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NEXT RADIO SHOW For those who asked:  Yes I return to radio - a special show with Yerevan  Tuesday, 8/11 -  9:15 a.m. to 10 a.m. PST  TOPIC: DNA or AURA READING? If you'd like to listen to previous shows please go to readings by readings by yerevan dot com search radio shows and then June Ahern or follow the link directly to them. A variety of metaphysical, paranormal subjects. For example, psychic indigo kids, spells, prayers, affirmations and incantations, talking to the dead. Radio Streams live.
Please join me on August 11th or check in at Yerevan's site later to catch the show on DNA Aura.

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I am experimenting with DNA psychic readings; a most fascinating study and experience.

Now that I'm mostly retired I have time to explore and experiment with and advance my psychic studies.  
 My interest in spirit communication and reading the energy of people prevails and has led me to exploring psychic DNA readings. Something I’ve thought about for many years, but have never revealed my knowledge about DNA.
In 1990 I had my first encounter with DNA - long before hearing about it in mainstream conversation, news and detective crimes television shows. In fact when DNA strands manifested in front of my eyes, I had no idea what they were. It happened when I was in Florida on holiday. Waiting for my host to come home I sat in a window seat. The sun filtering through the windows lulled me to a deeply relaxed state although not sleep.My eyes were half-mask as I basked in the lovely moment. Suddenly long colorful ribbons or strands were moving in front of me.
They were truly beautiful! Li…