Saturday, December 15, 2018

FREE - GIVE-AWAY eBook is offering a give-away for my first novel The Skye in June. See link to at bottom of blog.

The book has collectively over 700 overwhelming positive reviews reviews at Amazon (US, UK, France, Japan);; Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, - to name a few sites.

A story with laughs, sorrow, adventure, anger, the usual family drama. Has a mystery, with the answer to be found in the Isle of Skye.

Learn some Scottish sayings and customs, walk the streets of one of San Francisco's well-known neighborhoods back in the day, watch the family change over the years.

The MacDonalds are a Scottish immigrant family who emigrated to San Francisco, California in the mid 1950s after a family tragedy. 

The four girls come of age during the changing environs of the 1960s - a wild and crazy time.

They live in a most well-known neighborhood of the city that most now know of as The Castro, but is actually named Eureka Valley.

Eureka Valley or "The Valley" has old time residents called it, is the heart of the city - sitting almost right dab in the center of it of San Francisco if you will.

It's a historical novel as the story takes you up and down Castro Street and you can stop at one of the most historical businesses which continues to thrive today - Cliff's Department store.

Take in a movie at The Castro Theatre, which was a hubbub for the neighborhood kids who clamored to it, waiting in long lines every Saturday.

Read more about the story at june and enter to win a kindle copy. Ready, go.. 

Good Luck!. Here is the link to the giveaway:

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