Wednesday, December 13, 2017



How to Talk With Spirits: Seance, Mediums, Ghost Hunts

by June Ahern 

is an informative exploration into an often 

controversial and sensitive subject: 

Life after death 

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The book answers many questions from the curious living about life after death, ghosts - why and where? Vampire entities, talking to the spirit of your departed pet - + much more!

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starsThis book is easy to read. August 1, 2017. This book is easy to read. Once I 
picked it up I could not put it down. I have often felt my relatives around me but not sure how to 
understand what they wanted to tell me. Page 133 was my answer, learn to be quiet and listen. 
This book has brought me peace of mind.

July 9, 2017. Years ago, June Ahern was an important teacher for me regarding intuitive spirituality. 
BRAVO on her practical, in-depth and highly personal book about spirit communication. It is rooted 
in both goodness and good advice. June shares her  experiences with a focus on comfort, insight, 
protection, and understanding ourselves through the unique lens of a spirit-filled world. It's a practical 
book that gave me a depth of insight into the wondrous facets of my own Christianity, something I 
didn't expect. Yet there are definite tie-in's into the concepts of self-evolution, atonement, release and 

June 27, 2017 While I've always had an interest in people who have psychic abilities, I've also been 
very fearful of the supernatural. I had the opportunity to listen to June speak about her experiences. 
Her book gives wonderful insight.  After meeting June and reading her book, I came away with a sense 
of peace and hope in regards to the recent passing of my mother and even one of my pets. Ahern is very 
straightforward and also has a sense of humor and a positivity about the afterlife that is comforting. It is 
well worth the read if you are curious about what is it that psychic mediums do and how they can help 
others. Thank you, June!

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