Tuesday, June 7, 2022



I am fortunate enough to be invited to give a presentation at the Winchester Mystery  House in San Jose, California. 

This beautifully structured house is one of Northern California’s premiere attractions, a national and state historic landmark and one of America’s most extraordinary homes. 

The house was once the resident of Sarah Winter, the widow of Willam Winchester, the inventor of the Winchester Reading Arms. The lore is when the widow Sarah Winchester during a psychic reading she was told to build a house to appease the many suffering souls of those who became victims of her husband's gun.

Hence the rumors of hauntings of Sarah that drove her mad causing her to have doors that didn't open, stairs that went no where and many other "unfinished" rooms were constructed. In fact construction went on daily for years. 

These strange additions in the house supposedly were for Mrs. W to flee the hauntings of these spirits.

It's also rumored Mrs. Winchester held seance in the home to connect to the spirits. That could have been but I doubt the spirit communications were to the victim spirits.

June Ahern & Annalisa/Winchester House 2022

In 2022 I was invited along with Annalisa, another psychic medium, to investigate spirit activity, which I have done often in other locations (see The Haunted Bay, Amazon Prime and YouTube). I found the house to yes, have spirit activity, and no, not malignant spirits roaming around at the Winchester House. 

The spirits I encountered are of a different era - seen in a space and time not of the 3 dimensional space of the physical human experience. Let me give you an example:

You're looking through a window at a party going on right outside your house. People are laughing, smoking barbecues are grilling your favorite meal, you can just about smell it!, music is playing and there you are inside the house. You can experience what you see, hear, smell, even a reaction of tasting and an emotional feeling, but you're not OUT in the happenings.

That's a fourth dimensional sensation. A space that exists in your mind beyond the three dimension. 

As a psychic medium I can experience that space and time but I don't physically live it - well, in most cases. That's another topic. 

Mystery vs Mystical

The Winchester House - really a mansion with incredibly awesome furniture, - surrounded by gorgeous gardens and more buildings - is not a mystery to me nor would it be to those who have studied metaphysics, and beyond. 

A mystery: Who dun it? Why was it done? What is it all about?  These questions can lead to a mystical experience if one moves beyond the lore and rumors of the house.

Did you know that that Sarah Pardee Winchester was a FreeMason, Rosicrucian and most likely followed the 19th awakening teachings in the Spiritualism Movement? Within these facts answers the unknown of why Sarah Winchester created "secrets" within the structure.

One way of another when you visit enjoy it all, the sensation, the history and the mystical experience  - if you're ready.

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Thursday, March 24, 2022


 Interview Questions - My Thoughts on tarot card readings, near death experience plus more in this interview with Para Truth Radio, Evergreen Podcast

Like I say in the interview, back when I had my NDE, almost no one talked about it openly or at all.

When did talking opening about these subjects
with greater acceptance begin?  


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Thursday, March 3, 2022


 I do quite a few of podcast interviews and this one had a different approach with not asked before of me, a psychic reader and medium:

Do you believe in God? Same question my mother asked as I swayed away from my religious background. 

I'm sure this has to do with my declaration of not belonging to any one religion although living religiously my spiritual practices - that means daily through prayer, meditation, showing gratitude, being mindful of others respectfully, humans, animals, nature.

If you'd like to listen to the 57 minutes. Do I believe in God? Religious beliefs, spiritual path, and psychic experiences. Your choices:



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Thursday, February 24, 2022



June Ahern, medium and paranormal investigator with the historical series, The Haunted Bay, invited her to the Winchester house for an "interview" for a position as a local medium for the house events and interviews. 

Happily, and with much curiosity, I happily accepted.

The media/marking manager greeted me warmly and with excitement to meet me. The interview sit down included another manager for we three to chat about what they are doing, where I could fit in with the plans and then...

... an opportunity to walk the grounds and go into the house to get a feel for ghosst who continue to linger - and they do! 


Oh yes! I picked up quite a few "spirits", a few already known, some unknown. It was fantastic to be a part of this historical most mystrical space. Rooms in attic where majority don't go, very strong vibes. I will now be on the list for local mediums for special events.

While in one room, I said, above this there's lots of activity. Off we went up the tiny, short stairs to the attic, rooms that were recently discoverd to hold some furniture + YES! a room with a table and chair, the servant quarters - I KNOW there were rituals by servants to prevent ghost invasions.

No confirmation on that but the manager will investigate.

Another attic room brought to tears communicating with a fallen soldier. Learned seances had been held in this room.

