Thursday, December 13, 2007


Can you find the witch in the crowd? Oh she's there! 

It's not easy to be "out" or accepted as a witch in our society. Usually not even in one's own family, and certainly not with majority, if not all religions other than the Goddess religion.

But!! I have found being a witch and saying I am is good for me.

Oh how fun to be a witch! Free to dance naked under the moon. Free to let the ripe (old) breasts swing in the wind and not have shame! Free to dance with women who have one breast or no breasts, and we all laugh at our craziness. Free to say, "You're beautiful," to each other and mean it.

Free to commune with nature and talk to the plants and animals, thank the sun, ocean, stars and planets. To feel magic all around.

How loving to be a witch! I'm married to a man (not a witch) who accepts me as a witch, wife,  friend, and lover. My husband is proud to have his witchy woman crazy with her freedom to express her sexuality, her uniqueness, magic, and of believing in him, in self, in creation of life.

Dressing for success and magic: This witch enjoys her witchy clothes when creating magic and days of old stable jeans and t-shirt then a clean-up for downtown to teach a class or meet a client. No matter the clothing everywhere I go and every way I dress magic is created.

Ahhhh, the freedom to be a witchy goddesses.

Witches come in many shapes and forms, professions and locations. I have often heard people think witches gathered in unholy places, like those big cities where all the crazies go. Not true. I've heard from "lone" witches practices in the security of their country or burby homes at night so their neighbors won't judge or gossip about them.

To be a witch is to be in touch with the power of co-creating a life of peace and joy.

Are there "bad" witches? Yes, just like negative, cruel, and user type people there can be those who practice witchcraft to use it to manipulate and bring chaos. I have seldom met those kinds of witches.

My coven of mostly blood family members create a good life. They pray, just in a different way - caste spells. The love. They pay their taxes and could even be working right alongside of you.

What do you think of that?

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