Monday, April 30, 2012

Spooky Old Haunted Castle Fun

Haunted House: the words always catch my interest. Let's go and "feel" it out.  Hubby took me on a date to a haunted castle.  Check it out
 I've done a lot of ghost busting and many seances over the years - sometimes fun but alas usually more sad for those seeking news from the departed. I've worked with the police on missing people (and a child) and that communication is no longer for me.  I can and do decide the spirit and entity coming through. I've been where I won't return too as the energy is too dark. 
     The castle tour though was a fun treat!  It is Pacifia's historical McCloseky also known as Sam's Castle. In one room I felt a presence. But with the many visitors and staff, it wasn't easy to be with the spirits. The spirit I picked up most clearly, I later learned, had been sighted there. 
    There many docents waiting to impart glory and tittering details of the castle's extensive history.  At the gate visitors are greeted by a kiltie (man in a fine kilt) with a most beautiful Irish wolfhound. Before entering a small bit of what to expect is given.
     Built in 1908 by Irish immigrant, Henry Harrison McCloseky, for his Scottish born wife after the San Francisco earthquake destroyed their city home. The wife wanted to return to her childhood castle home in Scotland hence the castle in Pacifica to keep her happy.Then Pacifica was way out in the boonies from the City! After a period of time and a tragedy, the castle began its long history of owners with a very lively roaring 1920's history! Speakeasy, brothel, and it is said, an abortion clinic. Well, I think that's goes along with the booze and night life. 
      Besides the history and more so importantly, the art within the castle! Art deco statues, old late 1800's and early 1900's furniture. Every room was filled with most beautiful piecees. This statue is one of my favorites.
     The home's restoration is a unique period time, wallpapering, chandeliers and Indian carpets. In every room is a docent or two more than willing to share the history, some as though they are the "ghosts" of the former residence now in spirit.  The view of the ocean is incredibly beautiful for the majority of rooms.  Downstairs in the dinning area delicious homemade desserts, coffee and juice and an small table to purchase something like a good book with greater details and stories. 
   I offered to conduct a seance there with all donations going to the castle. They were thrilled with the idea. What have I got myself into now? Truly a fun place for ghosts to be - A HAUNTED CASTLE!
  Do you like to visit haunted places? Can you "feel" the spirits? What are your thoughts about ghosts and spirits?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yee Gads!

Busy making up a story:

Thunder and lightening galore.  Hubby says it's God taking photos. It's a real photo shoot! Snap, snap, snap.  Now that reminds me of the opening of my new novel... here it its.... & read more about my next soon-to-be novel...   

Chowchilla State Women’s Facility
Chowchilla, California
Snap, snap, snap. The rapid sharp sounds of the inmate’s bubblegum ricocheted around the waiting room.
“Brenda Rose!” growled Officer Sue DeLosa between clenched teeth, followed by a threatening glare. Brenda Rose Browne, or BR as she was known at Chowchilla’s Women’s Correctional Facility, scowled defiantly at the stout officer and continued rotating her jaw like a cow chewing cud. DeLosa widened her stance and casually placed a hand next to her billy club. The prisoner rolled her watery blue eyes at her fellow inmate, Liz Mackay, sitting opposite on a matching plastic chair.
Liz ignored both women and fixed her eyes straight ahead on the blank wall. The gum chomping and snapping didn’t irritate her as it did the guard. She’d learned to live with many irritants and restrictions over the years she’d been incarcerated.
What did annoy Liz was the escalating stale odor emanating from the women’s bodies in the cramped windowless room. The space was more of a wide corridor with three doors. At one end a door led to the cellblocks and eight feet away opposite it, another led to offices and the outside. Behind the third door in the middle, the board conducted hearings to determine prisoners’ lives. The three women had been waiting for almost an hour while the parole board settled in and reviewed their cases.