Wednesday, November 30, 2016


It's a great time of year to share, to give gifts, to receive gifts and to 

create an image of prosperity in your life.

One of the biggest, most asked for wishes is for prosperity. To prosper is associated with money -  all that glitters and shines, a sense of abundance - he prospered in his financial dealings. Being the fat cat with milk and honey. Sounds divine, eh?

Over the years clients ask in readings how to I get more ___________ - usually money. How's my money? Will it be safe? Will I have enough?

We've all read about people of meager status winning a pot full of money and squandering it because they do not handle their gains best. It's as though the winner(s) go into a frenzy - an out of body experience of having more than they ever imagined! Or, even if they did imagine what they'd do if they won the big lotto - somewhere they didn't feel deserving.

Be prepared. Chances are most seeking prosperity will not win the big lotto, but prosperity can growth in your life.

• One of the first steps to creating prosperity is to be clear with what exactly is it you believe you want or need. If it is money as many ask for, why? What will it give you that you don't have already? How will your life change? What will you do differently? How will people in your life react to you? Will you get their attention? Love? Gratitude? Envy? What is you truly want emotionally?

Seek to know the "feeling" prosperity and abundance will give you. Will you feel safe, secure, powerful? Will you feel/be healthier (afford good health care)? Will you feel more appreciated? Will more money allow you greater freedom and time? What will you do with this freedom and extra time? What will more give you?

• What is your plan when or if your wish comes true and you are prospering?

Think about and perhaps keep a journal to answer: what is your past experience about money? What are your beliefs about money? I'm from a big family where my father worked very hard to provide for his 8 kids. We came to the USA to prosper. W never had have much money, but my parents wanting a good education for us chose private schooling. That was a true sacrifice in many ways. They wanted the American dream and eventually bought a large, old home my father worked continuously to keep up. My mother sacrificed too with penny pinching and doing without a lot. But they pulled it off with long hours and frugal planning. Always the struggle.

So I believed I had to very work hard and not stop and continuously. I have done that since 10 years, finding jobs, and as an adult working several at a time, nary a day off; fear pushing me forward to "make it" and keep my head above water. Then I learned about money and history, money and emotions and began to change my thoughts. I liked some of my crazy jobs, that being a reading and teacher of the tarot and psychic powers.

But could I really afford to take care of my son and myself doing that? So, while I worked on my beliefs my vision of being a successfully financially psychic reader free of other jobs, ones that helped pay the bills, came true.  Yes, I continued to work continuously, but less feverishly. I found my personality enjoyed the challenge of creating new opportunities, like my parents adventure into a new world, but without the constant worry - and when I learned this, prosperity grew. Not that it was always easy. But prosperity continues, because I've changed my viewpoints about money. I am forever grateful, each day, for what I have.

Review what your parents said about money, about being secure in the financial material world and about their feelings of their jobs.

If you're having a difficult time recalling a past experience when you felt that emotion - safety, security, love, happiness etc.- take yourself to the first time you understand the value of money. Could have been an allowance or a money gift.  Use that memory to create a physical reaction.

• How to attract it. Here are more steps:

• Create from a positive viewpoint. Not a rushed, urgent, fear emotion. To help do this find a time and space each day to count your blessings. It can be as you have your morning beverage, let your mind drift to that space of remembering what you are grateful, thankful for.

I know there are many who are barely holding on and some in physical or mental pain - I get it. Still, as best you can:

In order to create and manifest prosperity into a physical reality/experience, count your blessings. No matter how small they might appear. On not so good days and times I (often reluctantly) say I am blessed I can still walk (with two serious accidents and if on that day I can),  and I am grateful I can still see (sure I need glasses more now). I am very grateful I prospered in love. So many are kind to me, care about me now. I have love from the husband, my kid, grandkids, friends and clients, and on and on. I am grateful I live another day to serve my spiritual values.

• Your Five Senses Create: You can manifest more easily when you "feel" your wish. Therefore imagine, image, visualize what you are manifesting into physical feelings.

A client wanted a more prestige position. It would give her lots more money and status. When we did the process of imaging her sitting at the desk of power. When she envisioned it, she felt ill, almost going into a panic attack. Her issue was the old parent message of be grateful for what you have and don't push to get more. She feared pushing for more that something would go wrong. For her, it was a belief in class division. Although highly educated (she paid her own way) she was a woman and her father had said women should be at home and not to be in a place of power.

Long story short: yes, with a few sessions, she worked through the lie and did get the job, which paid for her home improvements and a decent car and more. Now she wishes to prosper in a loving relationship.

You see prosperity, being abundant is not just about money. It's about living with your values, of what has great meaning to you. Creating that with purpose and clarity of values is to prosper.

• Emotions create a physical reaction. Check it out - you feel angry? Your physical self will react. Where in your body is the anger? Do you feel sad? How does your body react? We've heard of a broken heart. I know when my sister died suddenly the muscle in my chest squeezed so hard that my heart felt such physical pain.

