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Over my many years as a psychic reader (now retired) and Certified Hypnotherapist 
I've been asked to help people discover and connect with another life time for various 
reasons - understand a certain relationship, heal an ailment, shed light on repeated 
images of certain times of history - many reasons to explore reincarnation.

 "The soul comes from without into the human body, as into a temporary abode, and 
it goes out of it anew… it passes into other habitations, for the soul is immortal." 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson Transcendentalist Writer and Speaker 

There's much to read about reincarnation, which has its roots in ancient Hindu philosophy 
and has influenced many a great Western mind but it's not my purpose to go into past lives, rather to move forward into a future life - your next life time.  

"It is not more surprising to be born twice than once." -  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 
poet, dramatist, director, novelist, scientist, critic, artist and statesman 

If you subscribe to the belief that you've lived before, then you understand you shall 
live again. Most likely not the same physically, emotionally, mentally as you are now or
one  can hope, a better you.

What will your new life be like? How will you look? Who will be in your life? Anyone 
from the present time? 

Will you come back into a male or female body? 

Where will you live on Earth? If not, Earth, what galaxy?

What will your purpose be to come back? Finish karma? In the present life, are you doing 
that now?  

How are you preparing for your next incarnation?

Create new karma? What and why? What will you purpose be in a new life? What is it 

It might be time for you to think and/or reflect a bit about your future life. 

"I hold that when a person dies / His soul returns again to earth; / Arrayed in some 
new flesh disguise / Another mother gives him birth / With sturdier limbs and brighter 
brain." -  - John Masefield, poet, writer, and Poet Laureate from 1930 until 1967. 

Now, I know quite a few say, "Oh, I'm not returning." 


You've learned the lessons of being "whole"?  

The complete spiritual values of compassion, patience, faith, hope and charity to 
those different than you?  

You are a mystic understanding the human race without prejudice or judgement? 

You're fully in-tuned to nature  - wholly as an integral part of it with no sense of 

Then good!! You've passed centuries of learning, completing karma, and can now 
go "home". Otherwise, I'll see you back on Earth.

 "The soul is not the body and it may be in one body or in another, and pass from 
body to body." Giordano Bruno, Scientist and Philosopher

In my upcoming on-line presentation (9/23/21) you'll contemplate the answers to 
the above questions and then prepare to envision a future life. 

For info on that on-line Zoom talk at 6 PM PST contact me at june @ sf coaching dot com

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Monday, July 26, 2021


 Frolicking once again.

Celebrating getting out and enjoying friends once again - 

Went dancing TWICE! in one week. 

This senior sure can boogie. 💃

I haven't been posting because..... ..(fill in the blank).

Still, my psychic picks up information swirling around and truth be told, even if I'm like...nah, or really? time proves, yes, it came to be. 

How clear are your psychic impressions?

My monthly presentations resume in September, 2021.

More than in a long time I"m asked when I'll give a Kids Only Psychic talk.

Soon, I say.

I think that'll be separate from my usual scheduled monthly talk - perhaps October. 

Let the kids get off Zoom classes for a while. 

What do you think?

Although, I've had a few interviews. The latest has been made into a short video. If you're interested in the full talk, let me know. I have a link.

 If the video doesn't open, it'll be on YouTube soon and I'll redo with  that link.

Always something to learn, right?

 Some days I don't like the idea of "learning" - but truth be told, good, bad or ugly, there's usually some kind of Aha! or Oh shit.  Learning as I go. What did you learn today?

And, still waiting for updates on the proposed movie featuring one of my murder cases. Here's where we're at with the project:

Ok, my readers, off I go. Suns out, no masks (yet) requirement, CARPE DIEM!

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The current most popular of my non-fictions How to Talk With Spirits, 

                                                   and the most popular beloved fiction is,

The Skye in June


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

My Book's Movie Moving Right Along

When you stick to what you know is for you, fortune will often come out to meet you.

The latest good news on the movie based on my book

A bit about how I knew this would happen. Many years ago my mother said, "you'll be in the movies." Well, I'm technically not although some opportunities have come up over the past few years. Then in the 1980s I had a dream followed by an awake vision, of many knowing about my psychic work. Didn't know how that would come around.

