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Know what you're getting into when 

seeking advice from a psychic reader.

 In my book, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Psychic Reading learn to chose a psychic reader to match your interests and your satisfaction to the outcome of the session.  

Excerpt from "Timeless": 
The very best way to find an ethical and competent professional reader is through a recommendation from someone you know who has had a good experience with one. That way you have information beforehand about the reader, method, cost, etc. 

Many people have had readings and perhaps you know someone who has, but if not, approach the subject with someone you know is opened-minded.  Once the topic is out in the open, you may be surprised to learn how many people have some knowledge of metaphysics and have received a reading at some time in their lives.  If that is not successful, or you feel a reading is a private matter and would rather do your own search, metaphysical bookstores can be a good place to inquire about local readers. The store clerk might recommend one, or a reader might be on the premises. If a reader is available, meet before the reading to see if you feel comfortable with her, or if this is not possible, ask for information about her before deciding to have a session. If there is no reader in the store, inquire about a local metaphysical educational center where readings are conducted. Some centers have psychic fairs.
Psychic fairs can give you the opportunity to view readers at work. The fairs are usually held in a large hall or room with readers placed individually at their own tables. A name card and price list is on the table. Walk around and after examination of everything you see, go to the reader to whom you are most drawn (TO BE CONT'D in book)

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Excerpt from my eBook, 

The Timeless Counselor: 

