Sunday, August 11, 2019


Don't blog in same day but this just came together today so here I go.

My YouTube video introducing my four books - barely seven minutes of your time.

Two non-fictional - parapsychology, paranormal subjects.

Two fictional - Scottish immigrants, mystery, psychic child and the other, Summer of Love: When flower power erupts into fire power!

In it I also talk about the brain's pleasure center - same region where sex stimulates.

Would you please watch this short video? 

Thanks June

Saturday, August 10, 2019




Does he or she pop into your mind now and then? 

Can you feel yourself reacting as she or he would? 

Today during a radio interview (link below) we talked about my four books with a focus on the fictional two and their strong characters, which readers have given thumbs up to along with the stories dialogue.

For many if not all, the characters writers create are not just imaginary people, they are real. Writers know everything about them and at times as the story moves on new aspects develop even surprising the writer.

Creating each character was a pure joy to my imagination, using a few people I've met over a life time and at times mixed and matched personalities and characteristics morphing them into one character in the story.

Think of some characters you've met in life. Why would you describe them as "a real character"? What made them memorable? How they spoke? Dressed? Wore their hair? What? Take note - you might at some time describe that character to another. 

In the The Skye in June the father, Jimmy MacDonald, is a hardworking, hard drinking dour man, husband and father to all girls. He dominates his family and in return they find ways to deter his control. Readers' reviews comment how they could hear Jimmy bellow and the girls plot how to get rid of their father. 

A feather in my cap: "Skye" was also chosen for a college class talk (read below Amazon review.)

In my second novel, City of Redemption, you'll meea Toni, a smart, gutsy woman in love with her Black Panther man, Bobby, a rather brooding, serious man. Toni's studying to be a lawyer while taking a role in the Panther's cause. A noble woman with deep value for the legal system. She's loyal to those who gain her trust like Liz the stories protagonist. Now there's a complicated woman.

During the interview on Off The Shelf radio show we also talked about my non-fictions - listen to the show here.  Please leave a comment here or after listening to the show. 

Please leave a comment - word or two and learn more about my books and me at   Thank you. 

Amazon Review in part:

As a historian and women's studies professor, I often look for books that my students 
might enjoy. 

I finished this novel yesterday and used it as a jump off point in class today when 
discussing witchcraft.  

The story is multi-faceted with many threads for different type of readers. You have 
the classic immigrant tale of coming to America. Or you can enjoy the context of a 
Scottish Catholic family in San Francisco in the 1950s. You have a story of a seriously
dysfunctional family, an abusive father and a depressed mother and how the children 
learn to cope. 

You have a wonderful story of sisterhood and the constant struggle to create those 
bonds even in early childhood. And then there is the story of June, the center of the 
novel. June, from her earliest years, was different from her siblings. 

She saw and heard things, strange ethereal things. Originally cast off as a child's 
wild imagination, her behavior created serious problems with her family, her faith, 
and ultimately within herself.

Thursday, August 8, 2019


SATURDAY, 8/10/19

(scroll to bottom for Radio Interview info 8/10/19 when I'll talk about The Skye in June

My first novel, The Skye in June, didn't start out as a novel. I wrote it as a screenplay. Every movement, every word - the conversations between the characters I spoke out loud. 

Turns out readers of the book comment on how much they enjoy the dialogue.

You want to write? Make it real - r-e-a-l - even the fantasy ones - how real is that fantasy? Can another get into it? Be a part of you fantasy place, characters, story?

Even if you don't want to publish (that's a whole other story) you have a story to tell, to share. 

Here's a few suggestions. 

• Find an important time in your life. A particular event that had an impact upon you - good, bad or ugly - something that added to who you are today,

• Talk it out loud with real emotions. 


• Tell it again - think you're telling the story to an audience of any size you imagine. 

• Are you ready to say it a third time? While telling it, record your story.

• Listen back. How does your story sound? Is it impactful? Humorous? Enticing? Clear?
How do you feel listening to it? Do you think another could relate? Want to hear your story?

• Ready to write it? If you found words you stumbled over, weren't true expressions of your emotions, find words either in other books, or perhaps another has voiced. Remember, your story is a picture created through your words.

My first and readers most beloved story is "The Skye in June"

I'll be talking about why I wrote & the challenges of publishing as an indie (independent author). Listen in please: Saturday, 8/10/19 - Radio Interview on Off The Shelf @11 a.m. EST (New York Time) - 10 CST (Chicago Time) and 8 a.m. PST (San Francisco Time)  

Live: 347-994-3490 or via internet to connect. 

"The Skye in June" is also printed in Japanese.

More about me, my four books, my psychic/medium profession and YouTube videos paranormal investigations