Saturday, January 12, 2019


"Of course I feel too much, I am a universe of exploding stars."
~ S. Ajna

When did you stop trusting your intuition? 

How often have you said, "I knew that, but..." or, "I should've paid attention to my feelings/gut about..."

Happens to most of us at times. We just know, but logic tells us, nah can't be.

Being empathic can be both a blessings and a curse. 

Blessing, you can be a loving healing source. Curse, you take in too much from others.

Often, we empaths screwed up our lives over the pain we feel from others. We take them into ourselves creating another's pain not only mentally but emotionally and psychically and they become us wondering, "Who am I?" 

Losing touch with our true face - true self. The pain sadly often leads to substance abuse just to deal with this world. 

What messages do empaths get as children? 

Have you been told you're too sensitive? A crybaby? Do you need more time alone than most? 

These have been said to me throughout my life.  I used to hid away in closets just to stop the noise of siblings; traffic etc. My family made fun of me.

I wondered what was wrong with me? Am I crazy? As a child I'd see the explosion of Daddy's anger before it happened and trembled, looking for help.

Time had proved to me that yes, I do know things about people without previous info. Yes, dead people talk to me.  I've studying, been mentored, join in with other like minded and thus found healing of self-doubt while realizing my potentials. 

Animals & empathic children more often than not go hand in hand. Why? They depend upon in-tune to feelings to stay safe or be on alert.

Two of my earlier blogs are about kids that are psychic (the rainbow or Indigo kids) available on this blog. Do you recognize yourself and/or your child? (links below might work.)

As adults we put aside "feelings" for logic, reason & practicality and that's not unimportant, it's how we balance the two - intuitive, gut feelings w/reasonable understanding and directions. 

Professionally, I've been a psychic medium and teacher of all involved with that for 45 + years and still I'm learning about how the whole kit and caboodle works - like in the last few years realizing dimensions around us.

Thus, taking an on-line course about Empaths to join with others who are recognizing and growing their intuition.

Maybe I'll "see" you there, eh?

My novel, The Skye in June, the main character is a young girl who is an empaths and beyond that. My books How to Talk With Spirits and The Timeless Counselor include my ESP Quiz. Review at june ahern dot com.

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