Tuesday, November 27, 2018


A book is a gift you can open again and again.”- Garrison Keillor

Has your life taken a unexpected path  - one you never thought of ever? 

I certainly experienced that - never thinking when I grow up I'm going to be a psychic medium and write four books.

As I prepare to offer my Holiday Book Special I laugh at having two successful careers that never crossed my mind.  My father said, "get a job until you get married."  So, I did right out of high school then realized working in an office wasn't for me nor was getting married at that time. My goal was to be a long distance truck driver; travel, freedom, no boss asking for coffee - ah, a dream and then the car accident changed it all (as told in my How to Talk With Spirits.)

All my books were written on the advice of another. 

My first book now titled, "The Timeless Counselor: The Best Key to a Successful Psychic Reading" came to be on the advice of a client who said it would help my business as a psychic medium and parapsychology teacher grow.

Originally titled "A Professional Psychic Reading: Alternative to Therapy" published  in 1990 was handwritten and later put onto a borrowed  clunky PC with floppy disks. A small San Francisco publishing company rolled out 5,000 copies (all sold) and was  put together over a few weekends in my basement with several friends, music blaring, wine and pizza. 

The book did prove  to expand my business.  I appeared on the television talk show, "People are Talking" with a mention of my book and was the most sold book of an unknown author at the NY Whole Life Expo.

My next book, a novel, that I had no intention of writing. It started out as a screenplay.  A friend who is a published author said  novels have a better chance of being bought for a screenplay.Reluctantly, I began to write the story and had two (wonderful) years of developing my Maconald family - speaking the dialogue out loud, often as I was making dinner. Thus the popular "The Skye in June" came to be with many readers ask for a sequel.

Second novel again was first a screenplay first written on request from a Scottish actress I met in Los Angeles when The Skye in June was, in part, played out on stage. I loved the story so much I once again decided to write it as a novel. It's a Summer of Love thriller titled, "City of Redemption."

Next non-fiction: I received a FB PM from a client telling me he had a dream that I should write a book about spirit communication became my last book. I said, no way, no more books, no, no several times and then OK a really short eBook. It turned out to be very popular with much interest from so many interested in the paranormal. Have done quite a few book events as well as radio shows (still more scheduled) on this subject.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL:  .Personally autographed, gift wrapped with a note to your recipient mailed in USA (ends 12/31/18)  www.juneahern.com  see purchase page. ORDER DIRECTLY FROM ME. Does not include print books ordered from other outlets.

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