Saturday, February 15, 2014


Many of my clients have benefited and healed past pains from our psychic readings.  

Have you, had psychic readings that gave you nformation t help you heal past pains and make positive life changes?

In my book The Timeless Counselor (first edition titled A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling) I've included a chapter about how psychic readings can be helpful with your therapy sessions. A reading can get to the root of your pain and advance your healing even more so.  I've had clients in psychotherapy that take the recording of our reading session to play in their therapy session to heal even further.

Excerpt from my book - a complete consumer's guide to a psychic reading: The Timeless Counselor: 
People have been interested in the mysteries of the power of the mind for a long time. Human behavior has been, and still is, an interesting study. In the late 19th Century, a new type of counselor came on the horizon––psychotherapist Dr. Sigmund Freud––whose methods were based on a scientific approach to understanding the way the mind works. The new approach would in time, prove to help many that suffered from mental illnesses. The psychotherapist’s goal is to help the patient recognize what, in their subconscious mind, is preventing him/her from realizing a mental and emotional balance. A patient can be re-educated through a series of sessions with the therapist. Patients with less severe mental or emotional disorders can seek help from non-medical counselors, psychologists, clinicians, and family marriage counselors, etc.
What is the role of a successful counselor? A recent survey revealed the success of psychotherapists was based on their ability to have good rapport with their clients, to be good listeners and to show genuine care for the patient. Studies also have shown that the success of a patient’s recovery or balance was the patient herself and not based on the counselor’s abilities or educational degrees.
 Art by Beth Burgoyne in the first edition of my book.

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