Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just a day - another day - to what? Need some ideas. Working on my new novel and blocks are piling up to why I'm not writing daily or at least consistently.

Help is on the way with ideas from you and you and you.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I'm often asked how I create my fictional characters and although I can't speak for all writers, I can for myself say––you and you and you!

I am a people person or should say, a people magnet really. My "other" job is all about people, which gives me plenty of fodder in my larder when writing.

In my first book, "The Timeless Counselor" –– a non-fiction –– I wrote about clients' sessions, but changed the names of course. If you've read that, you see how their stories could actually become a fictional tale or two.

In my novel, oh yum, yum! How fun picking bits and pieces of personalities and situations from a host of characters I've encountered in life.

Even my own family says, 'hey! is that me?' I say of 'course not!'

In truth bits and pieces are my parents, sisters and even my brothers. And then there were others life neighborhood friends. One friend, upon reading the book, called me and said 'loved reading about myself in your book'.

My brothers moaned 'You only used sisters where's the brothers?' Maybe a part of the sisters is the brothers, I told them.

In one chapter of the novel, "The Skye in June - fictional (but of course!)I used a crime committed in the early 1960's in my neighborhood to create fiction between the MacDonald family and more so for the main character, June.

Although I remember the story, research was still necessary to stir real and imaginary pictures to put into enticing words.

One of the people involved in this serious crime (all teen boys) read my book then remarked, "I see I made your story." He wasn't angry or upset. Names had been changed, it was an old crime but still part of the changing environs in "the Castro" of San Francisco and only a few would recognize the old story.

Readers from my 'old hood' during the story's era in San Francisco, contact me all the time to share their own experiences of growing up in what became a world famous neighborhood, "the Castro". Those who went to Catholic school also have much to say about their experience with nuns. Readers who went to the same parochial school I did and wrote about in the book, recognize the nuns by their real names and not the ones I gave them. That is fun! Of course the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

As I work on my new novel the characters are created more so by me, but still I reflect back on the later 1960 days in San Francisco and have many characters to draw from.

What about the characters in your life? Will they end up in a story?

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Friday, September 23, 2011


I love to read and have done so since I was a little girl.  My own books continue to give pleasure to many readers. Both receiving overwhelmingly five star reviews on & Amazon and at my website, where you can learn more about my novel "The Skye in June" and how-to book: "The Timeless Counselor:The Best Guide to a Psychic Reading"   -  about me at Full Moon Bites - read in an interview PLUS join in for the book give-away before 10/4. Good Luck! I hope you win. This site supports Indie authors.
My first book reading for my novel, The Skye in June, on Friday the 13th.Much fun was had! Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.

Friday, August 19, 2011


I felt a great need for a psychic reading because like many others are experiencing at this time of history, parts of my life are changing rapidly. Who to turn to? I'm particular when it comes to having a spiritual psychic reading. Yes, psychic readers like myself do find readings from another like-minded professional most helpful for insights and spiritual guidance. Litany Burns came to my mind as a reader I wanted to read me. The decision proved positive. In the first five minutes she spoke about my most important issue and that’s before I asked her. In that regards she and I are alike as readers, talk about the person’s energy without first hearing a question from her or him.      Litany’s reading did exactly for me what I say in my book, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Psychic Reading –– it validated much of what I already knew, but had some doubts about, and also gave me another ways of seeing my situations.

As I suggest to all my clients, I recorded the session for later re-listening and perhaps hear more than during the reading.
Litany Burns has several books I have found most helpful, not only on a personal level, but as an ESP teacher. After reading and experimenting with the excercises suggested by Ms. Burns,  I can comfortably recommend to students––Develop Your Psychic Abilities (And Get Them to Work for You in Your Life) and later The Sixth Sense of Children.
Many parents have asked me about their children’s unusual experiences and behavior, the children saying they pick things up or are seeing non-physical beings. Of course, I always tell parents to also check with their professional such as the child’s physician, psychologist and the likes, while contributing what I know about psychic children. Besides that I recommend Litany’s book since she herself was aware at a young age she had strong psychic abilities. As children with these abilities experience can be seen as gift, at times, a curse as I wrote in my novel, The Skye in June or, at Amazon.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Om, Om, Om; I ams who I says I ams

Timeless Counselor

“Why am I the only one I can count on to get things done right?”  That had been one of my most concentrated on-going mantras for many years. And you know what? Chanting it often created virtually no (acceptable) help for me. 

A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation” or, as I learned, creating being stuck in a belief. Words that are repeated verbally or mentally by chanting, speaking or singing will result in a manifestation of what is being said.
Where did I learn that mantra? Why would I chant words that served no good and kept me trudging wearily along? Because I believed it from past experiences – ones that I relived in my mind of times where I received no or very little support, which in return, created a sense not being cared for or understood until I stopped asking for help or understanding.
My thoughts were “stinking thinking” and not giving my present time or future the opportunity to be better.
The day I found myself mentally chanting that mantra, I laughed out loud scaring my fellow nature walkers. OMG! What other negative thoughts were cursing my life? I discovered them by paying attention to how, and what, I was thinking, which is an on-going daily job.
Through meditation I learned to be more aware of what floats around the head. I also learned that I have choices of what I think. No need to bemoan my life as a victim. When I find disharmony in my head, I say stop! And say three positive things (at least) about my self and life (counting my blessing).
I also learned to take my negative mantra and make it into a positive transformational one. For example the mantra above I changed to, “With trust I depend upon others to help me.”  Chanting that mantra opened up many new doors for me with new opportunities and projects blossoming. The heavy burden of being a single parent and business owner was shared, successfully.
Life did not become an overnight bowl of cherries, but with knowing that I have and can choose and direct my inner voice, I am freer to guide my visions into fulfilling goals.
It worked for me. Can it work for you? How has your stinking thinking closed off positive paths?
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Sunday, May 29, 2011


