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Kids say the darndest things
Art Linkletter as Art Linkletter's House Party

And even more so with the growing psychic awareness of the kids born over the last thirty or so years.

What becomes of the talented psychic child? Does she grow-up to be a famous psychic reader like Sylvia Browne? Or a well-known TV personality medium as did John Edwards and the Long Island Psychic?  

Probably not. 

Most children born with strong psychic powers have faced many problems because of their abilities. Perhaps you were one of these children.  How was your life effected by it?

It is said more than ever children with strong psychic abilities and awareness are being born. They've been called Indigo Children, Crystal Children, and Rainbow Star Children.

My son revealed his psychic abilities early in life. At the age of three he told me about other life times and by four gave crucial information on a murder case I was working on with law enforcement. 

In my first novel, The Skye in June, my protagonist is a little girl who has upsetting visions that anger her parents and has her sisters rolling their eyes. The story begins in Glasgow, Scotland and the family emigrate to San Francisco, CA.

 I'll talk about that character and other the psychic Indigo child with co-host Yerevan ( Tuesday, March 4, '14, '14 at 9 to 10 a.m. PST. Calls-ins welcomed. 

Learn how to recognize if a child's has these abilities, how to accept, support, and perhaps assist in directing him or her to share productively in their lives and with society.  Are there differences between the psychic child and the Indigo child? Let's find out

Listen:  scroll to Indigo Kids I and II.

I'll talk about a fun game to play from Litany Burn's "The Sixth Sense of Children" book.

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