Saturday, August 29, 2015


The Haunted Bay: Paranormal SF and Beyond - The Old Mint



What a thrill to ghost hunt in one of 

San Francisco's most famous 

and important building.

The Old Mint. It survived the 1906 earthquake that devastated the city all around it. But it wasn't fool proof. A great gold robbery took place.


It was never solved although a Mint worker, William Dimmick  was sentenced to prison for it. More about the robbery

As the medium to find and communicate with spirits at the Old Mint I went as I like to go - free of information about the site.

When you watch YouTube's video of the walk you'll find that I was led to a small room and what was found.  Read below and then follow this link to join the ghost hunt
The heavy piece of machinery in the tiny room way up in the top floor or attic, really is a smelter. It was used to melt ounces gold samples for assaying (testing of a metal or ore to determine its ingredients and quality). The small flower pot like object in the room is a crucible - a pot in which metals (about 50-100 pounds) or other substances are heated to a very high temperature or melted.

Did the thief melt down gold to carry out of the Mint as a belt buckle, plumbing material, like pipes, or even nails? The Chinese were able to take gold from the U.S. as woks and such when they worked in the "Gold County." How the thief got the gold out continues to be a mystery although William Dimmick sentenced was said to steal coins was he actually stealing more than? Did he work alone? His co-worker, W.K. Cole, who knew the codes to the vaults happened to be ill the day of the robbery. 

The curator did say at that time the robbery was downplayed with details because the government didn't want to encourage more robbery but he couldn't confirm why it was up in the room. What are your thoughts?

 More spirits and activity were picked up, but unfortunately some didn't make it the cut in the Youtube video.

The Mint is a beautiful building and I'm sorry the historical group lost their lease as they have done a beautiful job of restoring and archiving its history for San Francisco.

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