                   “I have been inspired by June’s ability to awaken  the awareness of many people 
and to train them to use their metaphysical gifts productively. Her readings and classes allowed me to recognize my own gifts and taught me how to utilize them effectively. Now I successfully do reading and healing for others. June is a loving and knowledgeable person.  We could all benefit through the information she shares with us. 
- Rusty Dennis -


When I was scheduled to read at SF The Whole Life Expo 1991, I encouraged Rusty to do tarot readings with me. There she sat in her “colors” reading the cards and loving it!   Like many Gemini’s, she was a bit of a ham. 

 On the morning of October 14, 2006, Rusty was driving her three-wheel motorcycle - one which had been in the process of being built for quite a few years -  when she lost control and was thrown from the motorcycle after it struck a curb and hit a telephone pole.Tullis suffered serious injuries - both legs broken and a punctured lung. My friend died of an infection on November 11.She was 70.

Rusty Dennis will always remain a powerful influence on my life’s work.

You might remember her from the movie Mask, which was based on life as a mother of her son, Rocky. Cher played Rusty in the movie and did quite a good job, but wasn’t quite tough enough, I learned after meeting Rusty.

Today would have been my friend, Rusty Dennis’ 75th birthday. I first met Rusty in 1984 while she was living in San Francisco.  A mutual friend invited me to Rusty’s flat to be part of a study group of Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life” – and indeed Ms. Hay’s book was an inspiration and a connection to a most vivacious unique woman who would become a good friend – 

Rusty was a complex personality with many roles to play; onne of which was a mother whose two children were to die before her.  I never met Rocky in person although I did meet Joshua, her eldest son, before he died. When Joshua’s illness progressed and he was hospitalized, Rusty asked if I’d spend time with him at the hospital to help him transition, which I did. She bravely accepted his death with her usual, I must go on, attitude.  

When people would offer Rusty  condolences for the loss of her sons, she’d reply,they’re not lost. I know exactly where they are. They’re dead

She knew her boys’ spirits stayed around her. One time she showed me a small studio portrait of her and Joshua. Behind them appeared a whitish "ghostly" image of Rocky who had been dead for some time. Was it the photographer's addition -that she denied - or was it truly the spirit of Rocky? Strange and unusual story, but that’s what I saw. 

In addition to being a bodacious chick, Rusty was very funny – a quick to laugh out loud!  She was an original LOL gal. She would puff up and challenge people and when doing so with me – testing my toughness -- I met her it squarely.  She laughed heartily declaring, "You’re okay."

And darn if she didn’t test my toughness more than once. With her, you had to be on your toes, and shake off her puffing with a  laugh. I could dig it and we got along just fine.

Besides a desire to heal our spirits, she and I quickly learned that we had more things in common  –– we liked motorcycles (in 1975 bought my own motorcycle, a Honda 550 Super Sport
– big enough for me) - both  of us were Gemini’s, and had a great thirst for adventure. And then the glue of the friendship - both had a keen interest in the psyche.

After Joshua’s death Rusty’s interest in spiritual and psychic realm deepened. When she learned that I was a psychic reader and ESP and tarot card teacher, she was eager to learn about her own abilities. It wasn’t long before she became one of my star students.

When she moved back to Los Angeles, I visited her a few times driving down with my young son/ We'd had fun with psychic experiences. Once I encouraged to accept an offer to teach a psychic workshop at a fair and to my surprise, she was shy and uncertain  – bold and shy.

End of story, she rocked.  

Another time we stopped by her father’s house and she asked me to show him and her sister an ESP game – open two coat hangers, hold in both hands held together and then point at a person to measure energy.  I don’t think he or her sister was all that impressed with me, but Rusty and I had fun. 

We tripped around LA in her old beat-up VW bug going to metaphysical bookstores, and meeting up with other psychics. We were wild psychic girls!

I think if I had been out of broom closet with my witchcraft back then, she would have declared she was one too just to enjoy spicing up conversation that challenged the image of “society’s norm”.

In time, distance and my growing family eventually caused us to we loss touch. 

I know I inspired Rusty to trust her ESP and psychic abilities but in return, she also inspired me to “show” myself more to the world because she had faith in me. Thank you, girlfriend.

Rusty’s review of my book, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading. I know she'd love my latest book, "How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts". 

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Priests Paved my Witch Path

After years of avoiding inquiries about my spiritual path I became forthcoming to disapproving faces of those chastising my spiritual practice.

I’ve been asked how could a nice Catholic woman forsake God for a heathen practice? What demon seduced you to prance around under the moon naked to the world? What evil spirit took control of your soul calling you to cast spells?

“Honestly,” say I, “it was a progression rather than a possession.”

It wasn't the spirituality of Catholicism that started my soul’s exodus and detachment from it, but rather the "old boy" attitude.

