Thursday, November 29, 2018


Preparation for spirit communication truly makes a difference

#1. Before you begin to communicate with the spirit of a dead person be honest with knowing you are really ready. Answer: Are you truly prepared emotionally to connect with a dead love one? If you grieving heavily  - crying a lot - you most likely will not find the comfort you seek or even the message clearly.  Have you tried comforting someone who is crying constantly, sobbing? The person doesn't hear words and would do best to be comforted with a hug. Spirit messages are in words so do you think you're ready to listen?

Besides emotionally prepared are you mentally open, willing to experience whatever happens and is said by whichever spirit? Are you physically able to sit comfortably for a least an hour? Yes, it takes patience to await spirit connection. If spirit communication is made in a seance you will be sitting, maybe holding hands for at least an hour.

#2. Before the session prepare through a time to meditate or at least have a  quiet time. Open your mind to the spirit you'd like to communicate with. Mentally see recall - look at their face in your mind's eye the person. Say her or his name. You might want to say the name aloud.  Truth be told whatever spirit really wants to contact you will come through no matter how much you want another. I suggest you write the person's name on a piece of paper and take it with you to the session. You can also take a photograph even if the medium doesn't ask for one you have your loved one in hand (or pocket).

#3. Attitude makes a difference. Keep an open mind. Make it a time of wonderment - I wonder if a spirit will come through. When a person doesn't believe - is negative or disdain about the whole phenom of spirit communicaiton that kind of attitude effects the success of the seance. More in my book about how to sit.

I've witnessed and I'm communicating with spirit and feel that blocked energy have asked the guests "Who is it that really doesn't want to be here?" Often someone talks another (like a partner) into coming along.  When a person admits I ask the person to leave the room.

Be part of the group wholly.

#4. Some people are afraid of "ghosts" -"vampire entities" "evil spirits" will show. Well, a rarity those kind come through, but one never knows. A seasoned and educated medium knows how to prepare and keep out those kinds of spirits. 

If it happens it can be frightening but again, it's a rarity, so trust and relax. 

If you hold fear say a prayer, carry a good luck charm or religious icon. Spirit communication can be very emotional but shouldn't be fearful at all. 

#5. The big hope is you get a message, one you find comforting. Hopefully each guests gets a message but not always. Think of that before you go to the session. How will you feel if you don't get a message? Does it mean your dead loved ones have nothing to say to you? Probably not. They might want to contact you in private. Or, the timing is not right to communicate. Don't despair for a message can come later and perhaps from another source.

#5. Just listen to the message. Don't get into, well, he wasn't like that, she never came, you want a connection. Later you can decide if the message given has meaning to you.  I can't count the many people who have later said, "Oh, I found out you were right" or "now that makes sense to me." Overly questioning can impeded the message.

#6. Thank whomever gave you the message for I'm sure more are to come.

Other useful suggestions how to prepare for a group or solo in my book, How to Talk With Spirits. 

Invite me to talk to your group of interested friends. I do Skype or Soon book events. A good time to ask questions.

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