Thursday, July 6, 2017

I HAD A DREAM! Foretold my future. Dream Meditation Ritual


Sharing a long ago dream that revealed my future plus my latest radio interview about why I wrote four books.  

 I had a dream, literally, many years ago that one day I'd share 
inspiring words and offer information for people to think beyond 
their preconceived limitations and live fully in their unique powers.

In the dream I stood on a stage encouraging others to see with their psychic eye, to developed their telepathic abilities, to believe in their intuition. But the dream was so powerful that when I awoke I recorded it on paper never knowing how, why and where it would take me.

When I had this dream I was a single mother pulling pennies together to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. To dream about being on stage talking to a big audience seemed, well, silly. What would I offer? Why would people want to hear me? Wasn't I being silly?

Since then I've written four books, two screenplays, taught many about psychic development, tarot cards and much more in the spiritual metaphysical arena. I've been invited to lecture on stage, present my experiences on TV shows and my favorite  be a guest on many radio programs! My latest radio interview link is below.

Do we always get what we set out for? No. As a Life Coach (1997) and for over forty years conducting psychic readings for people across the USA and diverse parts of the world  I've just about heard every dream and every reason why people give up on their dreams.  

Not smart enough  overly intelligent, no one gets me, I'm too different, don't fit in, too responsible for others, too old, too young, too fat, too thin, not educated enough, wrong sex, wrong color, wrong time, wrong, wrong, wrong....

It's easier to tell why you didn't accomplish what you hoped for than realize if you kept to it much will be revealed.  If you had the faith and willingness to keep an open mind during the process, taking small or big at times, steps you would/will learn more about yourself (fears and strengths) and realize opportunities come along for those who are willing to explore. 

What is your dream? Following your dream can take you many places and teach you much about your wonderful self, your very own abilities and talents, the world, places you hadn't considered to explore, people you hadn't thought were helpful, teachers, interesting.

Here's an easy meditation for staying in the glow of your hopeful heart:

Sit quietly in a space you won't be bothered by people, pets or phones. 

Place a budding flower in front of you, a white candle and a colored one (yellow is inspiring, red is motivating, blue is encouraging and so forth). You can add an image of what you are ready to accomplish by placing it front of you. And/or place a mirror to gaze into your eyes (at a height that is comfortable to do so).

Now, relax - take a breather - slow nice rhythmic breathing, shake away the day, mentally see your dream, your wish, your goal as clearly as you can and/or look at your image.

Say Aloud:
My heart is full of hope
My mind is clear
My soul is inspired
My spirit creates
I manifest my vision
With faith as I walk the path
ready for whatever and whomever
I meet on it to be part of my journey
to realize my vision.
As it takes form, 
I take form, transcedning
challenges, transforming
to my true self.
May this or something
better happen in my life.
So Mote it be.

 Stay a while, enjoy the flickering candle flame. Snuff the candle out before you leave your special space. Let the flower open in the days to come. When it has reached its zenith and petals drop return it to the earth or place in a moving body of water. 

You can repeat this two more times, but don't look back. Meaning, don't dwell upon when will this manifest? How? Who? And all those I have to hang on to making it happen. Just take steps forward, do what you can to manifest it and keep the faith. 

Every book I wrote was because another or others suggested I do it. That is all but one, which was truly my own inspiration, images collected from the great imagination.  Which one is it? LINK TO SHOW listen on your computer, iPad, iPhone,  scroll to my name June Ahern. 

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