Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Om, Om, Om; I ams who I says I ams

Timeless Counselor

“Why am I the only one I can count on to get things done right?”  That had been one of my most concentrated on-going mantras for many years. And you know what? Chanting it often created virtually no (acceptable) help for me. 

A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation” or, as I learned, creating being stuck in a belief. Words that are repeated verbally or mentally by chanting, speaking or singing will result in a manifestation of what is being said.
Where did I learn that mantra? Why would I chant words that served no good and kept me trudging wearily along? Because I believed it from past experiences – ones that I relived in my mind of times where I received no or very little support, which in return, created a sense not being cared for or understood until I stopped asking for help or understanding.
My thoughts were “stinking thinking” and not giving my present time or future the opportunity to be better.
The day I found myself mentally chanting that mantra, I laughed out loud scaring my fellow nature walkers. OMG! What other negative thoughts were cursing my life? I discovered them by paying attention to how, and what, I was thinking, which is an on-going daily job.
Through meditation I learned to be more aware of what floats around the head. I also learned that I have choices of what I think. No need to bemoan my life as a victim. When I find disharmony in my head, I say stop! And say three positive things (at least) about my self and life (counting my blessing).
I also learned to take my negative mantra and make it into a positive transformational one. For example the mantra above I changed to, “With trust I depend upon others to help me.”  Chanting that mantra opened up many new doors for me with new opportunities and projects blossoming. The heavy burden of being a single parent and business owner was shared, successfully.
Life did not become an overnight bowl of cherries, but with knowing that I have and can choose and direct my inner voice, I am freer to guide my visions into fulfilling goals.
It worked for me. Can it work for you? How has your stinking thinking closed off positive paths?
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