this blog.

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Putting a book together then into print is no easy tasks but when you trust what you are sharing, it's a joy to see the end result. 

Took a step forward and published in print my first written book, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading first published in 1990 under a different title, A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling.

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Angel Wings by Nikki Zalewski 

Do Spirits Really Leave Us?


For eons ghostly encounters and spirit communication has been believed in and experienced by many. Still, it remains a controversial subject.

Filmmaker, Stephen Berkley's documentary Life With Ghosts is gaining greater acceptance with mainstream academics and scientists. He and I will discuss the truths and pitfalls of spirit communication  Monday February 5th, 2024 5 pm PDT - 8 pm EDT.

Can't make it? Stephen's podcasts available at his website and YouTube. Please give a thumbs up and comment.


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Most Read June Blogs Have Been...

Over time some of the most popular blogs enjoyed have been about a pagan, or wiccan wedding 
Others include communicating with the spirits of pets

Writing about my friend, Rusty Dennis - always a joy recalling this unique, strong-willed, woman is also a popular read

Of course the New Year insights too. 2024 below.

There are other blogs people enjoy, like your aura, tarot, excerpts of my books. I hope you find one or more articles to your interest. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it.

I've had a fortunate life coming upon a career path never ever thought would be mine. 1970 a near death experience led me to it. Author of four books, teacher and guide to many from psychic readings and mediumship, to tarot, communicating with the dead - many other metaphysical subjects.

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I am not an astrologer, rather I share my psychic impressions and insights. My interest and study of the tarot and numerology began in earnest 50 yrs. ago resulting in a successful career as a psychic reader and medium along with teaching the tarot and other subjects relating to psychic development. I am mostly retired now. 

2024 is an eight - 8 - year. Tarot symbols Strength #8 or in the Thoth deck, Judgement. Which image do you feel most attracted to?  

Do this simple exercise:Draw a 8. Start at the top and curve down to the bottom, now back up to the top with crossing in the middle – the bow connecting the two circles.

 This signifies bringing ideas, wishes, goals from the heavens or universe, the top circle to earth, the bottom circle with the idea you are uniting your mind to your actions to manifest.

During an eight year curb your emotional response to world matters. Be guided by your higher mind, which means take time to contemplate, reflect and meditate. Connect with the God of Your Heart to access the subconscious mind's records and tap into the Universal Flow. Study the first, (mentalism) and second (correspondence) of the Hermetic Principles to gain clarity on how to apply them to your life experiences.

 Air Signs: Be clear and focused with thoughts before taking action to manifest or you will be constantly doing over leading to frustration, scattered energy and negative thoughts about yourself and life. Key Words: Mental Clarity. Discipline. Focus. Listen.

Aquarius: You clearly have ideas and visions but not everyone is able to grasp them. Therefore, communicate clearly and simply your ideas and ask, "Can you see this working?" or “Do you understand my idea?" Listen and accept ideas from others that differ from your own. Knowledge is important to you. Learning in  a class-like environment is one positive way for your visions to manifest. Humor can create a lightness of heart and clear your mind for visions and how to manifest. Watch comedy flicks and/or go to comedy shows.  Get out and about. Life is an adventure with new characters to meet along the path. Just think of the fodder they will provide for your creations! 2024: I am open and ready for new opportunities.


Gemini: This and that and then - ideas flow rapidly and bounce into each other. Gems, take a breather, slow down: Make a list of the three most important wishes or goals you hope to accomplish in 2024. This helps to ease the mental push and pull of changing directions resulting in unfinished business. Ask another to keep you in check by holding you accountable through sharing updates and questioning your plans to keep you on track. Get a physical calendar to make it real by crossing off completed projects. Bottom line Gems, better to achieve one or two most important goals then have too many scattered and left undone. 2024 you can have some big wins if you do what is suggested. 


Libra: Oh all is so pretty and heartfelt - yeah? Do your wishes and goals include logical plans? Step-by-step? Are you truly committed? Are your visions clear and can you sell them to realize results? At times you get lost in the visions with no solid steps to manifest because steps seem too dull. Here’s an idea; make a flow chart. On one end of a large piece of paper draw a large circle with your goal(s)l written in it. From that flow backwards across the paper adding the steps necessary to achieve successfully. There will be many little steps. Use post its to move around steps. Temper your progress as new practical ideas s come to you. Add photos or draw images. Enjoy nature and take a journal or art pad. Linger in art galleries. This will balance that active, creative mind with a sense of quietness, needed in 2024.


Fire Signs: Electrified with visions and goals you blaze the trail; just don't burn it up or burn out. Temper your energy. Slow (for you) and Steady. Make agreeable connections with like-minded others to fulfill goals. Let your words truly express your visions. Take five before committing. Choose wisely. Key word: Patience.

Aries: Badda Bing, Badda Boom: watch me spark and glow! Remember, trailblazers lead through  encouraging others helpers,  supporters-your team-to help manifest. Keep positive communication for win-win outcomes.  Therefore, be aware of words and tones to keep the team in your court. It’s not how many wins, it’s reaching a big win, which is most important come Fall, 2024. With your role you’ll want to recreate yourself through hair and clothing. Spruce up your home and office. Realize change is in the air and you are ready for it. Step forward. You are in the limelight.


Leo: Sincere, heart-felt lions, it’s your grace and charm that attracts. Do you want that attention? That person? Is the timing right for you? Because you are a bit of or a lot of a people pleaser, don’t commit right away until you contemplate by answering those questions. Rather say, “Let me get back to you on that.” This is a year for you to be recognized for your good works, for your willingness to give. You might not realize you’re attaining important goals because the steps are small and the lion can be impatient, but what you gain in 2024 is recognition for your worth. This will open new opportunities especially around finances and material gains. 


