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For those who asked: 

Yes I return to radio - a special show with Yerevan 

Tuesday, 8/11 -  9:15 a.m. to 10 a.m. PST 


If you'd like to listen to previous shows please go to readings by readings by yerevan dot com search radio shows and then June Ahern or follow the link directly to them. A variety of metaphysical, paranormal subjects. For example, psychic indigo kids, spells, prayers, affirmations and incantations, talking to the dead. Radio Streams live.

Please join me on August 11th or check in at Yerevan's site later to catch the show on DNA Aura.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015



I am experimenting with DNA psychic readings; 

a most fascinating study and experience.

Now that I'm mostly retired I have time to explore and experiment with and advance my psychic studies.  

 My interest in spirit communication and reading the energy of people prevails and has led me to exploring psychic DNA readings. Something I’ve thought about for many years, but have never revealed my knowledge about DNA.

In 1990 I had my first encounter with DNA - long before hearing about it in mainstream conversation, news and detective crimes television shows. In fact when DNA strands manifested in front of my eyes, I had no idea what they were.
It happened when I was in Florida on holiday. Waiting for my host to come home I sat in a window seat. The sun filtering through the windows lulled me to a deeply relaxed state although not sleep.  My eyes were half-mask as I basked in the lovely moment. Suddenly long colorful ribbons or strands were moving in front of me.

They were truly beautiful! Living, moving, colors shimmering, twinkling. Within the strand were colorful dots of various colors, all in constant twirling motion. 

Some were tangled, some moving smoothly. Again, I was fully conscious in my relaxed state and now, fully confused. This image in front of me was not taking place as a thought (in my mind) but as a vision (external and apart from my physical space.)

The vision was accompanied by a message, which then was within my mind. “Look at this and know each person is made up from codes. You can see this clearly.”

Since I had no understanding, knowledge or even accepting of this vision or information, I put it aside for quite a few years and rarely, if ever talked about it. How could I describe the strands and what they meant when I didn’t think I had enough information. Plus, would people think I was crazy? Okay, beyond that already with talking to spirits/ghosts.

The same way I put aside my 1970 NDE (near death experience as described in my book, How to Talk with Spirits in 1970. Both were too difficult to discuss. Both were deeply emotional experiences. Both had a great impact upon me.

Now after retiring from psychic readings I find it is time to share my DNA insights for the betterment of health of others. I’m only experimenting with how it is to work.
Unlike the usual psychic readings I gave for years these readings do not speak about the future, although they guide a person to confer with their medical caretakers on illness and disease treatments. 

Did you know psychic readers and even medical intuitives by law, cannot diagnose illnesses or diseases, nor prescribe treatment for. But we can “see” on a psychic level health conditions and information and encourage clients to follow-up.

I’ve given health information for many years in readings (as discussed in my book, The TimelessCounselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading) only the DNA reading is much more intense and focused on the health of a person, their medical history and medical conditions inherited through blood line (ancestors.)
My first case was a long time coaching client.  Often her anger would explode into rage causing serious difficulties in personal and professional relationships. During one of our coaching session I saw a tangle of DNA strandsin her gut. In the months we worked on untangling through meditation, setting easy goals to convey her emotions, her angry rages subsided, her eating habits improved, her gut juices improved, and her sense of family closeness occurred.

There was a woman I met and mentioned I picked up she wasn't drinking enough water because she didn't like it. The woman confirmed I was right. I asked to read her DNA history on that. What I told her astounded her. At one time in another country her family's village had a serious water contamination problem and poisoned most the village. She is very much into genealogy and confirmed that to be true. Her reaction to water was feeling sick in her stomach. She carried forth the fear, and the sensation of feeling sick to her stomach.  With this knowledge she drinks filtered water.

The two cases I recently worked on were of two very ill people. The first woman is near death unless she make some serious health decisions. Her physicians cannot find the source of illness. It is a tangled strand of DNA in the throat region, no doubt her thyroid and within her kidneys. Her gall bladder has already produced stones, but her DNA revealed a collection of fatty tissues in her liver. She promised to follow through with more tests.

Included in her DNA was, once again, certain behavior, and beliefs within the family structure contributing to the weakness in organs causing vulnerability to health. There had been in her maternal lineage long standing feuds between mother and daughter since this patient could recall.

Another woman I read for had a family lineage of mental illness and this was present in her DNA, but her maternal side proved she could overcome it. Her depression had to be dealt with equally to her care of the physical symptoms.

The difference to me from reading the aura and history of the person now is deeper into the creation, perpetuation and history of illnesses.
Honestly, I don’t know where I’m going with this as I’m enjoying retirement. I do know I have a valuable and helpful ability.

Below is a very simple explanation of DNA. Please do research it more because it is fascinating.
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the molecule that contains the genetic code of organisms. This include Animals, plants, protists, archaea and bacteria.

DNA is in each cell in the organism and tells cells what proteins to make. Mostly, these proteins are enzmes. DNA is inherited by children from their parents. This is why children share traits with their parents, such as skin, hair and eye color. The DNA in a person is a combination of the DNA from each of their parents.

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