Thursday, October 3, 2013


                               The Timeless Counselor
           The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading
"I have been inspired by June’s ability to awaken the awareness of many people and to train them to use their metaphysical gifts productively. Her readings and classes allowed me to recognize my own gifts and taught me how to utilize them effectively. Now I successfully do reading and healing for others. June is a loving and knowledgeable person. We could all benefit through the information she shares with us." – Rusty Dennis, mother of Rocky whose story was portrayed in the movie, Mask

The best consumer's guide ebook to learn how to get the most from a psychic reading. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW about psychic readings and psychic readers. Where do they belong in today's society? What do you ask them?  How do you find a good one?

Check it out - the latest edition w/ ESP Quiz. - available until 10/5 -13

search June Ahern books. Enjoy! Learn! Let me know what you scored on the quiz.

More on this book and my two novels, The Skye in June and City of Redemption as well as my latest non-fiction How to Talk With Spirits: Mediums, Seances, Ghost Hunts  june ahern dot com. Also available on book selling sites +