Monday, February 15, 2010

Religion & Psychic Readings

It has been my experience that the majority of Western (this is my study) religions do not view reader/readings positively and I personally have often encountered controversy regarding my psychic philosophy and work. It is not my purpose to condemn religions or sway anyone’s opinion or change religious beliefs. Rather, my purpose is to share my experiences with some clients who have consulted with me regarding their spirituality.

Experiences have taught me that readings need not be, or are, in competition with any religious philosophy. A spiritual and ethical reader presents information that may indeed enhance one’s spiritual life or renew one’s faith. In the past, Catholicism (not the later Christian faiths that sprouted from it) was much more understanding and lenient with the old religious practices, which included psychic consultants. In fact, church clergy sought the advice of astrologers and seers as late as the 12th century. What I am addressing is my concern with the misconceptions, superstitions and lies that too many Christians have about readers.

We have been grouped together, called false prophets, evildoers, cons or Satan worshippers. People have been warned against consulting readers saying that a dependency will occur and/or that readers will control lives through magic or whatever. This may be true in some very few cases, but is definitely not true of all readers. I have also heard that the psychic tools or the use of astrology are the works of the devil. Religious leaders or preachers fear people will rely too much of these tools, perhaps due to their own lack of education in the concept about them.

Some religions fear that readers claim to have all the answers or will sway you to a religion different than your own, to the dark side. I ponder these questions when I hear such negative reactions to we readers. Do not religions keep people dependent upon their dogmas with the minister or priests, being the go-between from God to the person? Do they fear that a reader will teach a person to stretch out beyond dependency of another to connect him or her to God rather than allow a natural connection with no priest of minister necessary?

Many of the ancient beliefs have been destroyed through the advancement of science and Western religion. Christ, Himself, speaks to us of using the power within. He, Himself, possessed super normal powers. He healed, prophesied, He read minds, appeared after death and was considered a God, and, of course, Christianity expects these things only of a God and Saints.
We readers have our own individual spiritual philosophies and practices. The readers I know personally, or have encountered are involved in spiritual daily practices and many are of the Christian faith. I have met Catholic and Protestants readers, readers who practice Buddhism, Wicca, paganism and those who have no affiliations with a religion but live spiritually each and every day.

Mediumship is communication with spirits. Religion talks about life after death. Clairvoyants see future visions. Prophets spoke of future events. Many religious people speak of communicating with God (or their Higher Power) mentally through prayer. A communication that is nonphysical and nevertheless apparent is what parapsychologists refer to as telepathy. Rituals and mysticism are still practiced in one of the oldest Christian faith services. Psychic phenomena are spiritual experiences. There are many examples of how religious beliefs and psychic phenomena are connected.

A reading can certainly allow you an opportunity to look at your spiritual growth as well as view your religion differently to deepen it through having a stronger spiritual connection.

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