I began to view my religion as stuck in outdated dogmas. I questioned such things as, why women
weren’t involved with electing a new pope?

For centuries Catholic women have accepted backseat roles to male members, proving to me that they, my sisters, bought into men as superior to lead. As I looked around the church at a majority of women, girls and boys with a sprinkling of, mostly, senior men, I wondered why I supported a religion that didn’t allow for powerful decision-making roles for females.

But it was these incidents at Mass that finalized my decision to leave the Church. During a sermon a priest addressed the role of women as mothers and daughters. He said they were to serve their husbands and fathers’ needs (cook, clean) and not question his decisions for he was the head of the family as the priest is the father of his flock. Later at another sermon on Mother’s Day the congregation was told to condemn abortionist. Done deal for me, said I, a pro-choicer. At the age of 44 I left my family’s religion forever.

It was a most difficult and sad choice because religion was a large connection to, and part of, my family. But my spirit sought, amongst other needs, a spiritual group that contained equality of sexes in power roles.

Some former Catholics hold a grudge against the religion. I do not. There is no reason to be stuck in what didn’t fulfill me. I am thankful for my religious upbringing and continue to appreciate some reasonable philosophical and spiritual concepts from it. Through the faith I learned to have a deep caring for, and practice in, spirituality and ritual.

Attending parochial school my memories are mainly cherished ones of my teachers, the nuns. Most were good women and very interesting teachers who taught me to enjoy literature, geography, history and theology.

I’ve created a satisfying spiritual practice through mixing and matching philosophical and spiritual teachings from Buddhism, Rosy Croix, Native American spirituality, paganism, Wicca and witchcraft. I am open to learning about religions that support women in strong decision-making roles in regards to making laws and dogmas for I am a devoted student of living with spirit, spirituality and  theology.

My books - An excellent consumer's guide: “The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading” and novel:  "The Skye in June” & "City of Redemption.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do the Dead in Hereafter Really Talk?

I just watched the movie Hereafter with Matt Damon as George, a retired psychic medium, who is called back into service against his will. I know how he felt.

I’m one of those people who easily sees and talks to the dead––those who have passed over. In the movie George tells another how he became psychic: As a child he had become very ill and needed surgery on the back of his head. Because of it something happened in his brain resulting in him “knowing and seeing” things about people he had no prior access to and this information was told to him by dead people.

I appreciated how the scriptwriter presented a correlation between head/brain surgery and changes in one’s psychic abilities. I also had a similar experience where a head injury had awoken my psychic abilities.

When I was nineteen I was in a very serious car accident and received grave injuries to my face and head and for a moment in the ambulance I “died”. That brief moment profoundly changed the course of my life forever, although it took me years to, not only understand what happened, but talk about it openly. Like one character in Hereafter I went to the“otherside”. My experience was like what some others had as described in Life after Life by Dr. Raymond Moody.

The attending physician told my parents that it was nothing short of a miracle that I came through as well as I did. I had blasted through the windshield, bounced back inside the car with glass embedded in my face and eyes. A leg hit the gearbox with such force that it broke it out. No broken bones, no blindness (the biggest concern). The face scars were deep and ugly, but I lived through the initial freaking out. The physical part in time healed but the true miracle was what happened afterward.

Within a couple of months I began to have strong premonitions, about people’s past (recognition) visions of future events (precognition) and dead people spoke to me. It was not pleasant. Heck it scared the bejeevus out of me! Not that I was new to accepting psychic occurrences. My mother had a curiosity in it, even having a few prophetic a few dreams and for fun read tealeaves, but my experiences surpassed this greatly.

Quite a few years later I read in the Time-Warner popular book series “Mysterious of the Unknown” how a head injury often happened before one experienced psychic abilities. The knock opened a part of the brain resulting in this phenomenon.

One of my strong abilities is mediumship and I rather enjoy it. I’ve mostly given up giving spirit communication (aka séances) because of the physically living beings as George experienced.

Of course the dead can be an annoyance as Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) in the movie “Ghosts” learned where she was deluged by spirits all coming through (talking) at one time––it can happen like that when they find a person who can see and hear them.

Do they haunt you like Oda Mae was by the dead character Sam, Patrick Swayze? You bethca! This happened to me once. The spirit didn’t lighten up until the police contacted me for all her information (her killer was successfully prosecuted.)

There are many rewards having these abilities’ and talents. I’ve met people from all over the world and been invited to travel to share my abilities. People have told me the information I shared changed their lives. Then again there’s a downside. In the movie George says that some people say he has a gift, but he thought of it more as a curse. I can relate. The curse is seeing and knowing too much as George says. Psychics do become tired.

Its takes a lot of energy, much focus and a certain detachment as information surges through. I’ve worked with law enforcement and even the believers have a particular way that can make one feel a bit blocked. There’s the need and expectations of clients to fulfill (or not) and neediness of the people seeking help and connections to dead loved ones. Let’s not forget the testing doubters, the ridiculing critics and the condemning haters (oh yes!) of psychics.

After having used my abilities for 40 years I believe that psychic energy must retire and the person must live for her or himself. But then, like George, there’s always that one more person who truly needs that information.

My book, The Timeless Counselor, tells it all - how psychics receive information, psychic readings, how to have a positive experience with and take my ESP test in The Timeless Counselor available as an ebook at & Amazon Kindle. See more at

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(about image)
In the moon light, on a magic night

All the moonlight, on a magic night

Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love?

