Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Witch Doctor to Call.

Excerpted from my E-book The Timeless Counselor: A Professional Psychic Reading.

Readers/healers have much to offer the medical world as health advisors. Psychic readers and healers with their keen psychic perceptions, training and knowledge, can play an important role in helping people keep healthy physical, emotional and spiritual . They can work effectively alongside doctors and other health care providers to help diagnosis and suggest treatments.

The majority of the medical field presently view medical intuitives as quacks although Oprah had Carolyn Myss an American medical intuitive, mystic and author on her show.
The narrow viewpoint of the medical field doesn't serve any good purpose. I suggest more supervised scientific research and long term studies be conducted from which people can choose to include psychics in their medical decisions.

It seems difficult for the medical field to accept or fathom how psychic impressions are reached. Readers see health problems through visions or reading your aura or chakra energy. For example the reader might say, , “You have a health problem in your heart region. I see it's attached to feelings of loneliness. To help heal, it's time to accept that you are loved.” She might give you an affirmation to change negative thoughts to help the process of healing and also recommending a doctor’s visit.

You need not be physically ill to experience a healing. Anxiety and depression are as grave (if not the pre-existing source of some physical ailments) and can also be helped.

There are physicians who do not solely rely on scientific studies and use a certain amount of intuition – “gut feeling”– when diagnosing and treating patients successfully. Some physicians even consider the emotional and mental state when dealing with the patient’s ailment. By acknowledging those components, physicians can then recommend alternative medicine and therapy rather than only experimenting with a variety of medicines or surgery.

Physicians often have to try a few methods in order the patient heal. Several medications may be prescribed during this time. The various drugs alone, entering the system, can very well cause more strain to the patients’ condition. A reader/healer can receive pertinent information by reading the energy (aura and chakras) on which medicine and/or treatment would be most effective. If you have a strong interest in healers, I recommend researching the subject thoroughly before choosing an intuitive medical reader or a healer.

I will be extremely pleased when holistic healers have a recognized role in social and can work with the medical field for a more complete and effective healing.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Excerpts from "The Timeless Counselor: 

The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading"


by June Ahern 

It has been my experience that the majority of Western religions do not view reader/readings positively.  I personally have often encountered controversy regarding my psychic philosophy and work. It is not my purpose to condemn religions or sway anyone’s opinion or change religious beliefs. Rather, my purpose is to share my experiences…

Experiences have taught me that readings need not be, or are, in competition with any religious philosophy.

We psychics and mediums have been grouped together, called false prophets, evildoers, cons or Satan worshippers.

Christ, Himself, speaks to us of using the power within. He, Himself, possessed super normal powers. He healed, prophesied, He read minds, appeared after death…

Mediumship is communication with spirits. Religion talks about life after death. Clairvoyants see future visions. Prophets spoke of future events. Many religious people speak of communicating with God (or their Higher Power) mentally through prayer.

A reading can certainly allow you an opportunity to look at your spiritual growth as well as view your religion differently to deepen it through having a stronger spiritual connection.

What are your thoughts on psychic readers and religious beliefs?

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Girl Bombshell suggested a love letter to self for Valentine's Day. I am accustomed to writing love letters to my husband and will write to myself in a way I write to him.

You make my heart light as a warm breeze lifting a lace curtain in spring time, a whisper of tenderness and promise of relief from the day's heated duties. If not for your words of kindness, always at times needed so, I'd crumble in the face of harshness of life's challenges. For too many years you have wasted breath mumbling negative words to self - "I did not measure up." To whom? To other's expectations. Nay, my tenderhearted girl. You are a special treat like a Valentine chocolate! Now in the years of your life where you think that your body no longer holds its own on the beach, we find humor, laughing aloud at the rolls encountered in nakeness -- like the rolls of waves, one after another, continual never ceasing to keep the life in you in motion with a lift of spirit. I like how you've aged. You continue to bring joy to my being -- you're still a keen dancer; boogie on down. I cease the notion, whipping a hand across my face, when one miserable thought of self begins to utter. Wheest! You are smart and wise enough. Look at your life successes, the people you've inspired, the ones you have loyally loved, the places you've seen in the world...all of it. The challenges you've face, living with light beyond the abuse. How tenacious, sweet warrior-woman. Against many odds, you struggled at times to keep your place in the sun, continuing to find beauty - in a rose, in the giggles of children and the hearts of friends. With a keen eye you reminded me often how life is an interesting entertainment. Yes, dearest, you are a strong woman, you kept your sense of humor, even after the beatings and cruel criticisms from those who disbelieved in you; you always believed in yourself. You do not linger long upon the past, only expressing the pain more as a sharing to encourage others to live better. That is a beauty about living longer; willingness to support others to live fully. And why, dearest friend? Because so many have loved you, your wishes, dreams and goals. Yes, I have and am, loved deeply and because of that, I love myself. Blessed be. Your V-Girl, Witchy Woman.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Who Are Psychic Readers?

