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Blessed be High Priestess, Zsuzsanna E. Budapest who rallied and fought bravely for the rights of psychics and pagans to practice without penally of laws and persecution (in some areas). 

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Tonight look up to the skies, feel the power of the the Full Moon - open your arms, feel the energy  - if you are wiling and are brave in the coldness, go Skyclad. This means naked. You can wear sacred (special) to you jewelry and a cape, if you wish. The ritual begins with preparation: take a bath in rose water, or some oil to calm your mind and body; turn your thoughts inward to your personal power, the truth of you.

Skyclad - nothing between you and the sky, nature. The truth of self. Connection to a Divine Source in the Naked Truth. Not identifying yourself through clothing.  These are some reasons. A Holy Time.

The 2018 Winter Solstice is a powerful one with the full moon and meteor showers. 


A view from the moon

The time of the longest nights has come, and 
the Lady of the Night, The Cold White Moon, rules supreme.

She wheels through the heavens above a white world, as if her 
power were transforming the earth into her own image.

Moonlight glitters, from frosted branches, sparkles from fields of new-fallen snow. The air tingles with energy.

Now, in this time of greatest darkness, the Moon is pregnant with light.

The stars dance around her in the heavens, and Earth blossoms with a million points of brightness.

Out of the darkness the new year is born.

So Mote it Be.

 “Grandmother Moon”
Zsuzsanna E. Budapest 

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