Van Morrison’s Moondance

The moon is greatly revered by a witch. She (or he) is connected to the forever shifting face of it. The moon is akin to the changes women experience monthly. Most females understand that the changing or the raging hormones, is much more than the physical body expelling blood––there's also a heightened emotional time––a time where many women experience a different space and time affecting their psyche.

Some cultures refer to a woman's menstrual cycle as her “moon".

Spells and moons go hand in hand. A witch keeps her eye on the phases of it when preparing to cast a spell. If she wishes to begin or grow a vision or goal the best time is during a waxing moon (growing in size and light.) The spell might be for opportunities to receive money, career prospects, and love to blossom or promote good health. It’s said to be a good time to grow your hair and nails, but cut them during the waning moon.

The waxing moon swells in size, shinning brighter––culminating in a very round moon. During the full moon celebrate. Cast spells that demonstrate your gratitude––even if your goal has yet to manifest to fullness––and faith in the universal flow of creation. On your altar or while under the full moon, have a flower in full bloom to symbolize your belief in what is coming to fruition. Also light a candle and visualize a prosperous life and count your blessings aloud or write them in your journal or book of shadows.

This creates a positive, joyful energy supporting your goals.

In its cycle the full moon will diminish in size and we see her darker side as her bright face wanes. This is a time to rid, release and put to rest that, which is not needed, finished or must go from your life. It really makes sense if you think of your closets and drawers too full of “stuff” and not allowing for new things. What can you cleanse, be that a thing, person, thought and/or behavior that impedes progress in your life or goal?

Eventually the skies will go black during a void moon – no moon. This, like life, is a phase where we enter a dark or fallow time where growth or joy ceases and, confusion, fear or depression is often experienced. It is a natural flow of one’s psyche. Do not panic. Too often in our society there is a false belief about happiness. One must be balanced and happy at all times is not true to the growth of the soul as Gary Zukav reflects in The Seat of the Soul. If your life is in a fallow time - feeling at loss and empty - cast a spell to release your fears and sadness and have faith that light will return to your life. Take heed to retreat, rest and meditate daily.

The witch's love of the energetic moon invokes her to dance, often naked, under the light of Luna-Moon and throw herself into a frenzy in the energetic moon light -- twirling around and around, waving her arms and howling -- Come dance with me in a wild moon dance, won't you?

Excerpt from "The Skye In June"
The jittery butterflies of anticipation flew widely through June’s arms. Imagining a party of them fluttering from her fingertips up into the night sky, she spread her delicate fingers toward the moon to release the pent-up energy. At that moment, the moon reappeared from behind a dark cloud, as though accepting her energy. Its powerful beams penetrated through the leaves of the trees, beaming a brilliant light onto the upturned face of the little girl. She trembled in awe, with her fingertips pulsating, feeling as though she and the moon were touching. In the fullness of the night, June felt her aura grow large. She began to dance with the moon. Slowly, she waved her arms back and then swept them outward and overhead, posing like a ballerina. . .

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When I was in Italy I fell in love with the artwork, which is everywhere - churches, fountains, town centers, buildings.

It's awesomely beautiful. The most popular person painted and carved is the Madonna who was, not only in churches, but out and about throughout cities and towns.

The Madonna aka Mary, Queen of the Angels, Blessed Virgin, Our Lady, God's mother, Jesus' mother, was the central image to behold in much of the artworks. 

It had me wondering why men felt a great need to create a female deity over and over again. Can this be that even back when these men were creating there was more than a deep appreciation for the mother and the woman? Could it be an innate and inner understanding and faith in the female principle as the source of all life?

For my mother and her daughters, we were very inspired by the power of the Madonna, the love for her, the faith and that led to a different spiritual path for me.

As a former Catholic from a European country, we were taught to pray to and put faith in  Our Lady, the Blessed Mother, Mary, Jesus' mother to guide us.

When we emigrated to the United States, the focus appeared to be more on God and Jesus for guidance and help. Still, in our household images - pictures and small statues of Mary outdid the cross or Jesus; this doesn't mean we did not respect and honor Jesus or God as we did. 

The devotion to Mary, the Madonna eventually through, at times, difficult decisions, translated to my spiritual pathway today as a Wiccan and no doubt this deep connection and relationship to a female deity.  In fact, my spiritual enjoyment was my inspiration for writing  my first novel, The Skye in June

In the story there's a strong connection between two main characters, Cathy, the mother and June, her youngest daughter to Our Lady. The connection leads to June discovery of a spiritual path outside their family's Catholic religion. Although this is a fictional story it is also a thinly veiled autobiography.

A PERFECT! story for those from San Francisco and might have grown up in San Francisco during the 1950's and early days of the 60's and those who have wanted to visit San Francisco  It's a great look at one of the city's most famous neighborhoods, known as "The Castro." 

Do you know that before it was The Castro and this neighborhood was known as Eureka Valley and sits just about in the heart of the city?

Another hot topic at book events is from those who went to parochial school when the nuns wore the habit and religion ruled the home - you will understand. And also, people who were "outside the box" in the family.

