Friday, September 6, 2013

City of Redemption Dudes _ HELP!

City of Redemption - 1967 Summer of Love mystery novel and screenplay has some really cool young dudes - even Ricky the Rat and Chaz the ruthless undercover cop are manly men! Drugs, lies, betrayal, Black Panthers and great music. Read more about it at www. june ahern dot com

 Let me know if you suggest another actor or which ones below you like best.

Sam, seen in the very beginning, aged and sick, is not the '67 Sam. -  a handsome 27 year-old Vietnam Vet with the gait of an athlete is the 1967 hippie complete with John Lemon glasses.  The yoga practitioner observes the family with a mellow attitude that hides his lies. I chose actors to the left  Garrett Hedlund - or below Paul Walker. What do you think? Who'd you suggest?


RICKY MARTINEZ  - a dangerously handsome 23 year-old Latino neighborhood drug dealer and womanizer: Ricky strokes his slicked-back hair, mustache and divides his goatee it in the middle, smoothing it back with his "Ricky-knows-you-want-him" smile. His commune family doesn’t know he’s more to him....  side by side my choices - really need a hot Latino actor 25 - 30?

Next posting will be Mason, the gay hairdresser, Bobby, Toni's Black Panther boyfriend and Chaz, the undercover cop who's been under too long.