Thursday, September 18, 2014


Those who followed my writings know my novels settings are in two places, Glasgow, Scotland and San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Both places are close to my heart and life experiences: I was born in Glasgow emigrated in mid-fifties to San Francisco's neighborhood called Eureka Valley, now known to many as the Castro.

Although I became an American citizen in 1962, I grew up in a very traditional Scottish household. Thus I am of both nations. Many stories I heard about "back home" and songs learned, like "Murder, Murder Polis", came past down from parents and our Scottish friends. They were about growing up in Glasgow such as the difficulties Catholics had in the job market, and about my faither's (father) work at the shipyards on the River Clyde, WWII - running at night with an infant and toddler to a bomb shelter, and the happier times of holidays at Ayr with a graveyard as the backyard of the place we stayed. I remember jumping from gravestone to gravestone that laid long on the ground. We spoke differently with words like pokeyhat (ice cream cone) and wee backle  (a small disheveled person) were spoken. To this day I am more comfortable with some pronunciations of words than in the West Coast U.S. way of speaking.

I learned that the English were sassenachs and not well liked in Scotland by many. After all, when taking over the highlands of Scotland they had turned out women and children in the dead of winter to starve and freeze to death  That time was called, The Highland Clearance.

The English wanted the land for sheep grazing, not for inhabitants who had lived there for hundreds of years. Further more they took the traditions and honor of the inhabitants by banning the wearing of the kilt (the highlanders colors), forbidding the bagpipes and Gaelic. 

So much trite in such a small country and so much of the discord supported by the conquers through religious division as read in my novel, "The Skye in June".

Is it time for the Scots to have their country back as the Irish have done in the south of of that country?

Tomorrow 9/19/14 we'll learn if Scotland will separated from England. A country that opposed and repressed Scottish people for hundreds of years.

John Oliver's satirical video says it all

In my novel, The Skye in June,  the answer to the family's unhappiness will be found when they learn the secret connection to the Isle of Skye. You will also enjoy learning
Scottish words, and customs. Same as in my novel, City of Redemption while you dig the San Francisco groovy scene from 1967 - The Summer of Love.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Going to a psychic reading unprepared is like going on a road trip with no thought of where you're going or why. 
Hop in the car just drive where? North? South? East? West? 
And then stop to ask for directions. When asked, "Where are you going?" you reply, "Don't know. You tell me."
You keep control of where you are going, what you want from a psychic reading. 

BE PREPARED BEFORE you go to your reading for the best results. 
Even before you chose a reader (book will explain why), write down questions to ask the reader by first asking yourself, why do you want a reading? Is it clarity about a relationship? Future visions from her or him about a job? Health, do you want a reader to look at your aura and see if there is a health issue?
What kind of information will be most helpful to you? 
Once you have your questions written down, look them over to prioritize (no doubt you will have a set time for the reading.)
What are your top three questions at the present time? 
The day of the reading, are they still the top 3? 
Those are just some examples to get the most from a psychic -  - your money's worth that is!
My great consumer's guide The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading gives you what you need to know to get the most from psychic reading, the different types of psychic readings and much, much more!
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

To Hell in a Handbasket? FREE KINDLE NOVEL

 The Skye in June, a novel, is about June MacDonald, a redhaired Scottish immigrant child with vision and her mother Cathy MacDonald.

June is told by her father that she, along with her sister, is going to hell in a handbasket. The immigrant family struggles in their new country and leave behind their tragedies with a new life in the famous city, San Francisco

The Skye in June Free Until 9/10/14  Free Kindle.   

San Francisco's history on Castro Street included while you enjoy a good story and learn Scottish words. Read a review of what you can expect in this previous blog by a once native San Franciscan

More about the story and me, the author at june ahern  See my Youtube Walk with a Medium ghostly hunts - follow link on website.


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Called family, friends, and neighbors to do a reading of my screenplay, City of Redemption by June Ahern from the novel of same title.

Lots of fun with a jerky start, totally amateurs at play - except for our star reader, Shannon Briesach, the only real actor who suffered and laughed along with us.

In this Youtube video of Liz MacKay meets her new family or as she calls it her "Odd Family" - the commune she is now in.

With a table top read screenplays come to life and what isn't working is heard and seen, what is working drives the ambition on to see the story on screen. This screenplay was also read by "real" actors in Hollywood around the same time. Their videos didn't work out. But they LOVED the characters and storyline.

City of Redemption takes place in two locations, Glasgow, Scotland and San Francisco, California 1967 - Summer of Love. The screenplay is focused on San Francisco. It is about a lonely young woman seeking an opportunity for a new life after her young son is kidnapped and murdered and she had a role in that. For more about the story go to my website june ahern dot com

Matchboxes were used for more than matches in the 1960's What else were they used for? Excerpt from novel at end of blog.

If ebook is your trip...trip out! Found on

Thanks for checking in! See you at the screening  - someday, right? 

Excerpt City of Redemption Liz and Cat where adorable space-out  Cat sells matchboxes.

"A radio played in the background. A man’s deep radio voice was giving the news “Guardsmen were called out to aid police in Detroit's racial violence. Now a word from our sponsor.” A male voice sings the Brylcreem jingle,

Cat plunked down on a chair and picked up the plastic bag of grass. She opened the bag and stuffed some marijuana into a matchbox. “A little dab will do ya. Use more only if you dare,” she sang along with the Brylcreem jingle.
“What’s with the wee matchboxes?” asked Liz.
“I sell them at the high schools. You know the kids don’t got much money so Ricky makes it easy for them.”