Friday, April 10, 2015


From who and what has been happening from my blog, those who prey on others, I believe it's time to shut this blog down. I see from my stats many read it internationally, and books do sell, but now it's attracting scammers by the hoards. I hope this good intention readers that enjoy what I share about ghosts, spirits, psychic topics, pagan and witchcraft sharing will not be disappointment.  And to those mean spirited people, luckily I do believe what goes around, comes around - karma - and your lives are so hard and miserable you have lost your heart and soul.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015


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In my mirror I see so many of thee from Eastern Europe and let's include Brazil, coming to my page and then I realize the why in that.
Those comprising my space must know - if you can read English - that I am a witch, I do cast spells and quite frankly, rather focused on having good results.

For those who are foes and behave with malice - yeah, I know you're in dire straights, still...

Stealing is mean, stealing is wrong and stealing does cost you...more than me and by the way, it didn't work as you hoped for...

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So my thieving readers The Banshee descends upon thee:

 Casting a protection spell: those who enter with false pretensions, balls will fall, dicks hang - what a joke! she will laugh;  bellies will ache and hands will twitter with electrifying pain. Enjoy the appealingly silliness of it all. Time will prove that energy travels rather speedily across the ocean waters.

Saturday, April 4, 2015




Excerpt from my book, How to Talk With Spirits: Seances - Mediums - Ghost Hunts

• Why do some people see, hear, and feel spirits or ghosts while others do not? Anyone can be aware of, and connect with, spirits or ghosts. Usually, it is the more sensitive and psychically advanced people who can easily see, hear, and feel the unseen influences. This can make life uneasy for them because society, family, or religions don’t usually support psychically sensitive people. Although, there are those who do not believe in this phenomenon, or are not particularity sensitive, once having experienced spirit contact they accept something outside their beliefs exists. People who are very practical and analytical are least likely to experience spirits or ghosts. To them it is not logical and reasonable. Is it their brain isn’t wired as a creative person’s brain? Is it like two different professions and talents found in artists and scientists? I think there is something to that. I also think healthy skepticism is the way to approach investigating psychic/spirit/ghost phenomenon. I’m not one to just jump on the bandwagon when I’m told there is a ghostly annoyance or spirit floating around. I like to check and see it for myself. 
Many more questions were asked me over my forty years of spirit communication and most can be found in my spirit talk book. available ebook on and (free to join/ has many e-devices + PDF for computer & print):
My ghost walk of San Francisco's infamous Barbary Coast with The Haunted Bay: SF and Beyond paranormal film crew on youtube. 
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