“My psychic reader said…” Ears perk up when a statement of this kind is made. It certainly invites discussion because of the various opinions that people have about psychic readings and readers pro or con.
Readers are in no way, a new fad. Since the beginning of time and throughout history people have, and still do, consult these timeless counselors. For eons and in every country of the world men and women have sought answers and guidance from prophets, seers, shamans, to astrologers to confer with the stars, cast stones or cards, and brew magical herbal potions to promote strength, sexual prowess, energy and good luck.
People are often unsure of what to expect of a reader’s appearance not realizing that there assortment of individuals who are readers. To many, the idea of a reader conjures up images of a strangely dressed gypsy or a witch, sitting in a darkened room with a crystal ball in front of her while weird music plays in the background. When people learn that I am a psychic they invariably remark, “You look so normal.” While some readers might appear a little strange in dress or behavior most look and act like everyday people. Most readers and healers live quiet, normal lives with families and friends. Many have another career totally unrelated to their psychic work. You may even be living next door to one.
Hollywood’s version of a reader is often portrayed as woman dressed like a gypsy looking into a crystal ball delivering an ominous message or predicting a handsome rich man for come the querent. People then think that all readers are fortunetellers. Fortune telling does focus on predicting future events. The results of a reading like this can be very disappointing or even provoke anger if the predictions of the fortuneteller are not realized. It has been my experience that when people are looking for someone to “fix” their problems and tell them what lays ahead in life, they choose a fortuneteller.
The public hears only about the more famous psychics and the majority of readers remain generally unknown. This doesn’t mean that the unknown readers are any less effective than the better known ones.
The reader you choose and method she uses depends upon your preference. And although the reader can help you understand how powerful you are and assist you in creating a fulfilling future––it is you who are the ultimate decision maker, not the reader!

Excerpt from Chapter one from The Timeless Counselor - A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counselor

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life as a psychic reader is not easy at times. To begin people think it's an odd profession. Some think there's no such thing as a person who can know personal information about another without prior knowledge. People openly make fun of you in social gatherings - I wonder if they'd do that if someone said, "I'm a teacher (or a doctor, or lawyer - well maybe.)" Of course there are people of certain religions that need to save your soul - after all psychics, in their eyes, are working with the Devil. Although I've worked with the police for positive results, the time spent doing so was too often met with officers who treated me as the criminal or in cahoots with. Although the majority of my clients are super duper, there's a few that test my holy patience - not that I have too much already. Especially at when I had spirit communication sessions aka seances. I'd described the spirit coming through and the living person would look blankly at me - huh? So, I go back for more info from the spirit - finally the living one would say, "Oh! My God! That's my....whomever... - but she had brown hair not not dirty blonde or green eyes not hazel", or giving a message I've heard, "I don't want to talk to her or him." I tell the living that the dead aren't into "issues" the same way we living are. There are many reasons that being psychic isn't all that easy but all in all, it's a wonderful profession because you do help so many have hope, expand their horizons and be at peace in spirit.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

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Long before I collect all my goodies to perform a spell, like a particular incense, special colored candles and flowers, and whatever else a particular spell might call for to be placed on my altar, the magic of creation and movement of energy begins in my mind. First I go through my thoughts searching for images to match with the emotions that come up as they flash across my mind. I don't always stop at the good feelings. Sometimes I stop at the image or picture that tightens my stomach or my neck aches. What is the connection? Is it fear that I can't have what I'm imaging? Do I fear that what I want is too powerful to hold on to? I make a decision on which image I wish to manifest to an experience in life but before committing, journal about it. The journaling continues to bring clarity and confirmation that I am prepared to perform a ritual that shows I am willing to bring this into my life. By the time I have collected my objects, placed them accordingly and am in the act of the ritual, the magic of birthing my experience is well into a higher state of consciousness where the union of creation and karma have gone into process. Let the magic begin, think, see, hear, feel - it's working. So mote it be.