What, if anything, was dissatisfying with the family religion had you seeking spirituality elsewhere?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When people learn I'm a witch they curiously and at times, humorously ask if I cast spells - bad spells they are mostly interested in. Not bad spells although at times I've had to do a turn around or banishing or binding spell. Very seldom though because I do believe and have a negative backlash when the one time, in anger, I cast an angry red hot spell. Once burned....and I was warned not to do it! Periodically I do cast spells to advance a project, like for my books. Magic continues to swirl around The Skye in June as well as my first book self-published, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading. . In 1990 a tarot reading revealed that The Timeless Counselor would lead to more writing success. If you don't know it is very challenging and difficult to make any money as an author, and especially a self-published author. My first book led to the writing of my second. I knew the difficulties but believed that I could sell it. Both my books have continued to sell. The Skye in June has sold every month since it's release -well I did do a glamour spell on that one! And surprise! I found it at this site on the top 500 Indie books selling. That's right! My amazon and smashword reviews of both books are overwhelmingly five stars. So, tonight I will sit at my altar and give my thanks to the Moneta the goddess for my good fortune and cast a spell to continue to attract book lovers to my book. Blessed be.

What do you want to cast a spell for?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


 Paul Borda at moonlight mysteries. com

The Word for today is Mote. State your '15 goals then end them with So Mote it Be.

I'm often asked what "so mote it be" means. It's the same as saying, "amen' or "it's my word, and that's is as good as gold." What you declare to be true, is and you are bound by your word.

The actual meaning of mote is based upon old Anglo-Saxon language - thank you. Also, similar to ending a prayer with, amen
It can also be used to as "The truth has been spoken or That's the truth" hence said when an agreement has been made and like a handshake, seals the deal. Perhaps saying this precluded written contracts.

In essence one is confident and committed to what she has just declared as good and truthful.

In certain spiritual groups the phrase So Mote it Be is said at the end of a statement or ritual. Wiccans or witches or those who cast spells say it with the thought of “So might it be” or “So be it” or “Let it be" meaning, let the magic begin, the manifestation is in motion.

Saying it shows confidence that what you are creating will manifest. 

My complete consumer's guide to a psychic reading: The Timeless
Counselor: the Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading and  my overwhelming five star novels, The Skye in June and City of Redemption go to Amazon.  Or,  june ahern dot com.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011



There here I was, sitting across from my friend who had become bible-practicing Christian in the past few years. We were having a difference about religious beliefs and it wasn't going well. A knife could slice the tension.

We've known each other for about twenty-something odd years are we've good supportive friends agreeing on most things. We both come from immigrant families, her first generation, me fob, and both grew up in the same city (San Francisco) and went to parochial schools; married and divorced young. And now both are authors. Suzette (her name) is also a well-respected columnist. Her books on Amazon do very well.

Suzette has always been a wonderful encouragement to my creativity and advising me about my writings. In fact helped and guided me when I was writing my novel about a religious family and their daughter who was heading to witchcraft. And did so without judgment.

But now we both made the spiritual choices that were as different as oil and water.
She has a good place in my life. My heart. But the differences were quite obvious. To me, her questions, more like an interrogation - well she had worked in the legal profession. But her questioning began to chap my hide. Had we become that different?
I became quiet in voice, body language and then I breathed. Not a response from me to her questions and opinions. A thought was needed, but which?

She said, "Junie, when I bring up my religious viewpoints, you become defensive."

I thought, "Yes, I do. I don't want you to push your stuff on me" as I studied her. She's feisty, a Leo, fiery and outspoken. Not unlike myself. And a good woman - a good friend. She braved her own community and friends to support my book. She had a large book party with some guests her church to...a scary thing since it is not of her religious beliefs and dogmas.

I said, "Yes, you are right, I do feel defensive."

That truth broke whatever barrier had been created. Like wise crones we are, we began to discuss our religious and spiritual thoughts and practices. We opened our minds to understand each other. We braved our differences and we are friends as before. It is as it, we surmised. Friends can do this if they are willing to open to face differences and with courage are willing to embrace and move beyond them. We are sisters on a journey to self-realization.
Viva la difference, Sister! Blessed be. Amen!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion.

A while back I had read an article on the front page of a daily newspaper about a study on how happiness is infectious and that emotions and even health issues such as acne and headaches are spread among friends and family and even amongst groups with no connection to why.
I liked this thought and for many years I find myself singing "Happiness runs in a circular motion, you can be happy if you just try." (Donovan song) and especially sing it when the blues hit me to bring myself back up.
And to the researchers about how others share happiness I suggest to the researchers that it' is telepathic communication. Telepathy consists of mental images, symbols and words shared between two or more people in present time.
This includes across distance as the "happiness study" revealed. When my son was away at college I awoke one night with a dreaded feeling that he was in trouble. My husband assured me it was just part of the "empty nest" feelings. Next day my sister called asking if my son had come home because she thought she saw him walking past her home but when checking outside, then he disappeared. That day my son called to say he had an accident with minor injuries and, although he was okay, it frightened him. Of course, not all telepathic messages are negative as the study of happiness proves.
Telepathic communication has two aspects -- sending and receiving information. Receiving is a basic survival skill. In order to be secure and safe, one must be aware of the surrounding subtle and not so subtle messages.
Those stronger at sending telepathic messages are action type people who move forward with confidence. They can accomplish goals easily by sending messages of what and who is needed to accomplish their goals.
When balanced between the two telepathic abilities we can carefully choose which messages to send and which to receive.
Which are you? And how to affect or are effected by those around you? Test yourself.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Using numerology I matched the tarot's major arcane cards with my name. The cards above reflect my name: June. What would you think about me from those pictures?

