Saturday, October 6, 2012


Through love we conquer fears and free self to experience a more fulfilling and balanced life.
Often times people believe if only they met the right person, a person to love and hold them as a jewel in life, they'd find happiness. It could happen.
As a tarot reader when people see the cared The Lovers, they think that is it! He or she, their lover is going to fix it all. That's really not what the card's symbolic message is about. It's about the love of self and  love of one's uniqueness.
The opposite of love is self-loathing caused by a false belief we are unlovable -in the tarot The Devil (number 15) represents that and our fears - whereas The Lovers (number 6. 15 = 6) is how to love fully, self and othes.
Looking at the two cards side-by-side: Both form a triangle with a powerful being on top (devil or Pan) and in The Lovers, archangel Rafael. In each corner stands a man to the right and a woman to the left; the man gestures with his hand to the woman (his need to connect to the female energy) and the woman (the emotion/psychic self) has two reactions: in the Lovers she’s open handed – accepted what the man offers or inviting his offerings and opened for guidance from the angel. In the Devil both hands are not open. Between them is a pull, in the devil the pull is cardinal. The man is enflamed by the force of the devil; perhaps thriving off chaos; the female  by the fruits of desire, but she doesn’t look to the devil, rather stares out to ? nowhere? Whereas in the Lovers she looks to the angel for guidance and connects the spirit with the conscious mind.
While the Devil represents the lower form of humans – the downfall of cardinal desires –the Lovers represents living with a higher or spiritual form of purpose. In the Lovers behind the man is the Tree of Knowledge; the woman, The Tree of Wisdom. She looks to the higher self to connect  the knowledge attained on the earth with inner wisdom to a greater purpose, thus the triangle of self and/or the balance of purpose or life.
When have you used and/or are using your knowledge (education) wisely to satisfy your needs materially and spiritually? Doing so is to live your authentic self through the positive use of your unique talents and abilities.
To live wholly or fully  is a balancing act of accepting the shadow-light energy or the  yin-yang .
Free yourself from the chains of your fears: prejudices, phobias, judgments and lack of self-love. LOVE YOUR SELF as in the Lovers.
Looking at the two cards makes a lot of sense for they represent us – the good, the bad and the ugly. You can transform your fears into a higher purpose.
I recently did. I have had a cherished goal but believed it would take too much time and money to accomplish. I meditated on The Devil  and realized my fear: I wasn’t valuing my talents. I wasn’t investing in myself as I invested in caring for others.
Meditating on the Lovers, I realized a balance place. Release certain responsibilities and people to focus on what brings me joy. I’m following a Higher Voice of Conscious and learning to write a potentially successful screenplay.
What is chaining you to the darkness of chaos, unhappiness and/or stagnation? How can you love yourself and life more so? Tell me what you did today to move beyond your fears into the love light.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


               Devil got your tongue?
Chained to the Devil?
Stuck in time? Stuck to responsibilities? 
Can't move along to a happier place in life?

What a little devil you are.
  The devil made me do it.
 I"m going beat the devil out of you.
What else has devil done to you?

 In the tarot's twenty-two major arcana cards (the pathway to enlightenment.) The Devil (Ryder/Waite deck) symbolizes Pan, the Greek god who generates chaos.

The Devil's message is a reminder of how our thinking can create a feeling of being stuck to a person, place or thing thus we create a behavior and beliefs that keeps us from living peacefully.

When our thoughts become chaotic, our fears and doubts become bigger than a solution, when our mind is muddled and we lose clarity we feel powerless and there are no choices. We become immobilized by our fears and doubts and become apathetic, angry, crazy! And in our state the victim of circumstances. 

If you notice the chains around the man and woman are not tight. They can take them off. The man (the mind) is fueled by the fire of greed, lust, gluttony or any of the seven deadly sins.

 and thus becomes chained to the material world (the cube.) The woman (passion) feeds  off his desires, creating deceptive fruits (addictions). They are stuck to earthly needs. Their spiritual self is dismissed for cardinal rewards.

There's a bit of the devil in each of us; could be a big piece, and at certain times, with specific people and/or situations, a strong part of us. It could be a small thing - like a moment of wanting beyond reason which brings  disappointment, confusion and panic––a once in a while experience when we need to leap with faith and break free from the chain keeping us back.

The Devil is a reminder to us to examine what is holding us back from being fulfilled, keeping hope, and feeling positive. 

What hold you back from a dream come true?  What are you stuck to, chained to or afraid of that keeps you from realizing a more fulfilling and positive life?

As a life coach my clients and I examine what chains are holding them back from achievement.

There is an answer, another path, and a move forward when you are willing to remove the chains and find balance. The opposite card of The Devil is The Lovers. 

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