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Please join me Sunday, June 27th, 8-9 p.m. for a radio interview and reading excerpts from my novel, The Skye in June, in my best Glaswegian burr on (stream on right). KGGV-LP 95.1 FMKGGV-LP 95.1 FM "The Bridge" Guerneville, CA

- Stirring up the waters of life in my cauldron these Summer visions were revealed to me: (read the sign you're born under & your rising one, if you know it.)

Summerr is about fun and pleasure, family, sensuality, and friends, and lovers. Be glad to be alive! No matter how small you think your blessings are, be thankful for each one. Visit friends, eat outdoors, walk in nature and enjoy the summer time.

GEMINI: Hi ho, hi ho and off to fun we go – finally! THE GODDESS JUNO DOTH DECLARE! With your great wit, Gemini dears, entertain family & friends over a cauldron of wine coolers. Contact old friends and memorable lovers for a jolly good (even if brief) time. Seek new summer hangouts. Be adventurous; be naughty as you are already. Catch the dancing rainbow beams and love life fully!

CANCER: A spot in the warm sand calls you to dig in. But not too deep. Relax and release your creative flow of ideas. Invite like-minded artist for long talks about joining for potential money-making projects. Kudos for your clear sights and fab ideas will follow, as will initiations to new horizons. Go for it ALL! An earth sign lover will wander into your space with a good joke. Take a peek. P.S. Don’t overdo - sleep at tad in that warm spot.

LEO: Fires out of control? Which one do you put out first? Don't be so dramatic. It's only more invites for you most popular kings and queen of the jungle night. Party hearty. Buy new clothing that sparkles or says, "Star!" People are falling in love with you, again. Radiate in all shades of yellow, gold and deep purples and greens, you are the picture of health. It's okay to speak your mind to an eager audience. Swoon into romantic nights. Dream BIG! The wish star is traveling toward you. A new romance or romance renews.

VIRGO: Laying low you’ve gathered the information you need to get the goods on those who haven’t seen the truth of the matter. Don't spring into action just yet with your insights and information. Settle back. Take a breather and sip of a mint tulip, you deserve a wee break. The check is in the mail and the award is being packaged. An instant lover wants to take you skinny-dipping, be wickedly spontaneous. I won’t tell if you don’t.

LIBRA: Lighten your load for the summer. Indecisive Libras can leave it at that, no decision while you enjoy outdoor concerts and merry-making. On the work front, you do need to say “yes” to a new project even if it doesn’t make sense to you. Play, if only in your imagination until the bell rings setting you free. Love for you is about play and romance and why not? Wait for the "big" talks when you have found a balance of energy, coming in August.

SCORPIO: Ending some relationships might not be your first choice, but it is a good one to accept at this time, all good and not so good things must come to an end - at least for the summer. Take long walks uphill to help in releasing your stress & tension, your sorrow, frustration, and anger. Think “this is the first day of the rest of my life” each summer day to see the glow of happiness in places you haven’t seen for a while, or at all. Embrace old loves and new suitors with a "maybe" on your lips. But invite back to your hearth ONLY if he or she has proven a healthy track rate since your parting of ways.

SAGITTARIUS: If you must work, do it with a whistle, a smile on your lips and a willingness to share your strength to those who are needy. Summer is a time for self-healing. A massage, a facial, - any R&R retreat away from responsibilities. Let others do for you and don't jump in to help or tell them how to do it, please. Family, friends, and strangers need your open arms but you need theirs too. No telling or judging, fixing or denouncing, rather give great love and that is what you will receive back three-fold times. A lover of days gone by would like to stop by for a warm night.

CAPRICORN: Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again. Let it go. Yes, even those BIG plans. As you walk the summer road greet new people, experiences, and ideas with a wide grin. They are your muses, come to inspire you with "another" way to live. You've been a good friend, but alas, some friendships have turned sour. Still, your rewards show up in invites to picnics in the park, swimming in lakes and calls from friends you thought forgot you. A gentle hand stirs your wild imagination and you realize that sensuality IS you. Go for it.

AQUARIUS: With a gentle move forward you are aware of the beauty in life, past the stress and disbelief of the world’s current status. You realize that you do influence people, that you are a leader. Invite others into your space, accept who shows up, bless those who leave and breathe deeply, you are progressing (if you were patient this year as advised.) Your love life needs sprucing up. Pick a romantic spot to share with a lover or potential one.

Please read a chapter from my novel, THE SKYE IN JUNE, WICKED BEHAVIOR IN HOLY SAVIOR at

Book review from Goodreads: ...this book was different than any book I have read before, which is such a plus in this day of cookie cutter mass market paperbacks. ~ Jessica

Sunday, June 13, 2010


At a book party for my novel a guest piped up, "Oh! I wish you weren't a witch!"

I replied, "I wish you weren't a Catholic."

"But you seem so nice to be a witch," said she.

She learned that you can't judge a book by its cover.

After I had finished reading an excerpt of my novel the many questions and comments about life in San Francisco during the book's era commenced.

My book parties seem to attract, not only avid book readers, but often women who have attended Catholic schools (or are Catholics) With my book parties in and around San Francisco I've encountered many who know or know of, the same people that I do. We really are much like a large family with relatives and mutual friends spread out throughout the City.
The latest party in San Francisco was with a book club that has been meeting for about twenty years and is made up of of mostly former San Francisco Catholic students.Within a few moments I also discovered that one woman worked with one of my sister-in-laws at a school in the City. The same in-laws that had lived only up the block from where the party was held.

Upon mentioning the SF parochial grammar school (was in Eureka Valley area) that I had attended, right away a few names were tossed at me.

Yes, her I know, - he was in my sister's class - no I don't know him but I'll ask my husband who was one year behind me.

Once again, the major theme of my book - prejudices (don't judge until you experience a person for yourself) was played out right there. You see, one never really knows about another, different in religion, color, etc is truly like until a meeting takes place. Some in that group learned that witches can be good fun people. And from a few comments (quietly) said to me, I do believe there were a couple of goddess worshippers (Wiccans.)

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