When I was young I didn’t like my name and told my mother so. She suggested I change it. I tried out Jackie (Jackie Kennedy was the first lady then) but ended up keeping my own. Having the same name as a month encourages a lot of teasing. I’ve heard all the jokes about that plus being serenaded the June songs – “June is bursting’ out all over!”
There was a big hoopla from my birth about my name. My father didn’t like it either. He would say that it was a pagan, a heathen name and not a saint’s. Later in life I told him that I’d be the first Saint June. Of course I didn’t say that I’d not be a Catholic one, but a Wiccan/pagan saint. I’m working on it. What’s the story behind your naming?
Names have a message - it it an announcement of you. Besides being the sixth month of the year, my name is derived from the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage – the Great Juno Moneta guarded over the finances of the empire and had a temple on the Arx, which was the mint. I’d like to be Mama Bank. June also means youth – again, me… forever young. People respond to my name by letting me know that they once knew a June or had an old aunt named June. Like that. What does your name mean?
How do you feel about your name? Say your name aloud a few times, in different tones and inflections. Sit quietly and chant it softly. Feel the vibration within your body. Now say it out.
Does it ring true for how you think or see yourself? Your name has a power and the sound of it influences the ears of those who hear it. They “see” you through hearing your name.
Many people have changed their names by choosing a new one or shortening the original name to match their self –image. This also influences the reactions from others toward them.
What does your name say about you? In numerology my name is a number five. J 1 + U 3 + N 5 + E 5 = 14 = 5.
The number five denotes change, flexibility, movement, and can be scattered and chaotic at times. Also is associated with adventure, travel, education and flux. I must say that it does describe my personality. My maiden name also totals a number five.
I wonder what your name would look like?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm A Bleepin' Bloggin' Failure

I learned something today - I'm a blogging failure. I didn't follow the rules - again.

I read that to gain an audience - readership - for your blog, you have to blog daily! You have to let your readers know they can count on you to show up and tell all, complain, blame, shame, opinionate! and please, do bare your deepest darkest secrets and greatest dreams and wishes. This way you connect with your readers or some might hate you and comment how much they do.

Just do it consistently - each day - okay, take a weekend off - go on vacation - MAYBE.

Sh&&! There's that consistent thing again! It haunts me, more than my worst vampire entity does. Up until last week I used to point my Gemini fingers and plead "two minds" many thoughts, which way they go - and my standard "here today, gone today, round n' round I go. " Why take my readers down that rambling path of my inconsistent thoughts?

And now with the changes in sign learning that I'm a Taurus - - s-l-o-w and c-o-n-s-i-s-t-e-n-t - there's no reason for not blogging everyday, or even once a week.

Maybe I just don't think all my life and daily thoughts - which are numerous - need to be read about each and every day. I do have a life, as scattered as it might be. I do daily stuff - the obvious but not necessarily in the same order. I know my readers have a life outside the blogging world of "here's my pain, here's my insight, here's my gripe".

So here's my blog for this month or week or whatever.

p.s. keep your personal sh&(* to yourself or at least only your three closets FB, MS, Twitter, etc etc friends - the rest - remain a bit of a mystery. Maybe a friend will call to hear all about your day.

Off to cast a spell.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Spells, prayers and affirmations are similar. 
They are all forms of communication and telepathic messages. 
In what way, you might ask.
Spoken and unspoken words.
Physical and mental creations

When we speak aloud and at times silently a spell, prayer, or  affirmation we are making a statement or a request to someone or something outside ourselves or to the inner self. For instance one might say, "I pray I have enough strength to continue with ___________."

In that statement of intention there is no called upon deity, it is more to self. See?

All three have common components: a desire or need, a focus outside themselves to attain the desire or need and faith in the power and that the plea, creation and intention is heard and in the progress of manifesting. Of course they all use the power of words.

As a writer (four books later) I understand the power of words, how to present to paint a picture, to engage another to hear (read) for further interaction, or catch that though and/or emotion of another.

Words are powerful. Learn to chose positive, powerful, and descriptive words that convey and paint a true picture of what you are thinking and hoping to manifest in your might, be it words that are poetic, magical, straight forward, but be careful of how you pose those words.

(Please note: these archives can be available upon request: To hear more about the topic listen to my May 6, 2014 radio show)

A spell is direct in wording and intention - this is what I'm creating through the power of myself, the clarity of my mind,  the help of the universe (planets, Divine sources as in goddess and gods) and the energy from above, below and all around.)

Those who cast depend upon their own ability and self-power along with the energy/vibrations surrounding them as in the universe, to manifest their dreams, visions, wants, needs etc.

They cal in the power of energies from the four directions, east (air -mental clarity); south (fire- action, energy, passion); west (water - dreams, visions, spiritual connections) and north (earth - results, products, practicality)  to support and enlighten them to create. They will also call in the energies from above (heavens) and below (the earth).

Before casting a spell it is advised do everything humanly possible to attain whatever one wants. Actions: have your actions followed your thought? You want a a good paying job? What prep work have you done before the job?

Just don't go cast a spell without first thinking what will it mean to your life and the life of those of others? Is it really what you want? Beware of what you ask for idea.