How I came to be called to the interview: My book, How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums Ghost Hunts caught the attention of a manager at the site. She contacted me to see if I'd be interested in ghost investigations, seances and interviews from various companies, media TV stations and the likes, who'd wanted a professional medium. 

That would be me, si?

Another great highlight was just being in this most amazing architecturally and historically mansion.

From 1886 to 1922  construction never ceased as the original eight room farmhouse that grew into the world's most unusual and sprawling mansion with 160 rooms, 47 stairways and fireplaces and so many more stairs cases that went no where.

Enjoy learning more at https://www.winchestermysteryhouse.com/sarahs-story/

Learn more about my books, a movie about a murder case I worked on and  myself  at http://www.juneahern.com

Monday, February 7, 2022


I'm ready for interviews. Come Get Me!

I enjoy sharing my many years of experience and education and have been interviewed often on radio, television (People are Talking 1980s), and podcasts (YouTube +) and in articles dating back to the 1980s. 

And do so with  practicality at those things related to parapshyology, paranormal, metaphysics and spirituality and often with a sense of humor.

My talks are "real" - what's up, what's really up and what's not. 

I love to teach and watch students go AHA!!  And continue with Zoom presentations.

Previously (since 1981) have taught The Tarot: ESP Development: Coaching: The Magical Formula to Successful Living and much more. 

Getting to know me: 

I've authored four books: two non-fictions are on parapsychology and paranormal subjects. 

A near death experience led me to unexpected and successful careers as a psychic reader, medium, and paranormal investigator. A movie about a murder case I worked with law enforcement and read in my book “How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, 

Ghost Hunts” is scheduled in 2022. 

After forty plus years I retired from private practice but keep my psychic interests with paranormal investigation seen on Amazon Prime, AsianAmericanMovies.com and YouTube 

with The Haunted Bay Paranormal Investigations documentary series. My book “The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Psychic Reading” was a number one best seller of a new author 

in 1990. 

My next presentation will be on Candle Magic on Zoom. I'm so ready to let readers know 
what it's like living in the world as a psychic medium. Would you like to know about that?

Learn more about me, my books and talks:

June Ahern Websites:  june ahern dot com and sf coaching dot com


Saturday, October 23, 2021



Most people have had some kind of paranormal experience. 

It's usually an occasional ghost or spirit occurrence 

and can be quite unnerving.


I’ve had many ghostly encounters and spirit communication in my over 45 years as a psychic reader and medium and enjoy it except for the truly frightening ones, which is a rare experience for most.

A paranormal occurrence often happens after the death of a loved one. In the quiet of the day some people experience the appearance of an apparition (ghost/spirit) believing it to be a glimpse of the spirit of their departed loved one or told to me the voice of her or him, a scent associated with the person like a particular coffee, pipe tobacco, or perfume.

Others have told me about visits to a particular building or area where they felt “something”, an energy or a creepy or chilling feeling. And yet, does that scary experience keep people away? No.

Some brave the ghost encounters thinking it'll be a whole lot of fun. And can be! Participants on ghost tours giggle their way through it but when an apparition appears giggles stop and shrieks ring out!

Although it can be exciting it also can be hair-raising and even for me, a seasoned medium and ghost buster, heart stopping.  

With regards to my medium work, I think of myself more of a Happy Medium, parting messages of comfort to the living from the dead. That has changed over time.

Several years ago, that changed when I was contacted by a former client, named Ying Lui, asking if I'd be interested in doing a documented film on ghost investigation. 

Ying knew I had the ability to contact spirits. During one of our readings some of her dead relatives came through. Most of their history she knew nothing about. After checking with her living relatives, she learned the messages were accurate. (YouTube's Interview With a Medium)

At first said I said no to her, having recently retired from my private practice to focus on writing another book. Then my interest and need for some spirit contact - I do enjoy communicating with the dead often more than the living - drove my curiosity.

The first offer I declined because of the investigation site where the Zodiac murders took place and not wanting to be involved with places reported to be inhabited by malicious spirits or with horrific history such as these sites. 

Ying then offered an agreeable San Francisco infamous business I liked thus a whole uncharted paranormal dang! scary entity encounters startred for me and I became part of an investigation team of The Haunted Bay Paranormal Investigations seen on YouTube, Amazon Prime and Asian American Movies website.

Adding to my knowledge and experienced  of what to do when you encounter frightening enmities I now share some with you.

