Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Carefully guard your thoughts because they are the  source of life            Proverbs 4:23


Thought Transference/ Telepathic Messages  

with June Ahern

Join me for this interesting free talk and fun telepathic exercises to expand your telepathic skills. Plus learn about your abilities with my ESP Quiz 

Saturday, April 27, 2019
1:30 PM - doors open 1 p.m.
Cultural Integration Fellowship Center
2650 Fulton , San Francisco, CA 94118

Are you the originator of thoughts or part of a group thought 
transference? Do you act on a thought or feeling to help another before asked? Does it seem people fulfill your mental hopes, needs, or goals before you express them? We transfer thoughts daily whether we are aware of it or not. Our thoughts are the mental language of what and how we think. Telepathic messages or mental communication can occur between people, pets, a Divine Source and even those who have passed. We will discuss the principles of clear thought projection and how to know when you receive or send telepathic messages. 

Featured Speaker:June Ahern  interest and study of metaphysics and parapsychology has encouraged her to write and teach the benefits of expanding the unconscious mind to conscious applications. June is the author of four books and is featured in several The Haunted Bay Paranormal Investigation videos. See June Ahern dot com for more.

About the Golden Gate Atrium:
We hold a monthly public presentation on mystical or metaphysical topics as a public service. The topics and speakers vary and no previous knowledge or experience is required. Just bring an open mind and heart.

The Golden Gate Atrium Group doesn't charge for admission. We operate under the law of AMRA. You may give as your heart and mind direct you.

The Golden Gate Atrium Group of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC is a 501c3 Educational Nonprofit.

1:00PM - Doors Open
1:30PM - Public Presentation
• Celestial Sanctum Guided Meditation
• Followed by presentation

Tuesday, April 2, 2019



 The boundaries, which divide Life from Death are at 

best shadowy and vague. 

Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?

 Edgar Allen Poe

Do I think children and younger teens should participate in a seance? "No" and not because the younger ones don't or can't communicate with the spirits of the dead, but because they are so very sensitive to all surrounding them and are strongly emotional, innocent and naive. This is not saying some adults aren't also, but young people have such an open energy that negative, low-grade spirits are easily attracted to them just as they are to old, the ill and weak, the gullible, and the overly emotional persons who can’t protect their energy. 

I do believe younger people's psychic impressions and experiences shouldn't be ignored or denied. When I gaveKids'  ESP classes they were so open and trusting and very ready to tell their experiences. Listening, agreeing and guiding them to practical understanding was a lovely time.

I've years of experience and education with psychic phenomena and know first hand how wonderful spirit communication can be and at the same time, know how dangerous certain situations can be. 

When on a ghost investigation or ghostly hunt people often bring"very aware" children. Here I say "maybe, depends on the kid and location."  If it's an easy ghost walk or a daytime ghost event, that's okay. 

My ten year old son and I took one in London on a rainy night which began in a graveyard then moved around the streets with one stop in a basement of a pub where an old jail cell was. He was super tired and not all that impressed. Before we went I created a safety circle energy around both of us so neither would be bothered or bring home an attachment (also discussed in my book.)  I've never been on a ghost hunt that does this. 

Bottom line: Kids can be so impressionable that afterwards can have nightmares and attract unwanted spirits and ghosts taking them home. So, think before going with your kids.

Below is one of many the questions from the curious living answered in in my book How To Talk With Spirits: Mediums, Seances, Ghost Hunts available at all major bookselling sites and stores.

Q: My teen daughter is very interested in communicating with spirits. Is it wise to let her go to a séance with me? Read my thoughts in previous responses about young people and spirit communication. I wouldn’t encourage people under eighteen to take part in a séance. 

They “spook” too easily, are highly emotional and quite imaginative. Not that the same can’t happen with adults. The most important reason is young people can attract pesky spirits––like poltergeists. Children can and do see spirits and ghosts more easily than most adults. I have a grandson, eight years old at the time of publication showing signs for being a gifted psychic with a strong tendency toward spirit communication. I advised him, “If you’re going to continue to communicate with the dead you mustn’t be frightened by them” as he is at times. We work together to understand the different energies and spirits and how to manage the types of communication he is age ready to experience. His is a rare situation with a grandmother who can guide.

Without knowing your daughter, I would recommend a private session with a reputable medium, but not a séance at this time. Also, if she's interested in psychic development and perhaps has already shown ESP abilities there are schools and books to teach you to develop and use your ESP positively. I can confidently recommend Litany Burn’s Your Psychic Abilities, and for children,The Sixth Sense of Children. I found both helpful when teaching ESP classes. If not these book I’m sure your search for a learning source will take you to the one best for you interest.

Check out more about me, my ghost investigation video YouTube, and my books at www. june ahern dot com.   My books are available on all major bookselling sites and from me.