Once you have completed your spell don't look back. Give it time to work. Don't cast it again for at least thirty days or longer. That's unless you're doing a three, seven or nine day spell consecutively or have decided to do it once a week twice or thrice.

Prayers are asking for many things. I pray each and everyday. I'll often say the Hail Mary.

Some people pray by asking for little things, as in let me pass this test, let my team win the game (really? Like God or whichever deity is thinking yeah, beat someone else and let them feel badly); show me a sign he or she loves me or like me I pray too often for St. Anthony to find lost items (I'm cutting back on that.) Of course, sometimes we pray for big things like for a miracle in a dire medical situation or world peace.

Prayers can have too many words. Rambling thoughts. Desperate, pleading words for God, Allah, whomever, to fix whatever. Certainly in those worst moments of life, in dire times, we are desperate for a relief of our situation, our pain. Often we use words from prayers learned rather than prayers from your heart. People often go on and on, talking to their Divine Connection, pouring out emotions, making deals, reminding God etc how they are good people, worthy people or unworthy and now they see the error of their ways.

Most people learn to pray by being dependent upon an entity greater than and outside of themselves to provide a hopeful successful outcome to a need, want and/or dream. They ask permission from this source. They give their power to this entity to receive if the entity deems them worthy. There are those who bargain, if you give me this then I will do this_______.

If you are praying for an outcome of a rather serious need, remember to stop praying/talking and listen for your Divine Being. Then you can hear or realize the response, the message.  Praying is talking, meditating is listening.  Have faith. Believe

Their faith can often be focused outside of themselves whereas one who uses spells, depends upon her or his inner faith.

Creative Visualization - Goal setting and practical applications followed by an affirmation: Creative Visualize is powerful for it is the images, symbols and all created in the mind. To be most successful at creative visualization take time to be clear.  Check what you are thinking (what mental wording is floating through your). Have a talk with yourself to clear up any negative and/or fearful thoughts about what it is you wish to create in life, different from what you have now. I suggest you write what you are planning on creating. Once you've done that go through what you wrote and rewrite it in simple sentences, no more than three. Does it sound reasonable? Are the words in line with the picture in your mind?

When you do this you are in a  better place to start creating. A bit of both inside and outside yourself is taking place - direct focus and placing faith in another occurs. For instance you understand that you will take action to fulfill your goal while realizing you are pulling in the assistance of a source outside your present conciseness.  I.e. " I'm also dependent upon the support of another or others to fulfill this goal."

Of course a goal setter can also cast a spell as well as pray. See Ask the Coaches ( ask) for some goal setting and achieving advice.

Affirmations: I like affirmations no matter how I'm manifesting and/or praying for. An affirmation is a simple, one sentence thought to create a feeling, a power, and/or a situation. Positive (and negative) wording mentally, written and spoken aloud create an energy. "I create loving people in my life to support my goals." - Nice and simple, no? Simple wording you can remember, your brain can absorb and following your thoughts, your actions will support.

Write an affirmation at least three times a day 3 or 9 times (you decide) for twenty-one days then put down your pen and let it all happen. Chances are, it's already occurring before the twenty-one days are over. Pay attention to the often subtle signs, the steps leading you forward. Trust me on this one. Sometimes it seems, like in prayers and spells as though you're not getting what you want. If done properly, it is in the process.

I do all to fulfill my valuable goals and live authentically my purpose and mission in life. Blessed be you and your dreams and goals this year.

Which do you prefer and what is the outcome? Which have you not used and are willing to do now?

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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Home baked scones are an important part of the Scottish New Year as is whiskey and coal brought in by the first-footer.

Hogmanay (pronounced hugmene) is the Scots word for the last day of the year and is synonymous with the celebration of the New Year's Eve and Day in the Scottish manner. It is, however, normally only the start of a celebration which lasts through the night until the morning of New Year's Eve and Day.

The ritual of linking arms at New Year's parties at my parent's were both celebrating the new year while saying good-bye to the old one and those who weren't going another year with us. The Hogmanay custom of singing "Auld Lang Syne" " has become common in many countries. "Auld Lang Syne" is a traditional poem reinterpreted by Robert Burns , which was later set to music. It is now common for this to be sung in a circle of linked arms that are crossed over one another as the clock strikes midnight for New Year's Day. Typically it is only in Scotland this practice is carried out correctly.

People travel to Scotland from all over the world to participate in the country's special holiday.

As a Scottish immigrant living in San Francisco my family celebrated Hogmanay – Scottish New Year with many rituals and special foods. I had to include it in my book, ‘THE SKYE IN JUNE” and here is an excerpt of that chapter: (not present cover of book, but original photo idea. Photo by Jerry Briesach)

 Hogmanay in San Francisco

Cathy dunked her cloth into the bucket and stopped washing the bay windows as she meditated over the soapy bubbles and remembered past New Year’s Eves in Scotland. The days before the event were always very busy with giving the house a thorough cleaning, as was the tradition. It was thought that starting the New Year with a tidy and neat house would bring good luck. Besides hauling the carpets downstairs to the backyard for a hard beating to clean them, all bedding and curtains were taken to the steamie, as Laundromats are called in Scotland. On the family’s last Hogmanay in Glasgow, it was decided that Annie was old enough to help out while Granny B watched the young bairns. Cathy and Annie pushed the baby pram[1] crammed full of curtains and linens along the streets, meeting other mothers and daughters on the same journey.