The Best Guide to a Psychic Reading 


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THE FOLLOWING VIEWPOINTS are based upon my personal experiences as a former Catholic and later, after years of studying theology, religion, cultures, and as a Rosicrucian and neo-paganism. 
In this chapter I will discuss how many Christian as well as some other religions over all, do not view readers or readings in a positive light, useful or helpful. Although in Judaism there is a respect for the mystic, most Western Christian faiths are not in favor of psychic or healers (outside their own religious healers). It is not my purpose or intention to condemn religions or sway anyone’s opinion or change religious beliefs.
In the early 1980’s I was introduced to witchcraft and the Goddess spiritual path. I found a natural interest and satisfaction for it. At that time I was also still a practicing Catholic. In the mid-1990’s, after years of interest in the Rosicrucian studies,  I joined that study. Rosicrucian is not a religion but rather a scientific and metaphysical study. With the combination of both Rosicrucian studies, witchcraft and following the nature based Goddess path, I felt a spiritual completion of my spirit that I never experienced before.
Many times I have often encountered controversy regarding my psychic philosophy and work. Readings need not be in opposition or competition with any religious philosophy. A spiritual and ethical reader presents information that might indeed enhance one’s spiritual life or renew one’s faith. In the past, the Catholic Church (not the later Christian faiths) was much more understanding and lenient with the old religious practices and psychic consultants for a period of time. Up until and around the twelve century royalty sought the advice of astrologers and seers without the interference of the Catholic clergy.
Again, my purpose with this chapter is not to debate or discuss historical facts about particular religions, but rather to address and hopefully dispel the misconceptions and superstitions that too many religions have about readers and readings. I will also share experiences of some clients who have consulted with me regarding their spirituality and how their religion weaved into the reading.
For the most part, readers have been grouped together as false prophets, or sometimes as evildoers, and/or Satan worshippers. People have been warned against consulting them with the belief a dependency will occur and/or that they control lives through magic (spells) or mind control. This could be true in some rare occurrence, but is definitely not true of the majority of readers.
It has been said that psychic tools are the works of the Devil and this too is another misunderstanding. It has been thought by some religious leaders people will rely too much on the psychic tools and as I have said in previous chapters, there are querents who do not understand how the tools (see chapter on Tools) are instruments to help readers perform their job. Some religions fear that readers claim to have all the answers or will sway people to a different religion or belief – usually to the dark side.
Some religions foster a dependency of their congregates by encouraging them to find all their answers within only their religion. And depending upon the dogmas and teachings of religions and more often than not, the congregation is taught that it is the cleric who is the “go-between” to God. One could say, it’s for the better of the follower and I say, is it truly teaching a person to grow spiritually or taking a role as a “father” and not allowing for a person to rely upon reason and their own conscious?
I wonder if religious leaders fear a reader will teach a person to stretch beyond dependency of another human being to connect to God, Allah, Goddess, or Buddha (naming a few deities) and know for her or his self spiritual truths. I truly do not know. What I do know is that when any person becomes overly dependent on another for all answers to life and including emotional and spiritual growth, rather than making a personal connection to her or his Divine Being, the person’s intellectual and spiritual advancement is thwarted. It has been my experience, and I have much experiences over my forty years having read for thousands, that people are confused or not comfortable realizing they, through their connected to God or a Divine Being, create their own life experiences and spiritual advancement without the necessity of a go-between. My solution is education. Therefore, spiritual leaders are truly teachers. People need to be encouraged and taught to follow their inner wisdom rather than to overly depend upon another to tell her or him if he or she is doing good or bad. Let’s face it, when we’re not being charitable, compassionate or helpful, we know it at some level. This is not God-like, is it? People should be held responsible for what they bring or create into their lives within reason. By that I mean, a destructive force, like a hurricane brings an end of life. That is a force outside greater than human understanding of why it happened to a person. Is it God’s will or karma or is it, what it is and now what? It is my belief and experience that an ethical and educated reader can be one of the sources to educate and guide a person to a better life as a cleric can.
In my Catholic training we were taught to pray daily and connect with God, but to know that God wasn’t always available for our problem or needs so we were taught to go through another such as Mary, God’s mother, Jesus or the saints. I have no qualms about that, but I wasn’t taught meditation. Prayers are talking and meditation is listening. Meditation takes one quickly and beautifully right to the Light of God. As I’ve said before, the majority of readers spend time in meditation and certainly before giving a reading.
Jesus Christ, Himself, speaks to us of using the power within. He, Himself, possessed super normal powers. He healed, prophesied, appeared after death and was considered a God although He was a human, albeit a great one like Buddha and Mohammad. Similar to these great spiritual beings there could be other humans who possess gifts and abilities and are divinely inspired by a Higher Power. This is not to say that I am comparing readers to Jesus Christ nor the other great spiritual teachers. What I am saying is, readers who posses a very special gift of seeing and knowing the spirit of another (like an advanced psychic or a mystic) can be a wonderful source to inspire people to live more spiritual lives just as do religious leaders.
We readers have our own individual spiritual philosophies and practices. We are in majority, not Satanist or Rasputins. We are spiritual students, if not religious people. I have met Catholic and Protestants readers, readers who practice Buddhism, Wicca, paganism and those who have no affiliations with a religion but live spiritually each and every day. All that I have encountered believe in a Higher Power (God, Goddess, The White Light, etc.)
I was raised as a Catholic and practiced it up into my early forties until I came to terms with my conscience that Catholicism was not the right spiritual path for me. With my constant study of parapsychology, occultism, Eastern and Western religions and other spiritual philosophies, I came to a spiritual practice that I am at peace with and enjoy thoroughly. In fact, I now have a greater faith in my abilities and life purpose as a reader and teacher. I am sharing any knowledge that can lead another to greater awareness of her or his spirituality.
For some who have had a Christian or another cultural religious upbringing, there is a feeling of spiritual emptiness. They do not feel connected to their God and seek to understand the purpose of life. A client of mine named Joe is a good example of a person who had been very involved with his Christian religion since childhood. He had once entered his Church’s ministry training program, but felt unfulfilled. Although he fervently prayed for answers to family problems, none came and over time, he lost faith.

During our first meeting I saw his “aura” darkened with illness and depression. There were many emotional and mental reasons of his state steaming from his spiritual state. His brother, Harvey who had been an alcoholic for years, continued to live in his parent’s home and when under the influence of alcohol, he was verbally and emotionally abusive to his parents, his sister and to Joe. This is when Joe began to experience a sense of “aloneness” – apart from God. Throughout the years Joe had fallen away from his religion, especially after the death of his mother. He had grown distant from his father and was suffering from an ulcer and a skin disease related to a nervous condition. Joe felt “at the end of his rope.” He had lost all faith in a future. I saw that encouragement would come through a large group of people. I could see that he had a loving relationship with his mother. In a psychic vision I saw her handing him a string of beads, which would lead him back to his religion. I also saw that his renewed faith and participation in his religion would bring him the peace of mind he needed to make good decisions for his future. (CONT'D) 

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