Slowly over the years, publishing a first book and then three more, lectures, teaching, interviews, TV, radio - the movie industry came to me.

A movie based on a murder case I worked on with law enforcement read in my book, How to Talk With Spirits: Seances•Mediums•Ghost Hunts moving forward with today's positive news. 

Update: Producer Director Quentin Lee movie project foHow to Talk with Spirts was elected for the NAFF film school genre film project market at BIFAN was announced yesterday on Variety and ScreenDaily. 

I've had good fortune often in life - and with that, had to be willing to take the steps to manifest 
a fortunes opportunity to realize a result.

When/where/what has fortune touched your life?

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Monday, May 3, 2021


Veronica Cartwright in the movie 

                          You never know what life will surprise you with.

 Sometimes it's wow, good news and sometimes not so.

Lived long enough to have experienced both.

 This is one of those good news times! 

My book, How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts is in the process of becoming a movie and the latest update - a cool poster of the main character.  

This is how it came to be: It's rare I do any private house ghost investigation only I agreed because my friend, Matthew Abaya, movie producer and The Haunted Bay Paranormal Investigations cameraman and editor, asked for his friend Quentin Lee to investigate his family home.

The investigation was a success with questions about resolved for Quentin. At that time I didn't know Quentin was also a seasoned movie producer and screenwriter. 

About six months after we met he asked if we could collaborate on a movie from one of my murder cases from the book. 

We are - the latest update -goes into production fall of 2021. See the actors onboard.

More about Matthew Abaya and his award winning movie "Vampariah" (2016) e

June Ahern Books and Bio

Update lin

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Saturday, May 1, 2021


 Knock on the head and my psyche mind awoke;

seeing and hearing details about people, places and situations 

with no previous knowledge. 

That knock on the head changed my life forever with many unexplained happening occurring; psychic insights and visions.

Follow my account of my NDE as I share it with Ying Liu, producer of The Haunted Bay in an interview (on Youtube) about how my psyche awoke.

After a near death experience my life changed forever. A new path revealed itself to me and I did choose to walk it; revelations, spirit communicaiton.

Does everyone who has had a NDE become a psychic reader and medium as I did? No. But one thing is for certain, once you've had a near death experience you're outlook on life - the living in this world changes. 

Please give a thumbs up and comment. Thanks!

 One of my four books, a non-fiction How to talk with Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts,  is in the process of becoming a movie. Read more about that in an article Screen Anarchy 

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Monday, March 1, 2021



For the spell follow this link to en earlier blog

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One of my murder case I worked with law enforcement on read in my book,  How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts is being turned into a movie scheduled for 2022.

Happy Mad March Money Growth Time!

March Zoom with June Presentation Topic: Tragic Sudden Deaths: Heal the Pain 3/18/21 6 PM PST. More info

April Zoom: Create a Sacred Space where Magic Happens!  4/22/21.

Saturday, February 20, 2021


Inner Child Tarot Card, The Loverss

2/18/21 My February Monthly Zoom Talk was on



My answer might be what you've been wondering about Soul Mates, Love Mates and/or Twin Mates.

Did you know you can have more than one soulmate although in one life time, only one twin flame mate? 

 Question:  Can you decide never to interact with someone because I am not open to any further contact and is that the same as not forgiving them?

June's Answer: Yes, you can decide not to have further contact with a person that harmed you. That is creating a healthy boundary.

As far as forgiving, it is said we forgive to lighten our own burden of carrying around negative thoughts. And yes, those unhappy, angry and at times, vile thoughts we harbor for those who have hurt us, often gravely, weigh us down and inner peace and true happy belly laughter, like a child. 

My own personal experience was with a long ago, what I thought would be my life partner. He was a cad (look that old term up). It took me near 40 years and his death to truly make peace with myself for choosing him and letting him hurt me repeatedly. In spirit he and I mended that time of young love life. 

 Forgive for your own happiness and to free your mind to create loving, helpful people and experiences

 Question: : Regarding who am I attracting, what if you are not attracting anyone? Harder during pandemic but am I not open to attracting someone? How to get open?


