Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Most of you who follow me know after forty + years it's rare I give private psychic readings.

Rather, I focused on my paranormal investigations (YouTube The Haunted Bay), writing, and my great love, teaching.

I love the tarot cards as a symbol toward enlightenment and guidance.

It's so much fun to teach ESP development and gratifying to share  the formula of coaching (see sfcoaching page)

BUT and THEN AGAIN! Since I made the Holiday Special Offer (see purchase page) I've been doing email readings and loving it!! My psychic energy continues to vision and once I latch onto that question sent me the visions and messages become stronger and I just have to share.

Although mostly retired it's as an artist, creating is an energy an a vibrational force that has to be acted upon. So glad I decided to do this.

What talent or ability do you posses that no matter what you just have to act upon? 

Excited to act upon this goal in 2018. 

Update - 2018 June Goal: Teaching Class on-line. Due to so many out of my region requests I've
been looking into and getting advice how to do teach on-line. I think Skype might be best for me. My classes can include national and international in my native tongue, English.

I'll start with the tarot as steps to achieve a goal. Been doing it with students since April & August and they are truly moving forward successfully to achieve goals.

Interested? Leave a comment or email me at june@sfcoaching.com

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Spell to Claim Your Uniqueness:

Do this spell during a waxing moon, which is considered to be when we 'grow things' - getting brighter and closer to the full moon of celebration.

A few things about casting spells; harm to none, don't do spells that harm others, let karma take care of that; don't look back - don't focus on the spell, let things happen; things will come up that can be uncomfortable or even a big bummer that's because in order to fulfill we have to clean away the outworn, outdated, useless acts and thoughts keeping us from getting.
Got it?

Your altar has a larger than other candles, a white one, add another candle of your favorite color, a flower in water, and an object near and dear to you as well as a photo or drawing or image of you, a happy time. Burn incense if you wish

Enjoy your altar. Sit quietly, breathe, relax, image yourself sitting in the sun, feel the light, feel the warmth and now say aloud:

In the warmth and energy of the sun
I see clearly my unique self (whatever that is)
I see my strengths, my passion
(enjoy this image, feel the power return to your whole being)
I am part of the Universal flow, 
The power of the Cosmic energy
(Breathe in this image and feeling. Let it run through your body)
I claim my power. 
With harm to none and for the better good of Earth
I invoke the power of myself to fulfill my life.
So Mote it be.

When you are ready snuff out your candle.  Keep your flower, dry it out if you can and in the full moon time, light your candles and enjoy the changes and clarity received from this spell.

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