When you feel happy, and loved are your steps lighter? It's the truth. Your whole self lightens up!

Pay attention to your physical reaction when you say I'm create prosperity.

• a Logo, a Symbol, a simple image: You've already done the Why do I want it and understand what emotion is attached, now give that feeling an image or symbol. Prosperity might be a big dollar sign, a pot of gold, a nice house, hugging a loving partner - whatever having more will bring you.

Keep the image in mind: Draw, or cut out an image of what you are focusing on to keep you on track. Sit each day and simply say, I'm creating prosperity for this reason - see your image - feel your emotion to the image.

• Words are powerful in creating. Remember to always use a simple statement. Don't get overly involved in attracting. For example, free your creative min, see it, feel it, say it. Rather than repeating, "I want money", "I want love", "I want to prosper",  say such statements as  I create prosperity and I am open to receiving prosperity, then see your image or symbol

Think about writing an affirmation to support your thoughts and change beliefs if need be. When I'm manifesting I do the 21 day affirmation and also journal my thoughts, fears, doubts, hopes and more after and, at times during, writing the affirmation.

 See your symbol, be with it and speak aloud your affirmation.

•Sit quietly a bit more to be at peace with your ritual of creation and celebrate: be joyful. You are clear, don't let your mind jump around to the fear center. If it does, stop the process. Note it and then or later, know there's more work on fear or not having abundance to be done.

• I've taken Shakti Gawain's (Creative Visualization and Manifestation) to heart when creating by ending my meditation/imaging time with "May this or something better manifest in my life." Because I might be missing out on something better for myself. Focusing on being prosperous with money I opened to receive advice and at times, assistance from advice from willing people. I used to believe only I could get it done and I could only count on me. Well, I opened up to receiving and prosperous people manifested in my life to bring me along. Again, I still had to do my part, but I learned to trust.

• ACT: Creation takes action on your behalf. Do what is humanly possible to manifest what you want. This is also advise that is given before casting a spell. Do everything humanly possible to create. Magic is knowing, clarity of purpose, simplicity of words, and the willingness to take action.

To say you attract prosperity and not involved by say looking for a job, getting the education needed to advance, even buying a lotto ticket (I'm not into that but....) then chances are your prosperity won't flourish. If you had a garden area and wanted beautiful flowers, planted a few seeds (did you work above) but never water or weeded it, trust me, most flowering plants wouldn't thrive.

• Gratitude: Always end with a thought, words or prayer of gratitude for what you do have in your life, and with a belief you deserve this prosperity, you are heard and it is being created. "Thank you for all I have in my life. I truly believe prosperity manifesting and I will continue to be prosperous."

I say daily, "I am grateful for all I have and all I can share with others."

Giving is a big part of prosperity. Whatever it might be. You keep enough for yourself and share what you can with another or others.

• Go around your business. You've already done what you can, now let the energy of your thoughts and actions attract opportunities.

Let it go! Release the constant thought of money. Release the constant direction your plan is to take. You know where you're doing. Like driving to a location. No need to keep thinking of saying, I'm on my way to San Jose (or wherever). In the car/train/plane/walking, you think other thoughts. Same with creating prosperity.

After a period of time, say the 21 days are over - or the week you decided you'd focus on creating prosperity - let it from your mind. Let it work, don't hold onto the thought. Trust the process.

• Be Flexible. Be open to other ways to prosper: So it didn't happen or didn't happen like you thought. Not a happy thought, but please realize that not all what we believe we should have, need or desire comes in the way we focused on, or in our time or even in this life time. If it doesn't what else can you imagine to prosper in your life? May this or something better manifest for you.

I have experienced this and many of my coaching clients have set out with one goal in mind to have much more manifest in their lives than they thought possible.

ALWAYS SHARE YOUR GOOD FORTUNE! The Law of Attraction for fulfillment is only one of several Cosmic Laws - sharing your good fortune in any way, even a smile to a downtrodden or a kindness to an animal attracts vibrations of more good fortune. But don't do it for that, do it because you want to share.

GOOD LUCK! Let me know when you follow this what occurred in your life.

So Mote it Be.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016




This doesn't mean I have lost faith, it means I am re-energizing, clearing my mind and spirit of strife and struggle as I keep faith.

"When you get to the end of all the light you know and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown faith is knowing one of two things shall happen, either something solid will be given to stand on or you will be taught how to fly." 

I've learned, through the school of hard knocks and rocks, let it go, even for now, for the sake of peace of mind and the recovery of clarity. 

Also, I've learned the exact dream, vision and/or goal I hoped for at a certain time in life, thinking I was ready for it, actually manifested - not in my time, but in the order of my spiritual and personal growth awareness. At a time I could fully, and wisely, live that vision. I've learned that walking into the unknown presented many more options and opened up opportunity unknown to me before.

When have you been at that place of having to let go in order to continue forth? What is your thoughts on how to and experience of how it came to be?

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