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In San Francisco's newspaper, The Chronicle renowned columnist, Herb Caen, coined the term Baghdad-by-the-Bay for San Francisco's exotic multicultural, multi-crazy citizens in my city.

I hear some natives who have long moved away from the city, talk about how it's not like it used to be!

That is true because the city on the bay is a place of constant change -- people sail in, sail out and the beat goes on.

My novels, The Skye in June and City of Redemption, set in this interesting city tell of times gone past. What hasn't changed are the hills the characters climb up and down, in and out of shops nestled the valleys as fog lingers nearby. The history.
Mission Dolores, Dolores Street, SF

A visit to Playland (no longer there but most remembered) to listen to the hysterical Laughing Sal (now seen at Santa Cruz boardwalk) is a reminder of an amusement park that remains in many memories.

A writer can't tell a story about San Francisco without taking readers on a cable car ride with a clang, clang of bells and end  at Woolworth's store on Market. 

The city is full of history of unsavory characters and wild happenings. When the bloom of Summer of Love, 1967 in the Haight Ashbury paled, the squalor was left for those who called San Francisco home.

Some of the older generations cried, "them dam hippies!" - and then strangers ones came; The Castro grew new life, different kinds of people, ones like the home-grown city people never saw.  Did the world end? Did the city crumble? No. Baghdad-by-the Bay stories flew far and wide. The beat went on. And will.

Memories continue to be made, changes never cease. Like it or not. Like San Francisco, my stories, my books about the city will be around for a long, long time, long after I pass on to the big party in the sky. Readers will know what life was like back in the day - they will will know a bit more about my city - my Baghad-by-the-Bay.

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Just a everyday normal person who happens to talk to dead people, see others' past, present and future events and enjoy casting a normal witch spell on occasion. 

Since October ('12) I've been studying "The Seven Spiritual Laws to Success: A Pratical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams" by Deepak Chopra.  It's a rather small book, only 115 pages. 

Each sentence, sometimes even a word stops me; I reflect, remember and imagine myself in a situation where I rise above judgement, blame and need of approval from others. Easy to say, not always so easy to practice, to be. It can be simple and easy to say, "Gee, look at that one!" just because that person might not be attired or coiffed as I might. Blame, them dam Yankees! when my baseball team loses to them. If the Yankees weren't so dam good, my team would have won. The book advises not to allow the approval or disapproval of others to affect your goals or intentions. To be with those who support and encourage them. Indeed! Easy to say, but when your work, your creations, your actions are judged, it smarts!

The approval of others, oh how many times have I said, "I don't care what they think!" whereas indeed I do care. It was difficult to come to that admittance. I admit, when something nasty is said to or about me, it hurts. I wonder why I was so harshly judged or unfairly blamed. I do care when I'm attacked - or feel attacked. I'm just a normal feeling human being - a normal witch, a normal psychic. I fail, I judge, I blame and I get hurt. From this book I'm learning to pay attention to how I might be giving as I am receiving. Like in magic, returned to me 3x times whatever I put out there.

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