June's Answer: It is harder during this shelter-in-place, especially because you physically are limited to where and how to meet. Nevertheless, you can begin a relationship on line and that might even be better. Getting to really know someone's thoughts, attitudes, etc. I'd do a virtual meeting to see if it's the person who said he/she is. 

Now, about attracting. In the talk I explained how attraction contains energy, vibration and frequency. You attract what you're putting out energetically. For those who haven't spent time on this idea and did tested it, this could be difficult to understand. As said in the talk, best you raise your energy - fluff up the aura as I suggested, write affirmations, visualize -all in preparation to attract. 

Remember the ritual using candles I presented and follow through with it when your energy is at a good place.


Question: Can you do a ritual for a loved one rather than yourself to attract the right love?

June's Answer: Personally, I would not interfere with the karma and life lessons for another. You can do a ritual that this person be joyous, or healed. I find prayers very powerful. The reason people think prayers don't work is because most want it in their time and the way they want it. Prayers work as do spell rituals, but not always as one might think is best.

I hope that is clear to you. Yes, do a ritual, but not based on what you think the person needs or should do, but one that blesses them in life.

In April I'll give a presentation on ritual spells. Please join to learn more.


 Question:  If my twin flame and I were poison towards each other, shadow side was too developed, how do you figure out the point of all of that was?  There was a lack of compassion, like our heart chakras were completely closed off. 


June's Answer: In the part of my presentation I talk about how Twin Flames can be wonderfully whole and contribute to themselves, others and the world in most positive ways. But they also can amplify the shadow/dark side of both. 

Since you're asking the question with an understanding of what is/was lacking (compassion) and recognize the reason (heart closed) then you are not so in the dark, are you? You have enlightenment though you might not accept or know the next step to solving the situation. 

Discover the next step and be willing to take it toward a hopeful more loving twin flame relationship.

 Question: : Regarding the people candles: can I use regular candles and write my name on one and what I want to attract on the other?


June's Answer: Although, people or image candles are fun and can influence your visualizations and psyche you can absolutely use any candle and color to influence your mental visions and attract your intent. Candles do keep steady and clear your focus. Yes, write your name on one and your intended attraction, words or his/her name on the other. If it is to be, it will, if it is to clear the air whether the person is really for you, it hopefully will also.

Join me in April for my Ritual Spell presentation for more.

Question: June, if you find have found in this lifetime are love soulmate, but can’t be with them romantically since you are already in a romantic relationship…can you take that connection to the next lifetime and be together when both cross over.


June's Answer: I will say, you can. Especially if your intended love soulmate has the same recognition of an energy between you and agrees it is there. In the talk one example I gave of twin flame mates was the actors Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn (if you don't know their history research it). It was obvious to many the great love the two had. But because Tracy was not in the position to commit as we, the public, would have liked it, they didn't.

No doubt they'll come back together to complete that "whole" - two separated twins - need to make one soul.

 Question : It seems like you are saying you can have several soulmates, and at the same time and that soul mates can come and go.  Is that what you are saying?


June's Answer: Yes. As we talked about, all relationships have an importance although there are "those" people who you're strongly pulled to and influence your life in a way you grow up, so to speak. These people from family to friends, and teachers etc help you evolve, be a better person, or even challenge you to look at yourself and how you choose people. This is the karmic tie with soulmates.

Question: Should I or would I definitely know if I’ve met my romantic love?

June's Answer: Perhaps. Sometimes our soul companions/friends can be our life partners in a romantic love relationship but time might be needed to realize that. Remember,I spoke about timing is everything for both to be open to karmically evolve through their relationship.

Then again, that WOW hit when you meet your romantic love is powerful. Again though, take time to get to know the person and know if you are wiling to take up the challenges all love relationships have. 

Question: WHAT'S NEXT JUNE? 

My next Zoom presentation is in March and the topic is, Tragic, Sudden Deaths and How to find Peace within.

I share this talk with my first guest speaker on Zoom With June. She is a Bio-Metaphysical Therapist who has experienced within her close family suicide, fatal tragic death and murder. 

Review my books and work and contact me through  june ahern or sf coaching 


WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LIFE  Over my many years as a psychic reader (now retired) and Certified Hypnotherapist  I've been asked to help peo...