After waiting in line in the December chill they bought a ticket to enter the huge steamy room, smelling of wet clothes and soap. The steamie was full of women and girls, laughing and gossiping as they scrubbed their laundry on the washing board. Piece by piece they scrubbed up and down in big sinks filled with hot water, and then wrung it all out by hand. They hung the laundry on wall racks for drying, and placed larger items in big, hot cupboards that were pulled out of the wall. The gossiping and joking never stopped. The work was hard, but the excitement of the upcoming holiday created a festive atmosphere.

In reflection, Cathy realized how much she missed those times, especially the companionship of her mother and sisters-in-law at the holidays. Still, she as was excited as the girls were about the party. With every wipe of the window, she assured herself that her family would be blessed anew.

Jimmy and Cathy painted the living room and hallway a fresh coat of white paint with deep green on the wainscot and molding.

As the day grew closer to Hogmanay, Cathy along with her friends, Mrs. G and Mrs. G's daughter, Tesia shopped up and down Castro Street for the essential ingredients for the special Hogmanay foods that they would make.

Laughter and gossip erupted anytime the kitchen door opened as the women prepared the feast. When Cathy related funny tales of the steamie, the other women laughed heartily. The girls listened with merry curiosity as the adults reminisced about “home,” each telling her own story about life in Poland or Scotland.

With the cooking underway, Mrs. G and Tesia agreed with Cathy when she said it was good that the girls would learn the proper preparation of the Scottish foods.

“We must not forget our customs,” Mrs. G said adamantly. The other women nodded their heads affirmatively at her wisdom.

When it was time to bake the sweets June helped Annie roll out the dough for the cookies with a large rolling pin that Granny B had gifted Annie, before leaving Scotland.

The girls happily tested the freshly baked buttery shortbread, sugar cookies and the Dundee cake—a Hogmanay special. Mrs. G showed them how to decorate the cookies with sugar frosting by dipping a butter knife into hot water and carefully running it over the top of the frosting to give it a shinny glaze.

The women sipped glasses of sherry that would later be used for making the trifle pudding, which was a favorite holiday dessert made with cake, peaches soaked in wine and boiled custard poured all over it.

The baked goods were stored away and attention was turned to the main courses. Stewed meat with thick brown gravy was placed into deep pans. Annie used Granny B’s rolling pin to make a thin crust for the top of the pans. She then brushed a raw egg across the top so it would bake to a perfect golden brown, just the way Granny would have wanted it.

By the day of the party, steak pies, a large ham, the delicate trifle pudding and other delicious holiday foods lined the shelves in the Frigidaire, ready to be heated up when needed.

With the kitchen work finished, the girls hung colorful streamers throughout the flat, and dangled fun paper party hats from them. Jimmy held Maggie up to hang a piece of mistletoe at the front door. This custom was not for kissing, like at Christmas, but to prevent illness in the household.

It was a fun time in the MacDonald house. Since many of the guests also had young children, the party would start in the early afternoon of New Year’s Day. The girls were so excited they stayed up until midnight, giggling and talking before falling asleep. The next morning they hurried home from the special New Year’s Day Mass to change into their party clothes, readying themselves for the guests arriving at noon.

With the chime of the doorbell, everyone ran off to greet the first guest. They hurried into position, eager to view the first footer waiting downstairs at the door to the building. They were ready for a dark-haired man to walk through the door, signaling good luck in the New Year. What they saw was Sandy’s thinning blonde hair as he stepped over the threshold and into the lobby of the building.

“Sandy! For God’s sake, get out, man!” Jimmy yelled down to him.

The mistake was Mark’s fault.

It had been pre-arranged by Jimmy that the first foot would be Ian, a Scottish friend who was a tall man with black hair. But before Ian could step into the building, Mark had pushed ahead of him. As Sandy reached past Ian to pull his son back, he had stumbled through the door when it opened. As fate would have it, light haired, balding Sandy was the first person with a foot in the MacDonald’s building on Hogmanay.

The girls hung over the banister booing boisterously at Mark as his father backed out, dragging his son by the scruff of the neck. Ian bounded up the stairs. Hoping to smooth over the error, he adamantly protested that he did indeed have the first foot in the flat. He handed Jimmy the traditional Hogmanay gifts.

“Fattie brattie Marky,” said Maggie mockingly when Mark dashed by.

Huffing and puffing, Nancy arrived at the top of the landing and, in her loud American voice, scolded the Scots on how silly they were to be so superstitious.

A stout Scottish woman coming up behind her said, “Wheesht, silly woman.”

At first, guests were a bit sober from the unexpected event but it didn’t last for long. The adults soon had a few glasses of cheer and the party began.

More guests arrived, singing out the traditional Hogmanay greeting, “A good year to you!” They brought gifts of food and spirits—whiskey, malt beer and gin. As the day went on, the story about the blonde first foot made its rounds and the celebrators kidded about what kind of bad luck might befall the MacDonalds in the coming year.

The mood lightened and the singing of Scottish songs became the main activity. Each person had a turn to entertain by singing a favorite tune. Before the party ended, and in keeping with another Hogmanay tradition, the adults and children stood in a circle crisscrossing hands, right over left, and sang the famous Scottish song, “Auld Lang Syne.” June was bewildered as the adults’ laughing voices changed to sad tones. Some of the women cried openly as they sang together, “Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and the days of auld lang syne!”


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