Words from a Seasoned Medium: When encountering not so chummy ghosts/spirits my advice is, 1) don't let your imagination run wild, check your emotions, calm down. 2) experience from afar, meaning seeing, hearing, and feeling through a buffer, like looking through a window but not involved. 3) don't engage or at least for long by communicating with the entity; no chummy conversation. They say anything to appear needy, friendly.  4) never give permission for a ghost/spirit to physically touch you. You don't want to carry that energy home, do you? 5) After your encounter cleanse your energy: cleanse with a smudge stick, say make a positive statement that you are protected and safe from negative entities. 

Read more self-protection in my book, "How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts."

along with my encounters and how to manage spirit communication and dark entity encounters.

Purchase an autographed paperback through my website with and enjoy a special gift of a spirit message available only when buying directly from me (limited offer ends 12/31/2021). Contact through june ahern website. Or, purchase on Amazon, Smashwords, local bookstore. 

Links to my scarier Haunted Bay ghost encounters:

Great Star Theatre investigationAn historical Chinese theatre, Chinatown, San Francisco -  WOW, frightening.  The ghost activity in this building has been experienced over the years by many; employees, owners, theater goers. Not seen on this video is when a malicious spirit punched me in the back.

Defenestration BuildingHistorical South of Market San Francisco building last occupants were artists, but the site itself goes back to the 1906 infamous Earthquake with the greatest toll of deaths. The building was demolished shortly after the 2014 investigation. Inside, it was spooky being in ruin with pigeons flying around and plenty of ghostly habitants,  but about 25 minutes into the video I got the willies - let's get outta here!   

Warehouse Investigation: There's been a few more creepy sites with The Haunted Bay although none like the investigation (not available yet) in a warehouse full of low-grade vampire entities running rampant where evil things took place. Workers validated many paranormal occurrences in the warehouse at different times in various rooms.

Have a fun spooky Hallowe'en time! Join me in the magical, mystical history of this sacred time of year in my once-a-year special event: Halloween Gala Celebration and Rituals on 10/30/21 4 PM PST (West Coast USA) on-line storytelling of it with a wonderful guided meditation to connect with spirits of your departed loved ones. Sign-up through june ahern dot com or sfcoaching

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Sunday, August 29, 2021



Over my many years as a psychic reader (now retired) and Certified Hypnotherapist 
I've been asked to help people discover and connect with another life time for various 
reasons - understand a certain relationship, heal an ailment, shed light on repeated 
images of certain times of history - many reasons to explore reincarnation.

 "The soul comes from without into the human body, as into a temporary abode, and 
it goes out of it anew… it passes into other habitations, for the soul is immortal." 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson Transcendentalist Writer and Speaker 

There's much to read about reincarnation, which has its roots in ancient Hindu philosophy 
and has influenced many a great Western mind but it's not my purpose to go into past lives, rather to move forward into a future life - your next life time.  

"It is not more surprising to be born twice than once." -  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 
poet, dramatist, director, novelist, scientist, critic, artist and statesman 

If you subscribe to the belief that you've lived before, then you understand you shall 
live again. Most likely not the same physically, emotionally, mentally as you are now or
one  can hope, a better you.

What will your new life be like? How will you look? Who will be in your life? Anyone 
from the present time? 

Will you come back into a male or female body? 

Where will you live on Earth? If not, Earth, what galaxy?

What will your purpose be to come back? Finish karma? In the present life, are you doing 
that now?  

How are you preparing for your next incarnation?

Create new karma? What and why? What will you purpose be in a new life? What is it 

It might be time for you to think and/or reflect a bit about your future life. 

"I hold that when a person dies / His soul returns again to earth; / Arrayed in some 
new flesh disguise / Another mother gives him birth / With sturdier limbs and brighter 
brain." -  - John Masefield, poet, writer, and Poet Laureate from 1930 until 1967. 

Now, I know quite a few say, "Oh, I'm not returning." 


You've learned the lessons of being "whole"?  

The complete spiritual values of compassion, patience, faith, hope and charity to 
those different than you?  

You are a mystic understanding the human race without prejudice or judgement? 

You're fully in-tuned to nature  - wholly as an integral part of it with no sense of 

Then good!! You've passed centuries of learning, completing karma, and can now 
go "home". Otherwise, I'll see you back on Earth.

 "The soul is not the body and it may be in one body or in another, and pass from 
body to body." Giordano Bruno, Scientist and Philosopher

In my upcoming on-line presentation (9/23/21) you'll contemplate the answers to 
the above questions and then prepare to envision a future life. 

For info on that on-line Zoom talk at 6 PM PST contact me at june @ sf coaching dot com

Please check out my books at my site  june ahern


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