Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn Time Predictions

photo by Jennie Yuen

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Autumn a time when night comes quickly and the cold lingers longer – time to think and dream, time for soups, hot teas and memories of the summer days gone past. A time of remembering those that have passed away from our lives as the leaves drop from the trees to the earth – as one. A time of celebration of the bounty we have, of the love we share and the caring we give and get! No matter how small you think your blessings are, be thankful for each one. Blessed be.

Stirring up the waters of life in my cauldron these autumn visions were revealed to me: (read the sign you're born under & your rising one, if you know it.)

LIBRA: Energy is sparked by opportunities brought to light through your recent travels, studies and chance meetings. Expect communications of like-minded others business and personal. Ask questions; be sure your agenda is on their agendas. Listen, learn and lead. Ooze your charm and glory to the beauty of the Libra! Art of all kind stimulates a desire to be into the fullness of autumn.

SCORPIO: Summer relationships were fun but exhausting of your delicate nervous system. Take control now and days off from the constant needy people. A wise teacher comes into your life. Brew some tea, sit and chat and open up (it really won’t hurt) – color time change in the wardrobe – yes closet clearing time. Freshen up, loosen up and live it up! It’s all about the laughs - your four L’s – what other “L” word comes to mind?

SAGITTARIUS: Whiny away, who cares? Tossing your head with ideas but the hooves can’t get off the ground to success? Oh my, a trainer can set you on the right path if you’d only LISTEN once in a while, dear hotheaded friend. Take your fire and turn it down a notch, you are well love, well like and respected. Get a hug; give hug and merry meet with friends. Go to new places, see new wonders and get a new attitude. It’s all about the NEW YOU. Art by Jennie Yuen

CAPRICORN: Which way she (he) go? Two steps forward, one to the left, back up, now you’re in deep -. Yes, the “C” word will come up as you smile and agree with others, they’ll want you to stay, be a part of and oh no! Lead the way. More things to do, but who can do it better? It’s okay to be needed. You have the ability to be in control, get things centered and grounded and know you saved the day. Accept the adulations gracefully.

AQUARIUS: There is no then; it’s all about now, in the moment. All year patience has been the key word and the tilt toward –BUST A MOVE – is on the horizon. Better spruce up the wardrobe – ask a Libra about colors and styles. Chat it up, accept the challenges of new relationships while deciding which ones fit and also which old relationships can go into the recycling bin – it’s okay other people will pick them up. The spin is in movement and you are stepping into it.

PISCES: Bigger, stronger, better if you ate your spinach that is. (Read my spring and summer predictions for spinach advice) This has been a powerful year for you little fishy’ez – it was a step-up and be counted at the head of the line. Tough decisions had to be made as your focus was on what is best for you and not for everyone else. The waters as smoother this autumn as you flow into a restful dreamy state, dancing under the moon, falling in love with even just being in love with life. Take a gamble, your lucky number and day is now.

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ARIES: Stop holding your breath – jump – it’s okay you’ll survive. Strict regime didn’t kill the Spartans and it won’t kill you. Others hold the lead line right now as you move up the line toward the truth of self. The constraints of others rules can either give you a headache or give you exactly what you need to flourish. Warm nights by the fire, speaking slowly and thoughtfully and counting that somebody, besides yourself, sees clearly the truth of your heart is what your soul is searching for. Be still, be silent and dream big.

TAURUS: What can I say other than; you were right, life is a field of daisies. Sorting it out, figuring where everything goes, setting down the rules, pushing the crumbs off the table and sweeping it up – plans come together. Don’t rush the process. If you don’t have a calendar, get one. Schedules are important to keep on track. You do work well alone so keep busy bodies at bay. You know what you are doing. Still, when you need assistance, accept it. Come late December your gifts will be plenty.

GEMINI: Frazzled yet? Yes. No denying the Gemini’s are in many directions naturally but you’ve overdone it and really are rather scattered, would you not agree? A much needed rest time is upon you and hey! Listen you can still have a good holiday cheer. Be a monk, a silent nun, an alone traveler, step away from others energy to the best of your ability. Smile but offer no words of the wise, help a friend but wear a watch and say adios early. Your energy can be renewed and great ideas, professional changes and personal relationships fall into place my mid-November or I’m your Uncles’ monkey!

CANCER: Why? Why? And more why? Listening to good advice is not easy when you pull into your shell and cover it with sand. The cool days and long nights are perfect for you to fix what you ignored during the summer time if you’re smart. Come into the moon beams, spread opened your arms and let in the light of the night sun. Remember that class (course or learning time) you took four years ago? It holds an answer for you progressing professionally at this time. Personally – a bit too demanding of others leaves the crabby girl or boy floating between stubborn digging in the claws or wishy-washy boo-hoo I’m hurt. They’re not listening. Wipe off the sand and dry up the tears and present a reasonable solution and/or plan. They will move on with you in a supportive way. You are so charming almost Libra like.

LEO: Giggle, giggle, toss the mane, and twitch your whiskers. You’re back in your glory whatever that means to you. You are in the center, the limelight, the see I told you smugness. All eyes are on you but hopefully you don’t get so caught up in it you forget the many invitations to social events. Balance big cats – the “My audience awaits me” with “I need ME time.” It’s great that you are being acknowledged but there could be some real needy traps there. Love is diffidently in your corner, at your doorsteps and even popping out of the closet. Wear the autumn colors, hold a séance, have a Halloween party – it’s LEO PARTY TIME!

VIRGO: You have much to offer, wisdom, loyalty, organization and what else? Dig into your gold chest and bring forth new ideas as you continue to grow spiritually and with grace attract a better group of people (this includes long-time relationships improving.) This is a simple quiet time that is also very powerful. Your intuition is soaring. Check your dreams for important messages and clues to upcoming events. An old lover wants to set it straight, rekindle the relationship and/or apologize for not recognizing your importance in his or her life. Don’t hold grudges; don’t jump back into it but just listen and say, “Thank” or “I’ll get back to you.” Patience my earthy being. The seeds are only beginning to sprout for you. New Year’s Eve will blast away the past and you truly will begin a new adventure.


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Monday, September 20, 2010

Autumn Moon Walker

I love the changing of seasons and Autumn is my very favorite time of year. The nights grow longer, giving me more time to snuggle in bed, enjoy a warm fire and silly as it might sound, take a walk in the night time. When I walk around and see lights on in houses I imagine the lives of the people inside them. Are you sitting happily around a dinning room table exchanging life stories, tales of adventurous vacations? The smells in the air of firewood burning and the increasing crispness of the air surrounding me helps my steps to quicken, rounding the corner I look forward to being home, a cuppa (tea) and my unfinished novel. Pulling my coat tighter I move along the street, passed a barking dog and step back as a cat skids in front of me. The cool night gives way to a clear sky where a gibbous moon promises to round out in a week. An autumn full moon - a boasting light in a black sky. And of course there's Halloween on the horizon. Yipee.

In my novel,The Skye in June, my main character, June crawls out her bedroom window at midnight to dance with the moon on a starry night.