Sagittarius: In like a lion, but not out like a lamb. A drive to move forward during 2024. The galloping horse ripping up turf isn’t necessarily the best way to get to where you’re going. Careful not to override your energy. Watch your health along the dusty trail to fulfillment. Stay focused and also rest with play time. Consider if your actions are truly moving goals forward. Like Aries, you will rally the troops. Remember to be kind if they falter. Consideration of others doesn’t mean you move forward as the lone rider. Keep relationships tempered with listening openly and knowing others see your goal or visions but might not need your "input". Accept their path can differ from yours and if coming to a crossroad, part in peace. 2024 ends with a cheer of I did it!

Water Signs: You are at the crossroads of a greater life purpose. Heaven flows to Earth easily when the subconscious and the conscious mind are a union. Walk with confidence as new paths unfold. You'll meet some very engaging wise people and animals on this journey that recognize your uniqueness. Key word: Bravery.

Pisces: 2024 is a most important time to take daily moments (or longer) to reflect and meditate. Because many Pisces would rather get along than cause waves speaking up might not be easy, but it is necessary to express your authentic self. You might want to journal or even write a book, lecture or in some way, share your ideas in groups. Although your the symbol of two fishes swim in opposite directions doesn’t mean you don’t know what you want. It's knowing the right time and situation to follow one or the other. Settle the matter in your heart. Allow those who see your visions, goals etc. clearly to be strong supporters to make changes right for you. Please, stop over-giving while you’re at it. 2024 is about acknowledgement of your worth.

Cancer: Grab onto someone who truly gets you. It’s time to release whatever has been paining your mind and heart. Talk it out, share from the depth of your soul. If you find that too difficult, find a way to release much of past hurts and present worries. Time to clear the slate and stop dragging around the past. This can be through art, dance, singing and chanting. It’s okay to be alone only if you don’t feel lonely, cut off. In unfulfilling situations rather than pinch to show your displeasure, calm your mind and speak clearly why and what is needed to live as you seem fit: Knowing your needs and thoughts are important. Let others express their thoughts without crawling back into your shell.Leave behind relationships that just aren’t going to change. Free yourself and laugh a lot. The key is be in the present time to trust in the future.

Scorpio: Wisdom shared is worthwhile if the listener is hearing the message. Like the Moon Children (Cancerians) it’s time to release relationships and/or their effects upon you that just haven’t changed over time. Check your attitude. Are you holding grudges? Does it really matter? It doesn't do anyone any good. Let it go through thinking positively of your future and not finding fault, criticizing, or defending. Take flight. Look for new horizons professionally; something that you feel more control of. Reunite with old once positive  relationships that had fallen by the wayside. Join creative groups, get excited, feel the passion of life force flowing through your entire being. You might be asked to lead in some capacity. Trust you are ready for this. 2024, get on the bus, Gus, Have a new plan, Stan and set yourself free.

Earth Sings:  The balance of that to come with that which already exists gives courage to go beyond with hope and faith in dreams and wishes. "When you have found the beginning of the way, the star of your soul will show its light." Key word: Believe.  

Capricorn: The goat’s journey up the mountain isn’t always easy. You will find yourself sitting on a rock overlooking the arduous times in 2023.  While at it, chew some grass and contemplate the steps you took or didn't–which worked?–which didn't? Which need a re-do or committed attention before piling on new adventures or responsibilities. On that rock, a fellow climber will come upon you. Isn’t nice to think I get by with a little help from a friend? Listen. Although you’re known to be very independent perhaps a little dependency will nudge you forward with ease to complete what was not finished in 2023. Believe you can wrap it up with successful outcomes summer of 2024. 

Taurus: A bull penned in can become lethargic or rage! Balance how much you do with what has true meaning to you. There’s a sense of over-responsibility brewing and it will either implode (your health) or explode (harming those close to you) with dire consequences – like walking out of a job or relationship – or dear bulls, losing heart as depression sets in with nothing getting done. You need time to sort out your life through meditation, or time alone sitting ideally by flowing water: ocean or stream. If you are feeling at loss of what next, seek advice, therapy, a psychic reading, or with a philosophical or spiritual group or opening up to a true, trusting friend.Don't shake your head thinking, that won't work. Hiking would ease some tension and free your lungs of sedeatary breath. Affirmations support positive self-image and awareness. It’s time to roam the countryside to feel afresh. Take a camera. Capture the beauty surrounding you. Keep faith. 

Virgo: In those neat piles of logical plans hides a gem of adventurous wishes. If unsure you  can or have to do life alone, think again. As cautious as a Virgo can be with allowing others into their lives trust your good insights of people. Strengthen your plans through assigning others tasks that forwards your wishes/goals and in return, gives the same of others. New or updated relationships are a positive part in 2024. Let that planet Mercury (ruling planet) whiz through brainstorming ideas to inspire new experiences. Finances will be an important issues. You’ll want to either tighten-up (no over spending) and/or make wise investments. It is time to speak up for your worth financially. If your job isn’t paying your worth, start looking around for a new one. Take step-by-step to test the waters with changes. 2024 is about being wise and planning ahead with insight.  

June Ahern retired after 50 years as a psychic reader and medium. But she keeps her psychic abilities sharp with paranormal investing with The Haunted Bay seen on Amazon Prime and YouTube. She has authored four books and teaches tarot and other metaphsycial subjects. Review more at 


  Take Your Dead to These Old Corpse Roads T he dead “were carried along strictly defined corpse roads for the belief that coffins sterilize...