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June Ahern’s ESP Quiz

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Have fun learning about your ESP abilities.
Many people have had a spontaneous telepathic experience at one time or another through sending or receiving an ESP message. Learn if you're a receiver or sender of ESP/telepathic thoughts and how it's done. The ultimate goal is to balance sending and receiving abilities. 

Choose your closet reaction and place your answer at the end of the question. Answer with a number:   4 – always     3 - a lot     2 – sometimes     1 – rarely     0- never 

1. When the telephone rings or mail arrives, do you have a split second mental picture, thought, impression or feeling that you know who is contacting you? ____
2. When the telephone rings or mail arrives, are you surprised, but not too much so because for a while you had been thinking of the person? ____
3. Do you have strong urges or thoughts to contact someone just out of the blue, only to find that s(he) had been thinking of you for a while? ____
4. Does it seem that people respond to your wants or needs before you have a chance to ask?  i.e. “I wish for a new job” and soon afterward, a friend tells you of a job? ____
5. Does it seem that people say things that you were just thinking? ____
6. Does it seem that people say things that you have been thinking about for some time? ____
7. Do you purposely will people to act upon your wants successfully? i.e. “I wish someone would bring me some water.” and voila! somebody does so? ____
8. Do you find that your wishes, dreams and/or goals do come true for you in life? __
9. Are you a good caretaker/nurturer; giving people what they need without being asked? ____
10. When wanting the attention of someone without speaking or gesturing, are you successful? ____
10 b: How do you get the person’s attention?
                  1. Mentally say her/his name or a statement e.g. “Look at me!” ____
                  2. Mentally picture or imagine the person looking at you ____
Place your answer to 10 b in category C (see below)
11. When you sense or think that someone is looking at you, are you right?
11 b: How do you sense the person’s attention? ____
                 1. Feel his/her eyes on the back of my head ____
                 2. Hear my name called ____
                 3. Mentally see the person’s face or name ____
                 4. Have an urge to go to the person ____
Place your answer in category C 11b (see below)
12. Have seen or sensed non-visible movement or presence? ____
Place your number answer in category A & C
13. Have you had vivid night or day dreams, mental pictures, images or visions, sounds or hear inner messages and experience the same event or situation later?
Yes or No answer.  If you answered yes, chose a number and place in Category C: 
 4­­–always    3––a lot     2––sometimes    1––rarely

* * * * *
Category A. Place your answers:
 1 ……
 3 ……
 5 ……
 9 ……
11 ……
12 ……
Total: _____
* * * * *
Category B. Place your answers:
 2 ……
 4 ……
 6 ……
 7 ……
 8 ……
10 ……
Total _____
* * * * *
Category C. Place your answers :
11b ……
12b ……
13 ……   
No total in this category
* * * * *

Category A: Receiver: A higher score in this category indicates that you are a stronger receiver of messages initiated by another’s or others’ thought(s). For example, you think of a person moments before receiving mail or a telephone call from him/her. This is a telepathic message (a thought occurring between sources within a short period of time or instantaneous. Please note that messages or knowledge about a distant past or future events are a different ESP abilities.). Receiving is a very rewarding communication skill to possess. You can be prepared for news and situations that will occur as well as assist others to find a "voice" when physical communication is difficult.  Receivers tend to be nurturing people who like to please others by sharing their loving, helpful nature. They are often found in many healing, helping and creative arts professions. As healers this ability is most useful to zero in on areas of the body that are not in good health and in some way, perhaps even through thought, can help in healing. On the down side, a receiver/healer can become so overwhelmed with the pain that (s)he actually takes it on becoming ill her/himself.  As an artist the beauty of receiving inspiration from seen and unseen influences is a benefit affording you the ability to create beautiful works that inspire others. Learn to stay aware as you open gently to energy flowing around you and endeavor to work on one creation at a time. A challenge for receivers is learning to communicate clearly their own unique and independent thoughts and needs as well and also to know what degree they are being helpful or being co-dependent.  Receivers often tend to let people be overly dependent upon them, thinking they know the answers or cure or can fix another or situation. Suggestion: wait to be asked for help before acting. They have tendencies toward feeling victimized, thinking that they are being taken advantage of or they are doing too much for others and not being appreciated, hence experience ill health and exhaustion. They must learn to differentiate between what their thoughts and feelings are and what are those of others.
* * * * *
24 -20: You are a very keen receiver and possibly even to some degree, a mystic, channeler, or visionary. Then again, you may be receiving too much if you are feeling quite confused, depleted or burned out. Is your psychic and/or mental energy too scattered with a lot of different projects and thoughts going on? it may be that you are being bombarded from receiving too much. Learn to clear your mind and body and harness your energy through daily meditation. Balance serving other’s needs with letting others also serve you. Understand your life purpose clearly and take care of yourself as well as you care for others.
* * * * *
19-14: You are clearly receiving information but may be confused to the validity of it. Strengthen your confidence and validate your messages e.g. ask the person you are thinking of, if the message received is in line with her/his thoughts or situation. Become clearer with messages through understanding how you receive such as in symbolism, dreams; visions, or hearing words and/or receiving images or pictures. See more below in category C. Strengthen your confidence by playing telepathic games with another. 
* * * * *
13-7: Two situations may be occurring - you are receiving so much information that you are mentally shutting off, or you are too busy sending that you are unaware of the world around you and/or what is being sent you. Pay attention to what and who surrounds you and how it emotionally, physically and mentally affects you. Learn to listen to others verbally and non-verbally––relationships may improve. Validate messages––ask the source if you are correct. Develop a schedule to sit quietly and relax your mind perhaps journaling can free it up a bit more.
* * * * *
6-1:  Somewhere along the course of life you have lost focus on your true self and life purpose. Perhaps by spending too much time on your own thing. Have others said that you must always be in control? Do you work too hard for what you want? Are you so controlled by others’ needs that you feel life is not fair? Does your life feel scattered? You may be missing messages for a go-ahead on your goals. Read about co-dependents, creative visualization and manifestation.
* * * * *
Category B Sender: A higher score here indicates that you are a stronger sender of telepathic messages. You have the ability to create what and who you need to assist you in accomplishing your mission and goals. Senders usually are action type people, confident leaders and move forward with determined purpose. Senders can accomplish goals easily when they have clarity of purpose and are relaxed. They can be quite articulate in speech, good planners and great visionaries. Trained properly, they can be powerful healers by sending energy through another’s body. Highly developed senders contribute to the spiritual growth of the world by sending powerful messages to advance humanity to higher levels. Spiritually advanced senders know how to take and give fairly, balancing their goals so that others also realize fulfillment. Senders attract willing participants easily to help them achieve goals. But they can, and will, control, manipulate and dominate to get what they want, no matter what the cost. A sender may be so focused on their goals that they are tunnel-visioned, not paying attention to the often-subtle responses of attainment. They are often perfectionist, demanding much of themselves and others. Because they are mentally busy they are highly agitated, overly aggressive, stressful and often, volatile. Senders do have a wonderful ability to vision and create and when balanced bring positive and progressive changes. There are many ways to develop and use your sending abilities such as purposely writing a goal or need, seeing it clearly in a simple form and then sending that image telepathically.
* * * * *
24- 20: You are a highly developed sender, connected to a Higher Source, consciously or not. That source is sending you what and who is needed to create and manifest a happy successful life on your karmic path. Recognize the helpful loving people are supporting your goals. Be aware how you might dominate or control others to submit to your way. Trust the process if you find confusion arises over how to attain. Be more patient. When manifesting a goal you can be obsessed and overly focused losing a sense of balance of your goals with those of others. You do have the power to positively affect others and the world and no doubt have a wonderfully charming ability to create a win-win. Review if you are balanced between sending (taking) and receiving (giving). 
* * * * *
19-14: You are aware that what you want you usually get, but with some effort and as the Rolling Stones’ song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” “…but if you try sometimes you get what you need.”  Learn to listen on a physical and non-physical level to more easily receive (even subtle messages) and hear go-ahead messages confirming that what you asked for is in the process of manifesting. Also, keep an open ear and mind to other’s viewpoints. Be aware not to look for the perfect result. Take a more patient approach; a step-by-step process to where you are going. Review your progress often to see if you are in the flow or pushing too hard. Learn to keep your thoughts clear and simple to more easily manifest. Life doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle.
* * * * *
13-7: Perhaps you are not direct with what you want from life or you may be taking care of others too much by being overly involved by giving advice or doing you what think is best for them. Be focused on your own self. Do you have specific goals? Or, do you just take life as it comes? You may not be aware that what you are receiving in life is really what you are thinking. If you don’t like it, check your thoughts for negative, fearful or doubtful ones. Practice stating your wish or goal and ending with “I know this or something better will come into my life.” Count your blessings (the good things in your life like your vision, hearing, walking, place to lay your head and like that––daily). You may also be mentally scattered with too much on you mind. Learn to clear your mind and be more focused on what you wish to accomplish. 
* * * * *
6-1: Who is running your life? Do you think that life is just by chance or dominated by fate or others? Most likely you give too much of your energy and feel empty or victimized. Be more conscious of how you create life experiences and relationships by what you mentally envision. Life has many joyful rewards! The good news is that you are the creator of your life.
* * * * *
Category C: 
10b: #1 clairaudio (clear sound)––You hear or speak mental words or statements when telepathically receiving or sending/attracting. Learn to focus on hearing clearly simple words for best results.
* * * * *
#2 clairvoyant (clear seeing)––you mentally see messages an image, symbol, picture or even on-going action like watching a film when receiving or sending. Learn to stay focused and keep it simple i.e. one image, not jumping around. If too many come at one time, breathe and accept only one.
* * * * *
11b:  #1: clairsentience (clear feeling). This can be the most difficult ESP ability to translate into a verbal message. Learn to verbalize your feelings by seeing an image symbolizing the feelings. To clear yourself practice running feelings in the body up like a stream of energy to the middle of your forehead (the vision center) before sending or receiving.  If you answered with a number #2 you are a clairaudio or a #3 you are a clairvoyant or  #4 you are a clairsentience.
* * * * *
12: Your number answer will help determine the level of ESP. Feeling the presence of non-visible energy indicates that you have, to some degree, the ability to communicate with non-physical entities. Learn to relax when in contact to see the presence as in an image form. Say “Hello”, “Welcome” or “That’s enough, leave me alone!”  
* * * * *
13: Dreams or visions that manifest indicate that you have moved beyond telepathy into precognition (knowing the future). Life shouldn’t be too surprising when you see where you’re going. Learn to use it wisely. 
* * * * *
Please note that this test is only one of many ways to learn about your potential ESP abilities. It does not necessarily determine if you have strong psychic skills. Some very talented psychics might not score well because they often don’t test well. Use it as a guide to learn about your abilities while having fun.

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